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  M & D D Marie Machu & Dominique Tritsch Dancing In The Moonlight / Derek Ryan
  M F C D / I dj Dan & Winnie MFC ( Mama's Fried Chicken ) / Billy Yates 
Ma Belle .... I Diane St-Laurent The Janedear Girls / Wildflower
Ma Choupetta   D Lucy Siro Mamae Eu Quero (Choopeta) / T-Rio
  Mabels Waltz A Neil & Penny Smith A Women Like You / S. C. Harding
Macahula Dance I Mario & Richard Boutet Macahula Dance / Dr MacDoo
  Mad Cow I Charles Bowring Mad Cowboy Disease / John Michael Montgomery
Made A Believer D Denis Henley That’s Made A Believer / Ash Bowers
  Made In Japan D Jan Wyllie Made In Japan / Buck Owens
  Made It To Memphis D / I Kate Sala Never Made It To Memphis / Scooter Lee
  Madhouse To The Max I Doug & Jackie Miranda Keep Your Hands To Yourself / Ethan Allen
  Madison Country D Theud Mc. Deses Mister Baseman / Little Richard
Madison Cowboy Last Night I Nathalie Émond Last Night / D.J. Robbie
  Madison Rock I R. & T. Lun Kwok Sui Boogie To Woogie / Fiddle Country Blues
  Magazine I David Villellas Coalmine / Sara Evans
Magic I Lévesque, Lévesque, Lepage When You Say You Love Me / Clay Aiken
  Magic I / A Shaz Walton Love Sex Magic / Ciara ft Justin Timberlake
  Magico ! D / I Anja Moons & Frank Mombers Good To Go To Mexico / Toby Keith
  Magic Game I Karine Mouraze  Magic Game / Slimy
  Magic Moon D Robbie McGowan Hickie Mr. Man In The Moon / Patty Loveless
  Magic Still There D / I Marie Sørensen Is The Magic Still There / Alabama
  Mail Myself To Mexico D / I Barry Amato Mail Myself To Mexico / Buddy Jewel
Mail To Mexico I Michelle Chandonnet Mail Myself To Mexico / Buddy Jewell
  Make A Start D Robbie McGowan Hickie Knock Yourself Out / Lee Roy Parnell
  Make Good Memories I Gundrun Schneider Bad Ideas / Scott Stevens
  Make Her Fall In Love With Me D Raelinn W. Dale Make Her Fall In Love With Me Song / George Strait
Make It On My Own I Stéphane Cormier Till I can Make It On My Own  / Sara Evans
Make It Please D Germaine Lemieux & Claude Martin Make It Sweet / Old Dominion
  Make It Sweet D Rachael McEnaney-White Make It Sweet / Old Dominion
  Make It Up D Maggie Gallagher I Wanna Die / Miranda Lambert
  Make My Day D / I Francien Sittrop Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps / The Pussycat Dolls
  Make This Day D / I Rachael McEnaney Make This Day / Zac Brown Band 
  Make Way I F. Whitehouse & G. Richard & D. Steele Make Way / Aloe Blacc
  Make You Mine D / I Darren Bailey Make You Mine / Josie Dunne
  Make You Sweat D / I Ria Vos Uhh La La La / Chi Hua Hua
  Make 'em Come Back For More D / I Sherrie Poppa Sideways / Dierks Bentley
  Making History D / I Craig Bennett & Dee Musk & Simon Ward History / One Direction
  Makita D / I Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie Just One Time / Jamie O’Neal 
  Malice I Stephen Sunter No News / Lonestar
  Mall Boogie D Mare Dodd Wrong Five O'clock / Eric Heatherly
  Malta Sky D Marie Sørensen Midnight Sky / Marty Rivers
Mama Know I Carole Vincelli Does Your Mama Know / Gerry Edge
Mama Loo D / I Guy Dubé Mama Loo / Cartoons
  Mama Maria D Frank Trace Mamma Maria / Ricchi E. Poveri
  Mamma Mia! Why Me? D Lee Hamilton Why Did It Have To Be Me? / Josh Dylan, Lily James & Hugh Skinner
  Mama Said D / I Maria Tao  Mama Said / Dave Sheriff  
  Mama's Broken Heart I Thierry Willemin Mama's Broken Heart / Miranda Lambert
  Mama's dance D Tommy Kuhrt & Joann Carpenter One Bud Wiser / Gretchen Wilson
Mama's Last D / I Huguette Duguay Mama's Last / David Lee Murphy
  Mama's Lil' Baby D / I Charlotte Skeeters Shortenin' Bread / The Tractors
  Mama's Pearls D Nigel & Barbara Payne Mama Said / Dave Sheriff
  Mamboritmo D / I Ira Weisburd Ritmo Bueno / Orchestra Bagutti
  Mamita D Ira Weisburd Mamita Mia / Miguel Moly
Mamma Africa I Gérard Murphy Mamma Africa  / Two In One
Man In Black D / I Stéphane Cormier  Man In Black / Johnny Cash
  Man In The Suit D / I Mike Hitchen New Man In The Suit / Bellamy Brothers
Man Music D Denis Henley My Man Music / Stooshe
  Man On The Road I Piet Meulendijks Man Out On The Road / Bobby Cash
Man, Woman D Denis Henley Man, Woman / Joe Nichols
Marc's Dance I Marie-Pier Hélie G.I. Blues  /  Dean Brothers
  Mardi-Gras Mambo D / I Chris Hodgson Let's Walk Away In Love  / Jim Yeoman
  Margarita Cha D Cyndee Neel Senorita Margarita / Tim McGraw
  Margarita Girl D / I Séverine Fillion Margarita Girl / Rose Alleyson & Carlton Moody
Margaritaville   D / I Stéfan-Ozz Margaritaville / A. Jackson & J.  Buffett
  Mariana Mambo I Kate Sala Mariana Mambo / Chayanne
Marry For Money D / I Daniel Auger Marry For Money / Trace Adkins
  Marry For Money I Maria Hennings Hunt Marry For Money / Trace Adkins
  Marry For Money D Suzanne Wilson Marry For Money / Trace Adkins
  Mars Attack D / I Rachael McEnaney Chocolate (Choco Choco) / Soul Control
Mary D / I Bobby Houle Mary / Fairground Saints
  Mary's Jive D Kenny Teh  Hello_Mary_Lou / Band4dancers
  Mas D Fabien Regoli Mas / Kamaleon
  Mary-Lou Will Marry You D Marie Sørensen & Mathias Pflug Marry You / Bruno Mars
  Mary Mary D / I Darren Bailey Mary / Zac Brown Band
  Mary Mary D / I Karl-Harry Winson Kiss Me Mary / Derek Ryan
  Maverockin' D / I Gaye Teather As Long As There’s Loving Tonight / The Mavericks
  Maybe I Could D / I Robbie McCowan I Might / Shakin' Stevens
  Maybe I Did D Ivonne Verhagen Maybe I Did / Paul Randy Mingo 
  Maybe Sometime D Tony Vassell & Robbie McGowan Hickie Let It Go / Kendell Marvel
  Maybe Tomorrow I Niels Poulsen & Malene Jakobsen Maybe Tomorrow / Westlife
  MDC Wanna Be Me D / I Anna Picerno Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me / Keith Urban
  Me I Karine Mouraze  What About Me / Keith Urban
  Me And Bobby McGee D / I Guylaine Bourdage & Guillaume Richard Me And Bobby McGee / Guylaine Tanguay
  Me & God D / I Gaye Teather Me & God / Josh Turner 
  Me And My Gang D / I Suzanne Wilson Me And My Gang / Rascal Flatts
  Me And You Back At Mama's D / I Séverine Fillion Meanwhile Back At Mama's / Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
  Mean 2 Me D / I Dave ‘The Rave’ That’s What You Mean... / Hal Ketchum
  Meat And Potato Man D Karen Tripp Meat And Potato Man / Alan Jackson
Medication D / I Marc-André Beaudoin Heartache Medication / Jon Pardi
  Medicine I Magali Chabret Medicine / Shakira & Blake Shelton
  Meet Me Down In Corpus D / I dj Dan & Winnie Why Don’t You Meet Me Down In Corpus / Gary P. Nunn
  Meet Me Halfway I Shaz Walton  Meet Me Halfway (UK Single Edit) / The Black Eyed Pea
Melting Pot Contra Manon Lévesque Big Dog Daddy / Toby Keith
  Memories I Mike Hitchen For The Good Times / Anne Murray
  Memphis D Christophe Sénéchal That’s How I Got to Memphis / Roch Voisine
  Memphis I B. Amato, R.  McEnaney & M. Glover Memphis / Wesley Michael Hayes
  Memphis Master I / A Rachael McEnaney Memphis (Master Blaster Radio Mix) / Master Blaster
  Memphis Tennessee D / I Clara Carducci Jost & J.P. Jost  Memphis Tennessee / Pat Boone
Merci I / A Guylaine Fontaine  Merci / Duffy
Mercury Blues D / I Linda Sansoucy Mercury Blues / Dwight Yoakam
  Mercury Blues D Inconnu Mercury Blues / Alan Jackson
  Mercy I Kate Sala Mercy / Duffy
Mercy I Marc Labrosse Mercy / Duffy
  Merry Go Round I Françoise Guillet Merry Go Round / Janedear Girls
  Messed Up In Memphis I Dee Musk Messed Up In Memphis / Darryl Worley
  Metelnick Medley I Glynn Rodgers  Tired Of Toein' The Line / Ethan Allen
  Mexi-Fest D / I Kate Sala Back In Your Arms Again’ (Nico Mix) / The Mavericks
  Mexicali D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie  Mexico / Tobias Rene
  Mexican Cantina D Tina Argyle Come A Little Bit Closer / Alan Gregory
  Mexican Pepper Doll D Louise Elfvengren Olatoye Hot Pepper Doll / Cerrito
  Mexican Snow D / I Jan Wyllie Till It Snows In Mexico / Reba McEntire
  Mexico Bound I Bob Bonett Good To Go To Mexico / Toby Keith
  Mexico, Tequila, And Me D / I Marie Sørensen Mexico, Tequila And Me / Alan Jackson
  Mexicoma I Robbie McGowan Hickie Mexicoma / Bucky Covington
  Mexicoma D Dan Albro Mexicoma / Tim McGraw
Mexicoma D Bobby Houle Mexicoma / Bucky Convington
  MGNO D / I Breton Zahorsky MGNO / Russel Dickerson
  Mi Amore I Toni Holmes & Steve Jeffries Mi Amore / Velvet
  Mi Gente I José miguel Belloque Vane Mi Gente / Willy William & J Balvin
  Mi Primer Amor D / I Peter Thijssen Mi Primer Amor / Belle Perez
Michael Swing D Johanne Riel The Way You Make Me Feel / Michael Jackson
  Middle Of Nowhere D / I Dan Albro Middle of Nowhere / Adam Fears
  Midnight Blue D / I Peter Metelnick  Nobody Knows / Tony Rich Project & Sean Kenny
  Midnight Stroll D / I Peter & Alison Walking After Midnight / Imelda May
  Mile Shy Of Paradise D / I Gaye Teather Anything For Love / James House
  Miller's Cave D DJ Dan & Wynette Miller You Lied To Me / Tracy Byrd
Million Dollar Cowboy D / I R. Boutet M. Boutet S. Légaré Million Dollar Cowboy / Ronnie Beard
  Milion Dollar Dance D Karl-Harry Winson Hound Dog / Eddie Clendening
Mimi Rock D / I Mario Champagne Alcohol Abuse / Billy Yates
Mine All Mine D / I Sébastien Émond Mine All Mine / Chuck Wicks
  Mini-Mambo D Jan "Stray Cat" Brookfield If You Wanna Be.. / Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels
  Miny Moe D Marie Sørensen Eenie Meenie Miny Moe / Holliday Band
  Miracle D / I Ole Jacobson & Nina K Miracle / Julian Perretta
  Misbehavin'  ( A Little ) D Elaine Hornagold Misbehavin' / Pentatonix
Miss Clawdy I Chandonnet & Archambault Lawdy Miss clawdy / Travis Tritt
  Miss Everything I Francien Sittrop Miss Everything / The Sugababes & Sean Kingston
  Missing D Dan Albro Missing / William Michael Morgan
  Missing D / I Heather Barton Missing / William Michael Morgan
Missing D / I Guylaine Bourdahes Missing / William Michael Morgan
  Missin' An Angel D / I DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Missin’ An Angel / Johnny Reid 
Missing You At All D / I Guy Dubé Missing You / Alison Krauss & John Waite
Mission Temple D / I Nathalie Pelletier Mission Temple Fireworks.. / Sawyer Brown
  Mississippi D / I Jan Wyllie Mississippi / Pussycat
  Mississippi Moon I Kathy Brown Two Bottles of Beer / Lonestar
  Mississippi Morning I Ozgur "Oscar" TAKAÇ Cotton Pickin' Time / Blake Shelton
  Missouri Swings I Michele Perron Kansas City / Brenda Lee
Mistakes I Denis Henley Half Of My Mistakes / Garry Allan
Mister Good Time D / I Stéphane Cormier M. R. Goodtime / Cold Ford
  Mister In-Between D Hot Pepper Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The... / Willie Nelson
Mister Trouble D / I Richard & Christianne Maisonneuve All That Heaven Would Allow/ The Mavericks
Mix Tequila I Stéphane Cormier Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off / Joe Nicols
  Mockingbird D / I Barry Durand Mockingbird / Toby Keith & Krystal
  Mockinbird Waltz D / I Maria Tao Mockingbird Hill / Patti Page
  Modern Romance I Kate Sala Something To Die For / Fiona Culley
  Mojo Mambo D Ira Weisburd Mojo Mambo / Mitch Woods and His Rocket 88
  Mojo Rhythm D / I Rob Fowler That's How Rhythm Was Born / Wynnona Judd
  Monday Morning D / I Sue Hsu & Kathy Chang Monday Morning / Melanie Fiona
Money I Guy Dubé & Sébastien Émond Money / Ivy Levan
  Money For The Weekend D / I Wil Bos & Sebastiaan Holtland Another Saturday Night / Dean Brody
Monkey Around D / I Chandonnet & Archambault

Monkey Around / Travis Tritt

  Montana contra Rick & Joan Bowen Old Hippie / The Bellamy Brothers
Monterey Swing D Diane Lachapelle I'm Gonna Getcha / Shania Twain
  Moo La Move D Annie Briand Moo La Moo / Steve Azar
  Moon Glow D / I Hazel Pace  Suzanne, Suzanne / The Bellamy Brothers
  Moonlight Drive D / I Diana Dawson Dancing In The Moonlight / Derek Ryan
  Moonlight Kiss I Maggie Gallagher Moonlight Kiss / Raul Malo
  Moonlight Madness D / I Derek Robinson Moonlight Madness / Cerrito
  Moonlight Madness I Cathy & Kathy  A Moon To Remember / Johnny Reid
  Moonshine In The Trunk I L.D.M. Moonshine In The Trunk / Brad Paisley
More Action I S. Dufault & M. Lafrenière A Little Less Co...  / Elvis Presley
  More Dancin' Feet I Susan Brooks Start The Car / Travis Tritt 
More Friends D / I Lariat More Than Friends / Inna & Daddy Yankee
  More Than Amigos D Mamalinedance Mei Kwo More Than Amigos / Jesse & Joy
  More Than Friends I Kate Sala & Dee Musk More Than Friends / James Hype & Kelli-Leigh
  More Than You'll Ever Know I José Miguel Belloque Vane &  Roy Verdonk More Than You'll Ever Know / Nathan Sykes
More You I Marie-Paule Tremblay More You / George Canyon
  Most People Are Good U / D Lenore Dowling  Most People Are Good / Luke Bryan
  Most People Are Good D ,Linda Francis   Most People Are Good / Luke Bryan
  Most People Are Good D / I Sandra Schuler Most People Are Good / Luke Bryan
  Mother's Hall Of Fame D / I Jan Wyllie The Hand That Rocks The... / G. Campbell &  S. Wariner
  Mother Me D / I Maggie Gallagher If You Want A Mother / Gretchen Wilson
  Mountain Mama D / I Michele Jury Take Me Home .../ The Revellers
  Mouse In The Windmill I Tina Argyle No Place To Hide / Alison Krauss & Union Station
M.O.V.E. D / I Marie-Paule Tremblay & Cassandra Roy-Rhéaume Move / Luke Bryan
  Move Across The River D / I Marie Sørensen Gonna Move Across The River / Bill Pinkney
  Move Along D / I Séverine Fillion The Earrings Song / Gretchen Wilson
Move It Left, Move It Right D / I Diane St-Laurent Move It Left, Move It Right / Bob Goguen
  Move Slowly D Michelle Risley Nobody's Home / Clint Black
  Move To The Rhythm D Marie H. Sacarello Ole Ole - Peter Pan Clip / DJ Bobo
  Move Your Body D / I Francien Sittrop Rock Your Body / The Phonkers ( Radio Edit )
  Moves I Simon Ward  & Shane McKeever Moves / Hot Shade, Mike Perry & Mika Zibanejad
  Moves Like Jagger I Bracken Ellis Potter Moves Like Jagger / Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera
  Movin' On Over I Rob Fowler Move It On Over /  Tritt & Thorogood
  Mr. GoodTime D / I Duke Alexander Mr. GoodTime / Colt Ford
  Mr Lonely D / I Robert Royston Mr Lonely / Midland
Mr. Mom D / I Sylvie Roy Mr. Mom / Lonestar
  Mr Man In The Moon D Marie Sørensen & Adrian Helliker Mr Man In The Moon / Marion Randell
  Mr. Pinstripe D / I Simon Ward Mr. Pinstripe Suit / Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
  Mr. Pinstripe D / I Simon Ward Mr. Pinstripe Suit / Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
  Mr. Rock & Roll D / I Derek Robinson Mr. Rock & Roll / Amy McDonald
  Mrs.Lovely D Colin B. Smith Mister Lonely / Bouke
  Ms Marianne D Frank Trace Ms. Marianne / Levon
  Mucara Walk D / I John Steel La Mucara / The Mavericks
  Much Too Young D / I Gerry Lafferty Much Too Young / Garth Brooks
  Mud D Jessica Carlson Mud / The Road Hammers
MUD I / A Suzanne Dionne & Normand Moreau Mud / The Road Hammers
  Mud Stompin' D / I Pat Esper Cricket On A Line / Colt Ford


John Rowell Multiplication / Showaddywaddy
  Murphy's Law I Bev Carpenter If It Will It Will / Hank Williams Jr.
  Must Be A Woman D / I Roz Chaplin Must Be A Woman / Gord Bamford
  Must Be Something   a.k.a. Debe Haber Algo D / I Wil Bos  Debe Haber Algo / Sparx
  Mustang Sally I Neil Hale Mustang Sally / Commitments
  Mustang Sally D Roy Verdonk & Mattias Perkio Mustang Sally / Commitments
  My Autumn Rose D / I Rene & Reg Mileham Autumn Rose / Rick Trevino
My Baby No Esta Aqui I Diane St-Laurent My Baby No Esta Aqui / Garth Brooks 
  My Blue Bayou D / I Diane Dawson Blue Bayou / Damien Leith & The McClymonts
  My Blue Heaven D Don Pascual My Blue Heaven / Les Vogt
  My Blue Tree D Gary O'Reilly Big Blue Tree / Michael English
  My Boogie Shoes D / I Christie Russell  Boogie Shoes / KC & The Sunshine Band
  My Broken Souvenirs D Manullang Benedikta Manna & Khansa Chalista My Broken Souvenirs / Ray Dylan & Andriette
  My Catal'Anne A Bruno Moggia Play / Paul Bogart
  My Chair D / I Andrew Palmer & Sheila Palmer The Chair / George Strait
  My Country D / I Vikki Morris  Country / Mo Pitney
My Cowboy & A Dancer D Suzanne Carrière A Cowboy And A Dancer / Tracy Bird
  My Dancing Boots D / I Marie Sørensen & Adrian Helliker If It Works For You / Marion Randell
My Everything D Lucien Castonguay My First, My Last, My Everything / B. White
My Finger I Guy Dubé & Denis Henley My Finger /  Leah Turner
My First Love D Pierre Mercier You’re My First Love /  Eden & Liana May  
  My First Love I Robbie McGowan Hickie You're My First Love ( Head Over Heels ) / Eden &. Lianie May
  My Girl Sally D Audrey Watson Sea Salt Sally / Rick Guard
  My Give A Dawn's Busted D / I Helen Born & Nita Lindley My Give A Damn's Busted / Jo Dee Messina
  My Greek No.1 D / I Maria Rask My Number One / Helena Paparizou
  My Head Hurts D / I Yvonne van Baalen My Head Hurts My Feet... / Jimmy Buffet 
My Hands D / I Marie-Paule Tremblay My Hands / Tyler Reeves
My Heart I Chantal Gagnon If My Heart Had Wings / Faith Hills
  My Heart I Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher My Heart Won't Let You... / Jake Mathews
My Heart Can't Tell You No D / I Stéphane Cormier My Heart Can't Tell You No / Sara Evans
My Heart Goes Boom D Marc Labrosse & Virginia Derit My Heart Goes Boom / French Affair
My Heart Is Open I Guy Dubé My Heart Is Open / Keith Urban
  My Heart Won't Let Go D / I V. Scott, F. Buckley & Double Trouble My Heart Won't Let You Leave... / Jake Mathews
My History I Marc Davidson I Know My History / Johnny Van Zan
  My Hometown D / I Ryan King My Hometown / Uncle Kracker
My Hometown D / I Claude Martin My Hometown / Uncle Kracker
  My Honky Tonk D / I Chris Collignon Cheatin' On My Honkytonk / T. Tomlinson
  My International Harvester I Ellie & Meerman International Harvester / Craig Morgan 
  My Kinda Country D / I Kevin & Maria Smith That Ain't Country / Aaron Lewis
  My Little Black Book D / I Rene and Reg Mileham Little Black Book / Jimmy Dean
My Little Secret D / I Marie-Paule Tremblay & Guylaine Gagné My Little Secret / Yvan Petit
  My Little Sweet Thing I / A Syndie Berger  Sweet Thing / Keith Urban
  My Lollipop D / I Tom Dvorak  Lollipop / The Cordettes
My Love Goes On And On I Marc Labrosse My Love Goes On And On / Chris Cagle
My Luck I Sylvie Roy Your Love Is My Luck / Brad Johner  
  My Maria D / I Mike Camara & Dan Albro My Maria / Brooks & Dunn
  My Middle Name D / I Willie Brown  & Niels Poulsen Trouble / Moonshine Man
My My My I Guy Dubé My My My / Troye Sivan
  My New Life D John Offermans  High Class Lady / The Lennerockers
  My Next Broken Heart I Diana Dawson My Next Broken Heart / Brooks & Dunn
  My Night To Howl D / I Dusty Boots Linedancers My Night To Howl / Lorrie Morgan 
My Oh My I Dixie Fafard My Oh My / The Wreckers
My Oh My D / I Nathalie Pelletier My Oh My / The Wreckers
  My One Desire I Peter & Alison, TheDanceFactoryUK You're The Reason / Dr Victor & The Rasta Rebels
  My Pleasure D / I Rose Grant My  Love  Will  Not... / Hal  ketchum 
  My Redneck Girl D / I M. Vasquez   Redneck Girl / Bellamy Brothers
  My Rules I Amy Glass My Rules / Jadagrace
My Soul I Linda Sansoucy I Feel Sin Comin’ On / Jason McCoy
  My Ten Guitars D Lorna Cairns Ten Guitars / Michael English
  My T Shirt EZ D Lynn Card T-Shirt / Thomas Rhett
  My Veronica D / I Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Veronica / Barbados
  My Wave D Kate Sala My Wave / Keith Urban & Shy Carter
  My Way I Maggie Gallgher My Way / Collin Raye
  My Way Merengue D / I Kathy Hunyadi & Max Perry I'm Not Running Any.. / John Mellencamp
  Mystery Cha I Paul McAdam Would I Lie To You Baby / Charles & Eddy


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