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Wacky Tobaccy D / I Suzanne Laverdière & Marc Laliberté Wacky Tobaccy / Toby Keith
  Waco-A-Way I Rep Ghazali How Far To Waco / Ronnie Dunn
  Waggle Dance D Sunter & Robinson The Great Unknow / Sara Evans
  Wagon Wheel D / I Inconnu I Knew The Bride / Nick Lowe
Wagon Wheel D / I Stéphane Cormier Wagon Wheel / Darius Rucker
  Wagon Wheel Rock D / I Yvonne Anderson Wagon Wheel / Nathan Carter
  Wa-Hoo I D. Kopcych & F. Pinzino Button Off My Shirt / Ronnie Milsap
  Waikiki I Diana Dawson Waikiki / Dick Van Altena
  Waikiki Cowboy D / I Mark Cosenza Waikiki Cowboy / Ansel Brown
  Waiting All My  Life D EWS Winson Waiting All My Life / Rascal Flatts
Waitin’ On 5 D / I Johanne Rutherford & François Cournoyer Waitin’ On 5 / Chris Janson
  Waiting Tables I Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Waiting Tables / Don Henley
Waka Waka D Linda LeBel Waka Waka / Shakira 
Wakafrika D Manon Lévesque & Daniel Lepage Waka Waka / Shakira
  Wake Me Up I Chris Hodgson Wake Me Up / Avicii
  Wake Me Up I Eric Lecardonnel & Audrey Le Bleis Wake Me Up / Avicii
  Wake Me Up Feba D / I Fernando Battista Wake Me Up / Avicii & Aloe Blacc
  Wake The Town I Carol Cotherman Beer Money / Kip Moore
  Wake Up Little Susie D / I Rachael McEnaney   Wake Up Little Susie / Brian McComas
  Wakira I Maggie Gallagher Waka Waka (This Time For...) / Shakira & Freshlyground
  Walk Alone I Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie I Walk Alone / Cher
  Walk Back To Me I Metelnick, Biggs, Albro Where You Gonna Go / Toby Keith 
  Walk Backwards D / I Jos Slijpen Walk Out Backwards / Sara Evans
  Walk Down Town Mini D / I Tine Norup Somewhere Else / Toby Keith
  Walk In The Night A Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher No Sleep / Vanotek & Minelli
  Walk Of Life D Rachael McEnaney Walk Of Life / Shooter Jennings
  Walk Of Shame I Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen I'm Going Home / Hedegaard &Nahiba & Patrick Dorgan
  Walk On I J. Layer & J. Billington  Walk On / Reba McEntire
Walk Out Contra M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Walk Out Backward / Sara Evans
  Walk The Dinosaur I / A Rachael McEnaney Walk The Dinosaur / The Bunch
  Walkin Wazi D M. Callahan & D. Getty She Took It L.../ Confederate Railroad
  Walkin' On Me I Scott Blevins Walkin' On Me / Big House
  Walkin' The Dog D / I Juliet Hauser  Walking The Dog / Rufus Thomas
  Walking Away I Maria Hennings Hunt As She’s Walking Away / Zac Brown Band & A Jackson
  Walking Away D / I Rachael McEnaney As She’s Walking Away / Zac Brown Band & A Jackson
  Walking Backwards D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie Walking Backwards / Brandon Sandefur
  Walking In High Cotton D / I Marie Sørensen High Cotton /  Alabama
  Walking In The Sunshine D / I Marie Sørensen Sunshine / Paul Bailey
  Walking On Fire I Rep Ghazali Walking On Fire / Anna Faroe
  Walking On The Sun I Paul McAdam Walking On The Sun / SmashMouth
  Walking On The Water D / I Marie Sørensen Walking On The Water / Zididada
  Walking Shoes D Bruno Morel Walking Shoes / Tanya Tucker
  Walking Shoes In The World D / I Marianne Langagne Walking Shoes / Matt Magill
  Wall Antlers Waltz D / I Pepper Siquieros I'm Still A Guy  / Brad Paisley
  Waltz Across Texas D / I Lois & John Neilson I See It / Tracy Lawrence
  Waltz For A Sailorman D / I Jos Slijpen Someone Must Feel Like... / Kenny Rogers 
  Waltzing At Twilight I John Dembiec A Thousand Years / Christina Perri
  Wanna Be A Hillbilly I Marie Sørensen  I Wanna Be A Hillbilly / Billy Currington 
  Wanna Be Contigo I Julia Wetzel Bailando ( English Version ) / Enrique Iglesias & Sean Paul
  Wanna Be Elvis D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie Elvis Tonight / Jason Allen
  Wanna Be Me D / I Gaëtan Favreau Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me / Keith Urban
  Wanna Be There D Lorna Mursell Let Me Be There / Nathan Carter
  Wanna Be With U D / I Jef Camps & Daisy Simons I Just Wanna Be With You / Buddy Brown
  Wanna Dance D P. Metelnick & A. Biggs Do You Wanna Dance / Cliff Richard 
Wanna Love Somebody I Élaine & Frank Beaumier  Somebody Like You / Keith Urban
  Wanna Wanna Woop D / I Tina Summerfield Timebomb / Kylie Minogue
  Want Fries With That D / I Helen Born & Nita Lindley Do You Want Fries With... / Tim McGraw
  Want Some More ? I Harold Grimshaw  ( This Thing Called ) Wantin' And Havin' It All / Sawyer Brown.
  Wasted D / I Leanne Nahrgang Wasted / Carrie Underwood 
  Wasted Days And Wasted Nights - (Stroll) D    Contra Pat Margarita Wasted Days And Wasted Nights / Freddy Fender
Wasted Time D / I Collectif Québécois Wasted Time / Keith Urban
  Watch Me Now ! I / A Perry & Hunyadi & Amato Do You Love Me / The Contours

Watch My Dance

I / A Linda Sansoucy Watch My Hair / Jeff Smallwood
  Watch Out D Chris Hodgson I Been Found / Sam Miller
  Watch The Sun Disappear D Gary O'Reilly & Debbie Hanlon  Two Bottles Of Beer / Lonestar
Water Down The Whiskey I S. Cormier & G. Bourdages & G. Dubé Water Down The Whiskey / Matt Lang
  Water Off A Ducks Back I Hazel Pace  A Little Bit Of You / Sonny Burgess
  Watermelon Crawl D / I Sue Lipscomb Watermelon Crawl / Tracy Byrd
  Wave On Wave D / I Alan G. Birchall Wave On Wave / Pat Green
  Waves Of Love I Gary O'Reilly Wherever Love Takes Us / Drake Jensen
  Way Back When I Gaye Teather Back When / Tim McGraw
  Wayfaring Stranger D Joyce Nicholas Wayfaring Stranger / Neko Case
  Way Out West I Etere Betty George Way Out West / James Blundell & James Reyne
  Way To Go I Robbie McGowan Hickie  If It Gets You Where You Wanna Go / Steve Holy
  Way Up Yonder D / I Lynne Flanders Good Directions / Billy Currington 
WD-40 & Duct Tape D / I Hélène Lavoie & Michel Auclair WD-40 And Duct Tape / Donice Morace
We are Bound D / I Guy Dubé & Serge Légaré We Are Bound / Jack Savoretti
We Are Legends D / I Michel Martineau Legends / Kelsea Ballerini
  We Are Tonight D / I Marie Sørensen We Are Tonight / Billy Currington
  We Are Tonight I Dan Albro We Are Tonight / Billy Currington
  We Believe I Robbie McGowan Hickie  Rivers Of Gold / Fame 
  We Can Fall I Gaye Teather All Over Again / Little Big Town
  We Could Be Lovers D Marie Sørensen We Could Be Lovers / Kel Britton
  We Danced D Shirley Blankenship We Danced / Brad Paisley
We Don't Run I / A Stéphane Cormier We Don’t Run / Willie Nelson
  We Found Love I / A Eric Lecardonnel & Audrey Le Bleis We Found Love / Rihanna & Calvin Harri
  We Gonna Make This Day D Marie Sørensen  Make This Day /  Zac Brown
We Got Something They Don’t D / I Stephanie Marsolais & Wendy Aitken We Got Something They Don’t / Shania Twain
  We Have A Green Door D / I Marie Sørensen Green Door / Dean Brothers
(We Like It) Loud I Stéfan-Ozz Loud / Big & Rich
  We No Speak Americano D Pim van Grootel We No Speak Americano / Yolanda Be Cool vs Dcup
  We Only Live Once I Robbie McGowan Hickie We Only Live Once / Shannon Noll
  We Only Live Once D Anna Korsgaard & Kirsthen Hansen We Only Live Once / Shannon Noll
  We Wanna Boogie D / I dj Dan We Wanna Boogie / Andy Lee Lang, Sonny Burgess & D.J. Fontana
  We Went D Kristina Kovatch We Went / Randy Houser
  We Were Us D / I Séverine Fillion We Were Us / Keith Urban & Miranda Lambert
We Were Us D / I Guy Dubé We Were Us / Keith Urban & Miranda Lambert
  We Won't Dance I Leonard Hage We Won't Dance / Vince Gill
  We Won't Go Home D / I Rob Holley We Won't Go Home / Morgan Myles
  Weak At The Knees D / I Jan Brookfield Waltz Me Once Again Round The Dance Floo / KD Lang
Wear & Tear D / I Denis Henley Wear & Tear On My Heart / G. Fox
Wear My Ring I

Michelle Chandonnet

Wear My Ring Arou.. / Ricky Van Shelton
  Wearing My Honky Tonk Shoes I Barb Saunders Honky Tonk Shoes / Doug Bruce
  Wee Yolanda D Audrey Watson Yolanda / Joe Merrick
  Weed Instead Of Roses I Solveig Jallut & Sébastien Emond Weed Instead Of Roses / Ashley Monroe
Weekend   D S. Dufault & M. Lafrenière Here Comes The Weekend / David Edmunds
  Weekend Girl D / I Kate Sala Girls Gone Wild / Lee Kernaghan
Weekend Superstar D / I Marcel Massé Weekend Superstar / J. M. Montgomery
  We're All Cowboys D Susi Beszon  We're All Cowboys / Gord Bamford
We're No Angels I Diane Presseault You Are No Angel / Brenda Shine
  West Coast Boogie D / I Rick & Deborah Bates Some Beach / Blake Shelton 
  West Coast Lover I / A Danielle K. Schill Lover, Lover / Jerrod Niemann
  West Coast Shuffle D / I G. Underwood & D.  Mussman Fish Ain't Bitin / David Lee Murphy
  West Texas Town D / I Thierry Willemin West Texas Town / George Strait
  West Texas Waltz I Tom Lennox West Texas Waltz / Joni Harms
Wet T Shirt D Liette & Gilles Chevrette Wet T Shirt / Bellamy Brothers
What A Party I Bobby Houle Wasn't That A Party / Scooter Lee
  What A Shame D Annie Saerens What A Crying Shame / The Mavericks
  What A Shock ! D / I Larry Bass Time On My Hands / Deryl Dodd
  What Can It Be D / I Larry Bass It Must Be Love / Alan Jackson
  What - Cha - Reckon I Gaye Teather Whatcha Reckon / Josh Turner
  What Do I Do D / I dj Dan What Do I Do With Me Now / Leslie Tom
  What Do You Know D / I David Pytka What Do You Know.../ Dwight Yoakam
  What Do You See I Robbie McGowan Hickie What Do You See / Doc Walker
What If I Bobby Houle What If I Was Willing / Chris Cormack
What I Never Get Over U D / I Bobby Houle What If I Never Get Over You / Lady Antebellum
What Say You I Linda Sansoucy What Say You / Tritt & Mellencamp
  What We Don't Have D Marie Sørensen What We Don't Have / Billy Yates
  What You Wanted I Jef Camps What You Wanted / Andrew Allen
  Whatcha Reckon D Sue Smyth Whatcha Reckon / Josh Turner
Whatchugot MIster I Guy Dubé & Sébastien Émond Whatchugot / Caro Emerald - Pisk Remix
  What's A Guy Gotta Do I Tres Amigos What’s A Guy Gotta Do / Joe Nichols
What's Cooking D / I Normand Lamy Hey, Good Looking / Raul Malo
What's Her Name D Johanne Chiasson O'l What's Her Name  / Kevin Fowler
  What Makes You Country U / D Rob Holley What Makes You Country / Luke Bryan
  What's Your Name I Michael Barr Why Me / Delbert McClinton 
  When Clayron Died D Leif Wittorff The Year That Clayton Delaney Died / Bobby Bare
  When Did You Know I Paul Snooke When Did You Know / Jamie O'Neal
  When I Cry D / I Maria Hennings Hunt  It Only Hurts Me When I Cry / Raul Malo
When I Get Home I Guy Dubé & Richard Boutet When I Get Home / Jenny Kerr
  When I'm Drunk D Michelle Risley  I Love You When I'm Drunk / Roger Creager
  When I'm Gone D Brenna Stith  Cups (When I’m Gone) / Anna Kendrick
  When In Rome D / I Helen Born & Nita Lindley When In Rome / Travis Tritt
When I See This Bar D / I Stéphane Cormier When I See This Bar / Kenny Chesney
When It Rains D Line Dufour When It Rains / Gretchen Wilson
When It Rains I Pierre Provencher When It Rains / Gretchen Wilson
When It Rains It Pours D / I Nelson Dalaire When It Rains It Pours / Luke Comb
  When Lonely Met Love D Carina Slijters When Lonely Met Love / Adam Harvey
  When Love Comes Around AB U / D Candy Turner & Judy Baldak When Love Comes Around / Alan Jackson
  When Love Runs Out I Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Love Runs Out / One Republic
When My Blue D Pierre Provencher When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again / E. Presley
  When The Boys Come Into Town D / I Dirk Leibing When The Boys Come Into Town / The Kelly Family
When The Sun Goes Down D / I Guy Dubé When The Sun Go... / Kenny Chesney
  When Tomorrow Comes I Jan Wyllie When Tomorrow Comes / Ann Tayler
  When Tomorrow Comes D / I Geoff Langford When Tomorrow Comes / Ann Tayler
  When Will I Be Loved D Jim Watt & Vikki Morris When Will I Be Loved / J. Fogarty & Brue Springsteen
  When Will I Be Loved D / I Gordon Elliott When Will I Be Loved / Vince Gill
When You Come Around Contra Sylvie Roy When You Come Around / Deric Ruttan
When You Dance With Me I Guy Dubé & Denis Henley When You Dance With Me / Britt Hammon
  When Your Lips Are So Close D / I Madeleine Jones When Your Lips Are So Close / Gord Bamford
When You're Single D / I Guylaine Fontaine When You're Single / Chuck Wicks
  When You Smile U / D José miguel Belloque Vane & Roy Verdonk When You Smile / Rune Rudberg
  Where Did All The Cowboys Go U / D Pat Newell The Cowboy Rides Away / George Strait
  Where I Belong D Maggie Gallagher That's Where I Belong / Alan Jackson
  Where Is The Love I Lady In Black & M. Haycock Where Is The Love? / Black Eyed Peas
  Where On My Heart D / I Gaëtan Favreau Wear And Tear On My Heart / George Fox
  Where The Pavement Ends D / I Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Pavement Ends / Little Big Town
  Where The Wind Blows I Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick The Wind / Zac Brown Band 
  Where We've Been I Lana Harvey Wilson Remember When / Alan Jackson  
Where Were You D / I Geneviève Gagnon Where Were You / Eli Young Band
  Where Were You I Dan Albro Where Were You / Eli Young Band
  Wherever U Go I Shaz Walton Thinking of Me / Olly Murs
  Whippy's Call D / I Kim Thijsens The Way I Mate / Rednex
  Whiskey & Beer I Karen Hadley Last Call / Dierks Bentley
  Whiskey Bridges D Maddison Glover Whiskey Under The Bridge / Brooks & Dunn
  Whiskey Chaser I Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Drinking Alone / Carrie Underwood
  Whiskey Girl I Margaret Swift Whiskey Girl / Toby Keith
  Whiskey Girl D / I Helen Born & Nita Lindley Whiskey Girl / Toby Keith
  Whiskey Instead Of Wine D / I Vikki Morris Weed Instead Of Roses / Ashley Monroe
  Whiskey In The Jar I Maggie Gallagher Whiskey In The Jar / Sham Rock
  Whiskey Under The Bridge D Jos Slijpen Whiskey Under The.. / Brooks & Dunn
  Whiskey Well D Dan Albro Whiskey Well / Matt Stillwell
Whiskey-O D / I Pierre Provencher Whiskey - O / Brian Burns
  Whiskeys Gone I Rob Fowler Whiskey's Gone / Zac Brown
  Whispering Your Name D Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick I Forgot To Remember To Forget / Chris Isaak
  White Whisky D / I Chrystel Durand, Texas Val, Séverine Fillion White Whisky / Didier Beaumont
  Whiter Than White I / A Kim Ray A Whiter Shade Of Pale / Annie Lennox
  Who Did You Call Darlin' D / I Kevin & Maria Smith Who Did You Call Darlin' / Heather Myles
  Whole Again D / I Sue Johnstone Whole Again / Atomic Kitten
  Whole Lot Of Leavin I / A Alan G. Birchall Whole Lot A Leavin / Bon Jovi
  Whole Lotta Hillcrest D Johanna Barnes I'M From The Country / Tracy Bird
Whole Lotta Lovin' I Marc Davidson

Whole Lotta Lovin' / Wanted

  Whoops....I Slipped D / I Barbara R. K. Wallace I Slipped And Fell In Love / Alan Jackson
  Who's Eyes I Dan Morrison Eyes / Billy Dean
Who's Up D / I Serge Légaré &France Bastien Who’s Up / LunchMoney Lewis
  Who's Up All Night D / I Brandon Zahorsky Who's Up / LunchMoney Lewis
  Who's Ya Daddy D / I Andrew, Simon, Sheila (A&S) Who's Your Daddy / Mike Walker
Who We Are D / I Michel Auclair & Michaël Lacasse Who We Are / Emerson Drive
Why ? I Michelle Chandonnet Why ? / Steve Fox
Why D / I Guylaine Gagné Why Wait / Rascal Flatts
  Why Did You Lie ? I Thompson Szymanski &  Szekely Why Did You Lie To Me / Bryan Lee
  Why Don't We Just Dance I P. Metelnick & A. Biggs Why Don't We Just Dance / Josh Turner
  Why Don't You D Séverine Fillion Why Don't You / Marty Rivers
Why Me I Marc labrosse Why Me / Ruth Brown 
  Why Me I Connie Van Den Bos Why Me / Scooter Lee
  Why Should We Try Anymore D Marie Sørensen & Sally Hung Why Should We Try Anymore / Hallur Joensen
  Why, Why, Why I Marie Sørensen & Søren Kristensen Why, Why, Why / Blake & Brian
  Why Worry ! D / I Jan Wyllie Kalua Mo Pikir / Ricky Pangkerego
Why's It Feel So Long D / I Bobby Houle Why's It Feel So Long / Keith Urban
Wichita D / I Stéphane Cormier  Things To Do In Wichita / Mark Chesnutt
Wide Awake I Sylvie Ayotte Sleepin' On The Foldout / Brad Paisley
  Wide Open I Dan Albro Love You Too Late / Cole Swindell
  Wild Card 18 D / I Tina Argyle & Karl-Harry Winson Better Bad Idea / Sunny Sweeney
  Wild Fire D / I Magali Chabret Wildfire / Aaron Watson
  Wild Heart D Karen Hunn Wild At Heart / The Nadine Somers Band
  Wild Horse I Dan Albro Run Wild Horses Run / Aaron Watson
  Wild Nights I Dan Albro Wild Night / Martina McBride
Wild One I Marcel Massé Wild One / BR5-49
  Wild Stallion I Hillbilly Rick Ghost Riders In The Sky  Wild Stallion Mix ! / Tornado’s 
  Wildflower I Maggie Gallagher Wildflower / The JaneDear Girls
  Will - O - Ways D / I Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Will-O-Ways / Dublin Fair
  Will You Dance D / I Adrian Helliker  & Gaye Teather Will You Dance / Dave Sheriff 
  Win The Race I Cato Larsen Win The Race / Modern Talking
  Windy D / I Michele Perron    Anyway The Wind Blows / J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton
  Windy City Waltz I / A Simon Ward, Ria Vos, and Darren Bailey I Love You / Faith Hill
Wine & Whiskey For Joe D / I Danny Leclerc Wine & Wiskey And Livin’ Right / Steve Surprenant
  Winnebago D Nicolas Chesney Winnebago / Kenny Chesney
  Wine Me Up D / I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Wine Me Up / Gary Allan
  Winner At A Losing Game D / I Peter Metelnick Winner At A Losing Game / Rascal Flatts
  Winner Takes It All I Nicola Lafferty  The Winner Takes It All / ABBA
  Winners & Losers I Diana Dawson The Losing Side of Me / The Mavericks
  Winning Streak D / I Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Winning Streak / Ashley Monroe
  Wish Love Was True D / I Nathalie Laterrière Don’t You Wish It Was True / John Fogerty 
  Wish 'U' Were Here D / I Graham Mitchell Wish U Were Here / Cody Simpson
  Witch Doctor ( The ) D / I Michael Vera-Lobos Witch Doctor / Cartoons
With Fire I Serge Légaré Playing With Fire / Thomas Rhett & Danielle Bradbery
  With Or Without I Sho Botham Orange Blossom Special / The Ryes
  With This Ring I Carol McKee With This Ring / T Graham Brown
  Without A Fight D / I Guy Dubé & Denis Henley Without A Fight / Brad Paisley & Demi Levato
  Without A View D Micaela Svensson Erlandsson A Room Without A View / Doug Stone
  Without Fire I Karl-Harry Winson No Smoke / Michelle Lawson
  Without You D / I Audrey Watson Whithout You / Vince Gill
Wizard Rock I Diane Girard Fish Ain't Bitin' / David Lee Murphy
  Wobble D / I Vic Brentnell Wobble / V.I.C
Woman I Michelle Chandonnet What A Woman Wants / Lari White
  Woman Is Smarter D / I Marie Sørensen Man Smart, Women Smarter / Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels
  Woman Trouble D / I Tina Argyle & Karl-Harry Winson Take It Easy / Travis Trit
  Womaniser I Maggie Gallagher Womanizer /  Britney Spears
Woman Amen D / I Stéphane Nadeau Woman Amen / Dierks Bently
  Woman Amen I Rob Fowler  Woman Amen / Dierks Bently
  Women With Balls D / I Louise Elfvengren  It Takes Balls To Be A Woman / Elizabeth Cook
  Wonder I Rob Fowler, Roy Verdonk & Séverine Fillion Wonder / Josh Turner
  Wonder Woman I S. Ward & R. Kumre Some Kind... / Little Milton & D. McClinton
  Wonder Woman I / A Arnaud Marraffa & Thomas Peseux Wonder Woman / Waterloo Revival
  Wonderful Waste Of Cha I A.T. Kinson Wonderful Waste Of Time / Alabama
  Wonderland Swing D / I Michele Perron Winter Wonderland / Neil Diamond
  Wonderland Waltz I Rob Fowler Welcome To Mystery / Plain
Won't Let You Go I Nicolas Lachance Won’t Let You Do / Same & Ruby
  Woods On Fire D Silke C. Henke Settin' The Woods... / The Tractors
Wooly Bully A Michelle Chandonnet Wooly Bully / Sam Shams & The Pharaons
  Words D / I Audrey Watson  Words / F.R. David
  Words I Malou Bugarin Words / Bee Gees ( Remix)
Work Of Art D D. Girard & J. Godin Mona Lisa / James Hand
Work Work Work I Siro & Roussel & Bourque My Living Is Working / Damon Gray
  Workin 4 A Livin D / I Maggie Gallagher Workin' For A Livin' / G. Brooks & H. Lewis
  Workin' Overtime I Rosie Multari Just Like A Rodeo / J. M. Montgomery
  World Of Blue D Marie Sørensen World Of Blue / Dwight Yoakam
  Worldwide I Kayla Cosgrove Black Betty's Worldwide / Xenia Ghali
  Worry B Gone I Pepper Siquieros Worry B Gone / W. Nelson & K. Chesney
Worth A Shot I Fernando Tremblay Worth A Shot / Aaron Pritchett
  Worth A Shot D / I Jamie Barnfield & Laura Sway Worth A Shot / Aaron Pritchett
  Worth A Shot D Nancy Green Worth A Shot / Aaron Pritchett
  Would You Believe Me D TeXaS Would You Believe Me If I Lied / Billy Yates
  Would You Believe Me D / I Marie Sørensen Would You Believe Me if I Lied / Billy Yates
  Wow Tokyo I / A Ria Vos, Kate Sala & The Tokyo Line Dancers I Don’ t Care What You Say / Anthony Callea
  Wrangler Jeans I Jacque Lazaurique  Wrangler Jeans / Artie Ketchum
  Wrap Around D / I Caz Robertson Wrap Around / Steve Holy 
  Write My Number On Your Hand D / I Gloria Stone Write Your Number On My Hand /  Scotty McCrerry
  Write This Down D Laura Kampschroeder Write This Down / George Strait
  Write Your Number ! D / I Celia Stevens Write My Number On Your Hand / Scotty McCreery
  Written In Scars D / I Karl-Harry Winson & Ross Brown Written In Scars / Jack Savoretti
  Wrong D / I Louis Perrett Wrong / Johnny Gatlin
  Wrong Night D / I Rita M. Kyle Wrong Night / Reba McEntire
  W.T.F. ( What The Funk ) I Bryan McWerter The Way I Are / Timbaland &  Keri Hilson


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