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  XLR 8 I / A Peter Metelnick Rough Around The.. / Travis Tritt
  Yabba Dabba Do D / I Judy McDonald Eany meany / Cartoons
  Yeah Aw Naw I Gwen Walker Aw Naw / Chris Young
Yeah Boy D / I Josée Martel Yeah Boy/ Kelsea Ballerini
Yeah She Does I Guy Dubé & Stéphane Cormier Yeah She Does / Travis Collins
  Yeeeee Haaaaa!! D / I Simon Ward Country Roads / The Hermes House Band
  Yee Haw D Robbie Halvorson Yee Haw / Jake Owen
  Yes ! D / I Simon Ward  & Jo Thompson Szymanski Yes / Merry Clayton
Yes I Do I C. Vincelli & Y. Séguin Yes I Do / Shakin' Stevens
Yes I Was I Michelle Chandonnet Yes I Was / Chalee Tennison
Yesterday's Song D / I Marie-Pier Verret Yesterday’s Song / Hunter Hayes
  Yes You Won't I / A Johanna Barnes & Bryan McWherter You Don't You Won't / Billy Gilman
  Yessirree Bob I Want That Job D David Eddison Yessireebob / Blaine Larsen
Ying Yang D / I Gaston Denommé Ying Yang / Bellamy Brothers  
  Yippie -A D / I Mark & Jane Caley Yippie I Oh / The Barndance Boys
  Yodel A E Tee D / I Margaret Swift Cowboy Joddle Song / Kikki Danielson
  Yoko Yoko D Marie Sørensen Yoko / Cartoons
  Yolanda D / I Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie Yolanda / Joe Merrick
  You Ain't Country D / I Jonathan Williamson Til Your Boots Are Dirty / Leah Seawright
  You Ain't Dolly I Marie Sørensen You Ain`t Dolly (And you Ain`t Porter) / Ashley Monroe & Blake Shelton
  You Ain't Down Home D / I Kelli Haugen You Ain't Down Home / Julie Roberts
  You And I D / I Audrey Watson We’re Gonna Be Alright / Justin McGurk
You & Me I Guy Dubé You & Me /  Marc E. Bassy & G-Easy
  You & Me I Robbie McGowan Hickie I Will Die For You / Luca Hanni
You Are Night Club I Guy Dubé & Stéphane Cormier You Are / Jimmy Wayne
  You Are So Hot D / I Ozgur "Oscar" Takaç I'm Yours / Jason Mraz
  You Are The Best D Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu From Coast To Coast / Modern Talking
  You Are The Reason Baby D Alison Johnstone You Are The Reason  (Duet Version ) / Calum Scott & Leona Lewis
  You Are The Star Of The Show D / I Daniel Trépat The Star Of The Show / Thomas Rhett
  You Belong With Me I Maria Hennings Hunt You Belong With Me / Taylor Swift
You Belong With Me D / I Guy Dubé You Belong With Me / Taylor Swift
You Bet I Élaine & Frank Beaumier You Bet / G. Brooks & G. Jones
  You Broke Up With Me D / I Randy Pelletier You Broke Up With Me / Walker Hayes
  You Can Dance D Trine Hauko Lund A Girl Like You / Easton Corbin
  You Can Do Better Than That D Adrian Helliker  You Can Better Than That / Dave Sheriff
  You Can Do Magic I Dee Musk You Can Do Magic / Drew Seeley
  You Don't, I Don't D / I John Warnars  You Don't Talk, I Don't Listen / Rodney Hayden 
  You Don't Know Me D Fred Chabbat You Don't Know Me / Ofenbach
You Don't Know Me D / I Kevin Michel You Don't Know Me / Ofenbach
  You Don't See It D / I Marie Sørensen You Don't See /  The Duhks
  You Get To Me I Alan Haywood Gotta Get To You / George Strait
  You Got Away I Niels Poulsen You Got Away / Ann Tayler
  You Got That Thang D / I Rachael McEnaney You Got That Thang / Uncle Kracker
  You Gotta Love It D Christa Thomas I Don't Like It, I Love It / Flo Rida & Robin Thicke & Verdine White
  You Look Good In My Shirt D Roma's Rebel You Look Good In My Shirt / Keith Urban
  You Need Me, To Love You D / I Peth Colida Sugar Daddy / Bellamy Brothers 
  You Never Know D / I Vikki Morris You Never Know / Alan Jackson
  You Never Know D Randy Pelletier  You Never Know / Alan Jackson
You Say I Bobby Houle You Say \ Lauren Daigle
You Still Shake Me D / I Nathalie Pelletier  You Still Shake Me / Deana Carter
  You Turn Me On D / I Pat Newell I Left Something Turned On At Home / Trace Adkins
  You'll Be Okay I / A Rachael McEnaney You’ll Be Okay / A Great Big World 
  Young And Sexy I / A Steve Lescarbeau So Young / The Coor
  Young Love D Georgine Noël Fecteau Young Love / Twister Alley
  Your Backyard D / I Karla Carter Your Backyard / Burton Cummings
Your Cheating Heart D / I Christianne & Richard Maisonneuve Your Cheating Heart / LeAnn Rimes
  Your Eyes D Kay Greig & Janice Hoy Two Bottles Of Beer / Lonestar
  Your Farrmer I Stefano "California" N. & Alessandro Boer Who's Your Farmer / Chris Janson
  Your First Name D / I John Robinson & Gudrun Schneider People Know You By Your First Name / Dean Brody
  Your Heater D / I dj Dan & Winnie Don't Turn Your Heater Down / Tommy Castro & Delbert McClinton
  Your Heaven ! D / I Niels Poulsen Take Me To Your Heaven / Charlotte Nilsson
  Your Side Of Town D / I Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Hamis Your Side Of Town / Maddie & Tae
  Your Stepping Stone D / I Helen Born & Nita Lindley Steppin' Stone / Scooter Lee
  Your Tattoo D Amanda Diesel Your Tattoo / Sammy Kershaw
  You're Dishonest I John Peter Crooked You're Dishonest  / Dwain Ashold
  You're Driving Me Crazy I / A Vikki Morris  It’s All About you / Juliana Pasha
  You're My Destiny I Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs  You Can Get It / Mark Medlock & Dieter Bohlen
  You're My First D / I Jane Wyllie You’re My First Love / Eden & Lianie May
  You're My First Love D / I Marie Sørensen You’ re My First Love / Eden & Liannie May
  You're My Summertime I Marianne Lantagne You’re My Summertime / Sarah Marince
You're My Woman D Bobby Houle You're My Woman / Mark Chesnult
  You’re Only Young Once D Micaela Svensson Erlandsson You’re Only Young Once / Derek Ryan
  You're So Square D / I Bob & Terri Francis You're So Square / The Deans
  You're The One D Rick Todd Head Over Boots / Jon Pardi
Z Dance D Linda Sansoucy Z Dance / Collectif Métissé
  Zatchu D Beth Weeb & Peter Blaskowski Lollipop / The Chordettes
  Zig Zag D / I Nancy A Morgan Zig Zag Stop / Toby Keith
  Zjozzys Funk D / I Petra van der Velden Bacco Per Bacco / Zucchero
  Zoom ! I Peter Metelnick Not So Fast / Lisa Erskine
  Zoo2pia D / I Allan Bungeneers & Julien Le Rouzic Try Everything / Shakira
  Zumba I Jose Miguel Belloque Vane  & Roy Verdonk Zumba / Este Habana
  Zydeco Moon I Dave Munro Club Zydeco Moon / Toby Keith


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