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  T.L.C. I / A Inconnu I Love You Cause I Want... / Carlene Carter
  T.L.C. D Steve Mason I Need Your Love Tonight / John Dean
  "T" Time I Jo Thompson A Sea Of Cowboy Hats / Chely Wright
  Tail On Tailgate I Rick & Deborah Bates Tailgate / Neal McCoy
  Tail On A Tailgate I Nancy A Morgan Tailgate / Neal McCoy
  Tailgate D / I Dan Albro Tailgate / Neal McCoy
  Take A Break D Dan Albro Time To Take A Break / The Subway Cowboys
  Take A Breather D / I Maggie Gallagher I Need A Breather / Darryl Worley 
  Take Back I Petra Geens  I'll Take You Back / Brad Paisley
Take Good Care D / I Linda Sansoucy Take Good Care Of My Baby / Smokie
Take It From Me I Guy Dubé Take It From Me /Jordan Davis
Take Me Away D Raynald Dumont Take Me Away / George Strait
Take Me Home D / I Guylaine Fontaine Take Me home / Ian Kelly
Take Me Home !!! Mama I Mario Champagne Mama Take Me Home  / Rednex 
  Take One I Bruno Moggia Keep On / Eric Church
  Take These Chains D Michael Barr Take These Chains From My Heart / Scooter Lee
  Taking Care Of You I / A Ria Vos I'll Take Care Of You (Radio Edit /  Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa
  Talk About Me D Jeff Joslin I Wanna Talk About Me / Toby Keith
  Talk To Me I Michel Cabana She Bangs / Ricky Martin
  Talking To A Girl D / I Gudrun Schneider Talking To A Girl / William Michael Morgan
  Talladega I Dan Albro Talladega / Eric Church
  Tampico Bay D / I Rep Ghazali Down In Mexico / Jerrod Niemann
  Tango D / I Tom Nijhuis   Objection (Tango) / Shakira 
  Tango Cha I Jo T. Szymanski & D. Szekely Tango / Jaci Velasquez
  Tango De Pasion I Kate Sala Tango De Pasion / Anamor & Toni Salazar
  Tango Tonight I Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu Tango Tango / Petra Nielsen
  Tango With An Eskimo D / I Adrian Churm Never Do A Tango With An Eskimo / Alma Cogan
  Tango With The Sheriff D / I Adrian Churm Cha Tango / Dave Sheriff 
  Tap Room Boogie I R. McGowan Hickie & K. H. Winson Maxine's Tap Room Boogie / Travis Kidd 
  Tara's Dance D / I Tina Argyle Love Song / Kevin Fowler
  Taste Me D Virginie Barjaud A Little Taste / Kelsey Fitch
  Tattoo I Kate Sala Double Heart / The Band Perry
  T-Bone Shuffle I Peter Metelnick T-Bone Shuffle / Boz Scaggs
  Tears 4 You D Red Russel I've Cried My Last.../ Ricky Van Shelton
Teardrops I Michelle Chandonnet Bring On The Teardrops / Boy Howdy
Teddy Bear D / I Mario Dufour Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear / Elvis Presley
  Teddy Bear Squeeze D / I Dan Albro Somebody Needs A Hug / Keith Anderson
  Teenage Heaven D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie Teenage Heaven / The Deans
  Telepathy D / I Chris Hodgson You Can’t Read My Mind / Toby Keith
Telephone I Nicolas Lachance Telephone / Lagy Gaga
  Telescope D / I John Dembiec  Telescope / Hayden Panettiere
Tell Him D / I Michelle Chandonnet Tell Him / Vonda Shepard
  Tell Him That D Frank Trace Tell Him / Glee Cast
  Tell Me 'Bout It I Jan Hanway & J.V. Tell Me ‘Bout It / Joss Stone    96 BPM
Tell Me I Was Dreaming I Bobby Houle Tell Me I Was dreaming / Travis Tritt
  Tell Me The Truth I Yvonne van Baalen  Tell Me The Truth / Rodney Crowell 
Tell My Heart D / I Richard Boutet Achy Breaky Heart / R. Setter & The Outlaws 
  Tell The World D / I Robbie McGowan Tell The World / Eric Hutchinson
Telling Me I Micheline Tremblay Love Must Be Telling..../ LeAnn Rimes
Telluride D / I G. Dubé & S. Cormier Telluride / Josh Gracin
  Temptation D / I P. Metelnick & A. Biggs Temptation / Arash Featuring Rebecca
  Tender D / I Vikki Morris & Heather Barton Tender / Derek Ryan
  Ten Rounds D / I Nancy A. Morgan Ten Rounds With.../ Tracy Byrd
  Tennessee Girl I Lesley Clark Tennessee Girl / Sammy Kershaw
  Tennessee Homesick Blues D / I Marie Sørensen Tennessee Homesick Blues / Dolly Parton
  Tennessee Waltz Supreme D / I Ira Weisburd Tennessee Waltz / Rian Ungerer
  Tennessee Waltz Surprise D / I Andy Chumbley  Tennessee Waltz / Ireen Sheer
  Tequila D / I Maggie Gallagher Tequila / Brooks & Dunn 
  Tequila Crazy D / I Kathy Brown Tequila Makes Her Clothes... / Joe Nichols
  Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off D / I Helen Born & Nita Lindley Tequila Makes Her Clothes... / Joe Nichols
  Tequila, Sherry And Sheila D / I Rep Ghazali-Meaney Wish She Would Have Left Quicker / Rodney Carrington 
  Tequila Sunrise D Marie Sørensen Tequila Sunrise / The Eagle
Texan Special D Daniel Auger 100% Texan / Kevin Fowler
  Texas Barefootin' D Jo & Rita Thompson Barefootin' / Scooter Lee
  Texas Girl D Jan Brookfield Texas Girl / Highway 101
  Texas Samba D / I Gaye Teather Texus Samba / Dane Stevens
  Texas Saturday Night I Bastiaan Van Leeuwen Texas Saturday Night / The Woolpackers
  Texas Stomp D Ruth Elias I'm From The Country / Tracy Byrd 
  Texas Time D / I Joshua Talbot Texas Time / Keith Urban
  Texas Time I Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax Texas Time / Keith Urban
Texas Time D Stéphane Cormier Texas Time / Keith Urban
  Texas Time AB U / D Carrie Ann Earl Texas Time / Keith Urban
  Texas Time EZ D Michelle Jackson Texas Time / Keith Urban
  Texas Time EZ D Martine Cannone Texas Time / Keith Urban
  Texas Waltz D Jim Ferrazzano Waltz Across Texas / Ernest Tubb
  Text Me Texas D Rob Fowler Text Me Texas / Chris Young
  TH-Guest Ranch I David Villelas & Montse Chafino Girl With The Fishing Rod / Lisa McHugh
  Thank You D Tina Argyle Thank You / Gary Perkins & The Breeze
Thank You Baby D / I Micheline Tremblay Thank You Baby / Shania Twain
  Thanks A Lot D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie Thanks A Lot / Martina McBride
  Thanks A Lot D / I Georges Fournier   Thanks A Lot / Robert Mizzell
  Thanks A Lot D / I Maribel Vives Thanks A Lot / Martina McBride
  That 21 Summer D / I Gwen Walker  21 Summer / Brothers Osborne
  That Ain't Good D / I Arne Stakkestad  That Ain’t Good / Hank Williams Jr
That Feeling I Denis Henley I Wanna Be That Feeling /  Bucky Covington
That Funky I Serge Légaré Play That Funky Music Wh... / James Brown
  That Man D / I Doug and Jackie Miranda That Man / Caro Emerald
  That'll Be The Day I A. T. Kinson That'll Be The Day / Linda Ronstadt
That's All Right I Michelle Chandonnet That’s All Right For Me / Mandy Barnett
That's Breaking D / I Stéphane Cormier That's What Breaking Hearts Do / George Strait
  That's Just Me D / I Diana Dawson That’s Just Me / Brian Mallery
  That's Life D / I Robbie Carrington    Cold Beer Conversation / George Strait
  That's Love D Hot Pepper That's Love / Brad Paisley
  That's My Girl D Julie Snailham My Girl / Dylan Scott
  That's Okay D / I DJ Dan & Wynette Miller That’s Okay / Dwight Yoakam
  That's Okay D Marie Sørensen That`s Okay / Dwight Yoakam
  That's Right Mambo D / I Max Perry Man Smart, Woman Smarter / Dr Victor
  That's Up I Gudrun Schneider & Martina Ecke Up / Olly Murs & Demi Lovato
That's What I Get D / I Diane St-Laurent  That's What I Get / BR5-49
  That's What I Like D / I Marie Sorensen That’s What I Like About You / Ann Tayler
  That's What I See I L. Wolfe & R. Groot What Do You See / Doc Walker
  That's What They Do I Sheila Halligan He Drinks Tequila / Sammy Kershaw & Lorrie Morgan
  The Addams Family D / I Dolly Kingsley  La musique thème de la série télévisée
  The Alpine D Tony Milligan One A Good Night / Wade Hayes
The Angels Cried D Nathalie Pelletier The Angels Cried / Alan Jackson & Alison Krauss
  The Ants Dance D / I Michele Burton Boogie Woogie Fiddle... /  Charlie Daniels
  The B-Girl D Crazy Cats Linedancers & Louise Elfvengren Olatoye I Can Be A Bitch / Elize
  The Beast A Rob Fowler Something In The Water / The Cheap Seats
The Bed I Nathalie Émond The Bed That You Made / Whitney Duncan
  The Belle Of Liverpool D / I Audrey Watson The Belle of Liverpool / Derek Ryan
The Big One I S. Dufault & M. Lafrenière  The Big One / George Strait
  The Bite D / I Ria Vos La Mordidita / Ricky Martin & Yotuel
  The Blarney Roses D / I Maggie Gallagher Where The Blarney Roses Grow / The Willoughby Brothers
The Blue I Linda Sansoucy Out Of The Blue / Johnny Reid
  The Boat To Liverpool D / I Ross Brown On The Boat To Liverpool / Nathan Carter
  The Bomp I Kim Ray  Who Put The Bomp? / The Overtones
  The Booze Cruise I Nathalie Di Vito The Booze Cruise / Blackjack Billy
  The Boss D / I Wil Bos The Boss / Nicole Bernegger 
  The Bottle And Me D / I Manon Shank & Guy Houde The Bottle And Me / Jake Owen
The Boys Room I Stéphane Cormier & Denis Henley Smokin' In The Boys Room / Lee Ann Rimes
  The Bounce I Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski The Bounce / Outasight
The Bull D / I Serge Légaré The Bull / Kip Moore
The Champion I / A Stéphane Cormier The Champion / Carrie Underwood & Ludacris
  The Countriest I D.J. Dan The Countriest / Adam Hood & Sunny Sweeney
The Country Swing D Linda Sansoucy Me’n’My Baby / The Refreschments
  The Cowboy Cumbia D / I Carmel Hutchinson Cowboy Cumbia / Jody Jenkins
  The Dixie's Dance I R. Lamarche & D. Fafard That’s How They Do It.. / Hank Williams Jr
  The Dixie Way D / I Helen Born & Nita Lindley A Little Too Late / Toby Keith
  The Drifter D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell You Don't Know Me / Ofenbach & Brodie Barclay
  The Driver I The Rancheros In My Car / Shania Twain
  The Elvis Blues I Mark Cosenza  Elvis Presley Blues / Jimmy Buffett
  The Fifth D / I dj Dan I'll Take The Fifth / Leslie Tom
  The Fighter D / I Rob Holley The Fighter / Keith Urban
  The Fighter I Niels Poulsen, Raymond Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk The Fighter / Keith Urban
  The Fighting Side Of Me D / I Marie Sørensen The Fighting Side Of Me / Merle Haggard
The First Swing D L. Blanchard & A. Plourde High Test Love / Scooter Lee
  The Flute I Maggie Gallagher Flute / Barcode Brothers ( Radio Edit )
  The Funky Maritimer I Cindi Talbot Ridin' Alone / Rednex
  The Galway Gathering D Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly Games People Play / Nathan Carter
The Gambler I Denis Henley & Guy Dubé The Gambler / Robert Wilson remix - Kenny Rogers
  The Gimmese Boogie D / I Francien Sittrop Can’t let Go / Jill King
  The Girl From Yesterday D Marie Sørensen The Girl From Yesterday / The Eagles
The Girl I Am D / I Stéfan-Ozz The Girl I Am / Gretchen Wilson
The Girls With Blue Eyes D / I L. Blanchard & L. Murphy Can’t Say Goodbye / Prairie Oyster
  The Glory Of Love D / I Yvonne Anderson The Glory Of Love / The Overtones
  The Good Life I / A Rachael McEnaney The Good Life / Robin Thicke
The Good Ones I Julie Lépine The Good Ones / Tebey et Marie Mai
The Gun


Guy Dubé The Gun Ain’t Loaded / Dean Miller
  The Hams' Jam I Peter Metelnick Stand By Your Man / The Dixie Chicks
  The Harvester D Séverine Fillion  The Harvester / Brandon Heath
  The Heartbreaker D / I Chas Oliver Brother Oh Brother / Mans Zelmerlöv
  The Hillbilly I Pat Esper Hillbilly Dance / Lenny Cooper
  The Hole Dance D Dan Albro The Hole Song / Dan Albro
  The Hotdog Boogie D / I Francien Sittrop Move It On Over /Adam Harvey & David Campbell
  The House Is Rockin' I Steve & Denise Bisson The House Is Rockin’ / Wynonna Judd
The Journey I Denis Henley The Journey / Paul Brandt
  The Journey I Dan Morrison The Journey / Paul Brandt
The Jungle D / I Richard Boutet The Lion Sleeps Tonight /  Chipz
  The King & I D Christy Fox I Got Stung / Elvis Presley
  The King In Town D Adrian Helliker The King In Town / Shane Morkin
  The Last Living Cowboy D / I Lesley Clark The Last Living Cowboy / Toby Keith
  The Last Samba I Vincent & Felicia Chia The Last Dance / Fredrik Kempe
The Line D Nathalie Émond She Lays It All On The Line / George Strait
  The Lion Sleeps D M. John Sr. & M. John Jr. The Lion Sleeps Tonight / The Mavericks
  The Little White Church D / I Helen Conroy Noonan Little White Church / Little Big Town
  The Lone Ranger I Karl-Harry Winson Lone Ranger / Rachael Platten
  The Lorraine D / I Joe & Penny Barker Dumas Walker / Kentucky Headhunters 
The Losing Side I R. Bertrand & M. Veilleux The losing Side Of Me / The Mavericks
The Lyer I / A Michelle Chandonnet Believe Me I'm Lying / John Landry
The Middle Of Paradise I Richard & Mario Boutet God's Been Good To Me / Keith Urban
  The Morning Come, Joanna D Marie Sørensen Gimme Hope Joanna / Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels
  The Most Beautiful Girl D / I Niels Poulsen The Most Beautiful Girl / Charlie Rich
  The Next Teardrop Falls D Tina Cheb Sue-Huei & Juilin Chen Before The Next Teardrop Falls / Elvis Presley
The Night D / I Pierre Mercier Those Were The Nights /  Hunter Brothers
  The Old Fashioned Way D Lynn Antonucci Hear My Song / Bouke
The Old House D Jean-Guy Benoît Home Improvement / George Strait
  The Older I Get ( The Better I Used To Be ) D / I Harlan Curtis The Older I Get (The Better I Used To Be) / Kevin Morgan
  The One For Me D / I Kathy Hunyadi From Time To Time / Rascal Flatts
  The One You're Waiting On I Maddison Glover The One You're Waiting On / Alan Jackson
  The One You Slip Around With D / I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller  The One You Slip Around With / Amber Digby  
  The Outback D / I Gordon Elliott The Outback Club / Lee Kernaghann
  The Outlaw D Suzanne Wilson Whiskey Drinkin' S.O.B./ Mikel Knight
  The Paris Bop D / I Ed Lawton & Kate Sala Right Now / Steve & Heather
  The Party I Karine Mouraze Here For The Party / Gretchen Wilson
  The Picnic Polka D / I David Paden Cowboy Sweetheart / LeAnn Rimes
  The Princetown Pistol D / I Dan Testa Devil's Right Hand / Steve Earle 
  The Race I Marc Davidson The Race Is On / Sawyer Brown
  The Rain Has Gone D / I Dee Musk I Can See Clearly Now / Johnny Nash
  The Real Deal D / I Heather Barton & Willie Brown Baby I'm Right / Darius Rucker
The Reason D / I Serge Légaré Rum Is The Reason /  Toby Keith
  The Right To Remain Silent I Michele Burton  After All That, This / Redfern & Crookes 
The Road Again D / I Suzanne Carrière On The Road Again / Willie Neilson
  The Roads Never Taken D / I Valérie Del Campo Roads We’ve Never Taken / High Valley
  The Rose Without A Thorn D / I Rep Ghazali-Meaney The Devil May Care / Ann Tayler
The Rum & The Sun I Linda Sansoucy Rum Is The Reason / Toby Keith
  The Secret D Karen Coombes The Secret / Heartbeat
  The Shape Of You I Trevor Thornton & Branden Swift Shape Of You / Ed Sheeran
  The Size I Wear D Marie Sørensen The Size I Wear / Toby Keith
  The Sky Is Coming Down D / I Roy Verdonk & Daniel Trepat The Sky Is Coming Down / Roy Torres
  The Stroll D / I Roosamekto “Mamek” ULD BEKASI – INA The Stroll / Big Band Batty Bernie
The Sunshine South I Linda Sansoucy Good At Tonight / David Nail 
  The Thunderer I Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos The Thunderer / Dion
  The Tortuga D / I Inconnu El Paso De La Tortuga /  Banda Blanca
  The Train D / I Steve Frapolli & Silvia Denise Staiti The Train / Drew Baldridge
  The Train Depot D / I Özgür "Oscar" & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ, Heartbreak Express / Dolly Parton
  The Trucker I Séverine Fillion Truck Yeah / Tim McGraw
  The Truth About Men D Evelin Eckhart The Truth About Men / Tracy Byrd
  The Twist D Richard Munden The Twist / Chubby Checker
  The Way D / I Jan Svensen The Way I mate / Rednex
  The Way Love Goes I Frank Heelan I Love You, Goodbye / Midland
The Way She's Looking I Michelle Chandonnet The Way She's Looking / Raybon Brothers
  The Way You Look I Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse, Raymond Sarlemijn  The Way You Look At Me / Vinten & Clarence Coffee jr
  The Way You Love Me I Marie Sørensen & Sally Hung The Way That You Love Me / Nathan Carter
  The Weekend I Phil Ashcroft & Roz Chaplin The Weekend / Kevin Fowler
  The Wheel Of Fortune Is Turning D / I Rep Ghazali Wheel Of Fortune / Mark Ashley
  The Whole SheBang D / I Barry Amato I Will...But / SheDaisy
  The Wine Dance D / I Bill Bader Wine, Women & Song / Patty Loveless
  The Witch Doctor D / I Michael Vera Lobos Witch Doctor / Cartoons
  The World D / I Maggie Gallagher The World / Brad Paisley
The Word Has Gone Crazy D / I Caroline Fortier Why Don’t We Just Dance / Josh Turner
  The World Goes Round I Jacky Nerrant That’s The Way The World Goes Round / Tamra Rosanes
  The Writing On Four Walls D / I B. Pocok & H. Kurt Writing's On The Wall / The Mavericks
  The Year Clayton Died I Leif Wittorff The Year That Clayton Delaney Died / Bobby Bare
  There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back I Thierry Willemin There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back / Shawn Mendes
  There Are Times I Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Unthink You / Wiktoria
  There's The Door D / I Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Out The Door / The Mavericks 
  There Was This Girl D Stephen Pistoia & Laura Stanton There Was This Girl / Riley Green
There Was This Girl D / I Suzie Lacasse There Was This Girl / Riley Green
  These Old Boots D Rob Fowler These Old Boots Have Roots / Aaron Watson
  They Dance D / I Marie Sørensen & Dirk Leibing They Dance / Barry Manilow
  Things D Debbie Sheilds Things That Never Cross A ..../ Kellie Pickler
  Things D Gary Lafferty Things I Carry Around / Troy Cassar-Daley
  Things We Do D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie That Thing We Do /  Blake Shelton 
  Thinkin' About Things I Larry Bass Everything I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About / Thompson Square
  Thinkin' 'Bout U D / I Pat Potter Love Is Free / Sheryl Crow
Thinking Country D / I Mathieu Gagné I’m Thinking Country / Frankie Ballard
  Thinkin' Country D Simon Ward What Was I Thinkin' /  Dierks Bentley
  Thinking It Over D Kim Ray Knee Deep In The Blues / The Derailers
  Think I'm Sexy I Rachael McEnaney-White & Laura Lopez Da Ya Think I'm Sexy / Rod Stewart & DNCE
  Think Of You D / I Vikki Morris  I'll Think Of You That Way / Carolyn Dawn Johnson
  Thirteen Women And One Old Man D Inconnu Harper Valley P.T.A. / Jeannie C. Riley
  This Ain't No Cha Cha I P. Metelnick & A. Biggs Do The Cha Cha Cha / Alex Swings Oscar Swings!
  This & That D Gary Lafferty Woman /  Mark Chesnutt 
  This Could Be The One D / I Leonard Hage This Could Be The One / Flaco Jimenez
This Flight Tonight I Linda Sansoucy This Flight Tonight / Shane Chrisholm
  This Heart Of Mine D D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Crazy Arms / Lucille Starr
  This Is Me D / I Yvonne Anderson This Is Me Missing You / James House
  This Is My Hometown I Dan Albro Give Me Back My Hometown / Eric Church
  This Kiss Cha Cha D / I Inconnu The Kiss / Faith Hill
  This Little Light D / I Jo & Rita Thompson This Little Light Of Mine / Scooter Lee
  This Magic Moment D / I Karen Kennedy & Adrian Helliker This Magic Moment / Gary Lee Tolley
  This Ole Boy I Rachael McEnaney This Ole Boy / Joe Nichols
This Romeo D Guylaine Fontaine  This Romeo Ain't Got Julie Yet / Diamond Rio
  This Summer I Adriano Castagnoli Working On A Tan / Brad Paisley
This Time Around I Michel Auclair & Michaël Lacasse This Time Around / David Nail
  Those Applebottom Jeans I Joey Warren Low / Flo Rida 
  Those Were The Days D / I Daniel Whittaker & Rob Fowler Those Were The Days / Hermes House Band
  Those Were The Nights I Verhagen, Sala, Trepat,  Fowler, Scaccianoce Those Were the Nights / Hunter Brothers
  Three Beers To Mexico D / I José Miguel Belloque Vane & Roy Verdonk 3 Beers To Mexico / Shane Warner
  Three Chord Country D / I Sean Ballasso Three Chord Country / Keith Anderson
  Three Good Reasons D / I Geoff Langford Three Good Reasons / Dwight Yoakam
  Three Stones I Francis Wechseler I Fought The Law / Bobby Fuller Four
Three Tequila Floor D / I Carole Hudon Three Tequila Floor / Billy Yates
  Three Words D / I Inconnu Three Words, Two Hearts... / Mark Collie
  Three Words, Two Hearts D / I Marie Sørensen  & Sally Hung Three Words Two Hearts One Night / Mark Collie
Through My Mind D J. Desrochers & Y.  Poissant Operator, Operator / Eddie Raven
Through The Sky I Nathalie Pelletier Through The Sky / Big Rock
  Throw Away The Key I Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Wake Me Up / Helene Fischer
Throwback D Julie Lépine Throwback / James Barker Band
  Throwback Love I Grootel, Vane, Sarlemijn & Madge Throwback Love / Meghan Trainor
  Throwback Swing D Glynn Rodgers    Throwback Love / Meghan Trainor
  Thunderbolt I Gaye Teather Thunderbolt / B.W.O. 
Thumbs D Guy Dubé & Sébastien Émond Thumbs / Sabrina Carpenter
Thunder In The Rain I Denis Henley Thunder In The Rain / Kane Brown
  Ticket To The Blues D Niels Poulsen One Way Ticket / Eruption
  Tick Tock Two I Rachael McEnaney Tick Tock / Si Cranstoun
  Ti Dico Di Si ( I Say To You Yes ) I  Ira Weisburd Ti Dico Di Si / Miky
  Tie The Knot I Vikki Morris Why’d You Tie The Knot / Jasmine Rae
Tiger I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault I've Got A Tiger By.../ Sara Evans
  Tiger Town Hustle D Hugh Wright Old Time Rock ‘N Roll / Bob Seeger
  Tight Fittin' Jeans D / I Ozgur "Oscar" TAKAÇ Tight Fittin' Jeans / Conway Twitty
  Til My Last Day D Margaret Morrison Till My Last Day / Justin Moore
  Til My Last Day Lovimg You D Yvonne Zielonda  Till My Last Day  / Justin Moore
  'Til The Sun Falls D / I Gaye Teather I Will Always Be With You / Paul Bailey
Timber D / I Isabelle Bouchard Timber / Pitbull & Ke$ha
  Timber D / I Eric Lecardonnel & Audrey Le Bleis Timber / Pitbull & Ke$ha
  Time 2 Boogie ! D / I   contra Daniel Whittaker Time After Time / Jake Mathews
  Time Bomb D / I Dan Albro Time Bomb / Jason Sturgeon
Time To Cha I Stéphane Cormier Every Time You Take Your Time / Aaron Goodvin
  Time To Chill D Jan Brookfield Chilly Cha-Cha / Jessica Jay
  Time To Dream D / I Jan Wyllie & Hervey Bay Time To Dream / Joni Harms
Time To Get A Gun D Stéphane Cormier Time To Get A Gun / Miranda Lambert
  Time To Shake D / I Ozgur “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ Time To Swing / Helmut Lotti
  Time To Shine I Dan Albro Waiting To Shine / Jason Eady
  Time To Swing I Andrew & Sheila Time To Swing / Helmut Lotti
  Time To Take A Heart Break D Conrad Farnham  Heart Break / Lady Antebellum
  Times Like This I Kevin & Maria Smith Times Like These / Brad Paisley & Barbra Mansell
  Times Up I Karl-Harry Winson & Tina Argyle If You're Gonna Straighten Up (Brother Now's The Time)  /  Travis Tritt
  Ti-Na's Waltz D / I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller All For The Love Of Sunshine / Steve Holy
  Ting Ting I Francien Sittrop Ting Ting / Alexandra Stan
  Tiny Bubbles Contra Hot Pepper Sea Cruise / Jimmy Buffett
  Tiny Dancer D / I Liz Clarke Tiny Dancer / Glenn Rogers
  Tiny Fill In The Blanks D Roz Chaplin Fill in the Blank / Greg Bates
  Titty's Beer D contra Magali Chabret Titty’s Beer / Colt Ford &Trent Tomlinson
  TKO II D Terry Kellerman My Maria / Brooks & Dunn
To Be D / I Marie-Pier Verret Meant To Be / Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line
  To Find Gold D / I Séverine Fillion  If You Wanna Find Gold / Nathan Carter
To Say No D Marylin Lavoie I'm Not In The Mood / Shania Twain
  To The Back I Ria Vos  Back It Up (Radio Edit) / Caro Emerald
To The Left D / I Bobby Houle Irreplaceable / Sugarland
  To The Rock I Rosie Multari  I Go To The Rock / Scooter Lee
Today I Guy Dubé Today / Gary Allan
Today & Tomorrow D Rachel & Roy Weightman  Her Today , Gone Tomorrow / Dean Brothers
  Todo Se Paga D / I Tjwan Oei & Marja Urgert Todo Se Paga / Sparx
  Toes D Rachael McEnaney  Toes / Zac Brown Band
  Together D Roy Verdonk & Kelli Haugen Together, Forever, Always (Special Edit) / LeAnn Rimes
  Together Again D Maio & Lilly Hollnsteiner Whole 'Nother Bottle Of Wine / Road Chicks
  Tomorrow I Dougie D  Don't Stop / Fleetwood Mac
  Tomorrow I / A Peter & Alison Tomorrow / Chris Young
  Tomorrow Never Knows I B. van Leewen & A. Stakkestad  Tomorrow Never Knows / Bruce Springsteen
  Tongue Tied I Guyton Mundy Girls Kiss Girls / Pittsburg Slim
Tonight D / I Nathalie Émond Whose Baby Will You Be Tonight / Big House
Tonight I Guy Dubé Tonight / Ryan Kinder
  Tonight For Two D Katie Carpenter Tonight Was Made For The Two Of Us / Jeff Griffith
  Tonight You're Mine I Chris Hodgson & Dynamite Dot Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow / Paris
  Too Bad D / I Chrystel Durand Gone Gone Gone / Robert Mizzell
  Too Blue To Boogie D / I D.J.Dan & Winnie Too Blue To Boogie / Rachel Cain
  Too Darn Funky D / I Cindi Talbot Back To The Island / The Baha Men
  Too Easy D Mike Shannon Travelin' Music / Dennis Robbins  
  Too Good To Be True I Lesley Clark & Grant Stanley Can’t Take My Eyes Off You / Boys Town Gang
  Too Groovy D Barb & Dave Monroe Groovy Little Summer Song / James Otto
Too Lazy, To Work, Too Nervous D / I Gaston Denommé Too Lazy, To Work, Too... / BR5-49
  Too Many Pockets I Josie Copley & Diane Jackson Too Many Pockets / Darryl Worley
  Too Many Pockets D Belén Márquez Too Many Pockets / Darryl Worley
  Too Much Booty Shakin' D Jim & Nen Godsall Too Much Booty Shakin’ / Sir Jonathan Burton
  Too Much For Me I Jan Wyllie Love You Too Much / Brady Seals
Top Gun I / A Linda Sansoucy Too Much Month / Marty Stuart
Top Of The World D / I Guy Dubé On Top Of The World / Imagine Dragons
  Tops A Poppin D / I Kathy Kelley Brown Sounds Like A Party / Shawna Russell
Torn D Danny Leclerc Torn / Nathalie Imbruglia
  Tornado D / I Chaltrones Original Country Tornado / Little Big Town
Torn In Between D Clide Normandin Torn In Between / Heidi Hauge
  Totoy Bibbo D / I Dharry Ladiana  Totoy Bibbo / Vhong Navarro
  Touch Me Like That I Maggie Gallagher Touch Me Like That / Dannii Minogue
  Touch Me Tonight I John H Robinson Oyeme / Enrique Iglesias
  Touch Of Mexico D / I Daniel Whittaker Mexican Girl / Touch Of Class
  Tougher Than The Rest D / I Justine Brown Tougher Than The Rest / Chris le Doux 
Toutes Les Femmes Savent Danser D Suzie Hébert Toutes Les Femmes Savent Danser / Loud
  Tractor Polka I Bastiaan van Leeuwen Tractor Polka / Atomik Harmonik  ( English version )
  Trailerhood I Peter & Alison Trailerhood / Toby Keith
  Trashy Women I Pat Eodice Trashy Women / Confederate Railroad
  Travel Time I Harry Schalk  Why You Been Gone So Long / Stacy Dean Campell
  Traveling Dan D / I Dan Albro Traveling Man / Ricky Nelson
  Travelin' Music D / I Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos Travelin' Music / Dennis Robbins 
  Traveling Wanderer D Inconnu I Miss The Old You / Underground Outlaw
  Treat Her Right D Maggie Gallagher Treat Her Right / George Thorogood
  Treat Me Right I Julia Wetzel Yo No Soy Un Monstro / Elvis Crespo
  Trespassing I / A Fred Whitehouse & Darren Bailey Trespassing / Adam Lambert
  Tribal Heartbeat I Maggie Gallagher Heartbeat / Beckah Shae
  Trickle, Trickle D M. Barr & M. Burton Long Neck Bottle / Garth Brooks
  Tricky Moon D / I Kathy Hunyadi Tricky Moon / George Ducas
  Triple J D Michael Barr Juke Joint Jumpin’ / Barbara Carr
  Triple Mix D Lorna Mursell Country Medley / Nathan Carter
  Tropical Depression D Stephen & Lesley McKenna & Lorna Cairns Tropical Depression / Alan Jackson
Trouble D / I Stéphane Nadeau Trouble / Milton Patton
  Trouble D Inconnu T-r-o-u-b-l-e / Travis Tritt
  Trouble Trouble I Kathy Brown Can't let go /  Hometown News
  Trouble With Treble D / I Maddison Glover All About That Base / Meghan Trainor
  Troublemaker I Vikki Morris Troublemaker / Olly Murs & Flo Rida
  Trouble Maker D Dawn Rathbun Trouble Maker / LanCo
  Truck Stop D / I Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie B.Y.O.T./ Heidi Raye
  Trucker Dance D / I Adriano Castagnoli Lights On The Hill /  Lee Kernaghan & The Wolfe Brothers
Truck Stop Cuty Pie D / I Diane St-Laurent Truck Stop Cuty Pie / Bob Goguen
Truck Stop In The Sky D / I Denis Henley Truck Stop In The Sky / Flynnville Train
  Truck Yeah D / I Pam Boyer Truck Yeah / Tim McGraw
Truckin' Dog A Marc Davidson Code Red / Joey Martin
  Trucking I Maggie Gallagher Independent Trucker / Brooks & Dunn
True Believers D / I Denis Henley True believers / Darius Rucker
  True Believers D Michael Seurer True Believers / Darius Rucker 
  True Love Two Step I Thompson Szymanski, Barr & Burton True Love / Nancy Hays
  Trust D / I John Bishop Trust / GANGgajang
  Trust Me ! D / I Geri Morrison Vincero / Fredrik Kempe
  Try This One D / I Diane Dawson Girls Night Out / Gina Jeffreys
Tu Compania I Cowboy Nico Tu Compania / Keith Urban
Tu Peux M'oublier D Raymond Sanschagrin Tu peux m'oublier / Andrée Watters
Tu Peux M'oublier D Nathalie Pelletier Tu peux m'oublier / Andrée Watters
  Tu Peux M'oublier D / I Manon Michaud Tu peux m'oublier / Andrée Watters
  Tuesday's Cha Cha D / I Donna Laurin The Spirit Of The Hawk / Rednex
  Tulsa Time D Inconnu Who Were You Th.../ Texas Tornados
  Tumblin' Down D / I Michele Perron Tumblin' Down / S. Elliot & L.  Walker
  Tumbling Rush I P. Metelnick & A. Biggs They Call It Falling For A Reason / T. Yearwood
  Tura-Line Dance D Bornita & Borne Come Do The Line D.. / W. Tura & Brandit  
  Turbo Twang I M. Perry & P. Metelnick Turbo Twang / Wayne Warner
  Turn It Loose I S.  Rutter & C. Butterworth  Let's Dance / Miley Cyrus
  Turn It On Cowboy D / I Thierry Bouvet Turn In On, Turn It Up, Turn Me Loose / Heidi Hauge
  Turn It Up D / I Ria Vos Turn It Up / Afro-Dite
  Turn Me Loose I Simon Ward Turn Me Loose / The Young Divas
Turn Me Round D / I Bobby Houle Turn Me Round / K. D. Lang
  Turn On The Radio D / I Lee & Susan Hardison Turn On The Radio / Reba McEntire
  Turn The Beat Up U / D Maddison Glover I Don't Like It, I Love It / Flo Rida & Robin Thicke & Verdine White
  Turnin' Loose D Donna Manning Turnin’ Loose The Bald Man Song / Bret McMullen
  Turn It Up Up Up Up Up I Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Turn It Up / Mia Martina & Belly & Danny Fernandes 
  Tush D / I Hot Pepper Tush / Kenny Chesney
  Tush Push D Jim Ferrazzano Gone Country / Alan Jackson
  Twist And Scuff D / I Linda Evensen Ain't Love A Lot Like That / George Jones
Twist & Shake D Sylvie Roy The Shake / Neal McCoy
  Twist & Turns I Maddison Glover Tomorrow Never Comes / Zac Brown Band
  Twist 'Em D Jo Thompson The Twist / Ronnie McDowell
  Twist With The Fat Boys I Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos Fat Boys & Chubby Checker / The Twist
  Two 4 One D Jo Thompson & Rita Thompson Ribbon of Highway / Scooter Lee 
  Two Dollars In The Jukebox D / I Karl-Harry Winson Two Dollars In The Jukebox / Eddie Rabbitt
  Two More Years I Anne & Bruno Moggia Going On Later On / Mark Chesnutt
  Two Of A Crime I Dan Albro Two Of A Crime / Miranda Lambert
Two Of A Kind Workin' On A Full House D Manon Monette & Jean Lemire Two Of A Kind Workin' On... / Garth Brooks
  Two Pink Lines I Mitchell Burgess Two Pink Lines / Eric Church
  Two Step en ligne D / I Inconnu N’importe quel Two Step de 160 à 176 BPM
  Two Timing Man D / I Ira Weisburd You’re A Two Timing Man / Sweet Betty


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