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L.A. D Jacques Laberge et Nathalie Normandin. L.A. / Véronique Labbé
  L C Polka I L. Ellis & C. B. Harclerode Me Neither / Brad Paisley
  L D F (Let’s Dance Forever) D Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Boogie Shoes / Glee Cast
La Bomba D / I Bobby Houle La Bomba / King Africa
La Choopetta D / I Bobby Houle La Choopeta / T-Rio
La Chupetta D Jacques & Marcelle Cloutier La Choopetta / T-Rio
  La Cucamarcha D / I Janet (Zhen Zhen) Ge La Cucamarcha 2004 / TNN
  La Culpa D Sandra Speck Echame La Culpa / Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato
  La Danse Du Lasso D Inconnu Cotton Eye Joe / Rednex
  La Dong Keewun I Frankie Cull Borriquito / Rodrigues
  Lalali ( Lauras & Lilly ) D / I Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner  This Is Not Goodbye / Johnny Reid
  La Lumière I Gaye Teather The Light In Our Soul / Helena Paparizou
  La Luna I Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Stand By Me / Prince Royce
La Mucara D / I Serge Légaré La Mucara / The Mavericks
  La Pompa I Ria Vos Mueve La Pompa / Marki & Mista O
  La Tenga I Kate Sala Que La Detengan / David Civera 
La Verdad D / I Guy Dubé Si Te Digo La Verdad (Mambo Mix)" / Gocho
  La Vie En Rose I Jeff Camps La Vie En Rose /  DJ Antoine
  Lady Gaga D / I Michele Perron Just Dance / Lady Gaga
  Lady Of The Sea I Michael Lynn Lady Of The Sea / Seth Lakeman
Lady Soul D Marie-Paule Tremblay Lady Soul / The Temptations
Laid Back Cha D / I Stéphane Cormier Laid Back N' Low Key / Alan Jackson
  Laid Back Country I Vikki Morris Ready To Roll. / Blake Shelton
  Laid Back'n Low Key D / I Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs  Laid Back 'n Low Key / Alan Jackson
  Laissez Faire D / I Marie Sørensen Laissez Faire / Lafayette 
  Lamtarra Rhumba I Tony Chapman Cowboy Mambo / Tom Russell
  Laredo Rose D / I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller  Laredo Rose / Texas Tornados 
  LA$ VEGA$ GOLD D / I Diana Dawson Las Vegas Gold / Austin Wahlert
  Last Dollar (Fly Away) D / I Helen Born & Nita Lindley Last Dollar / Tim McGraw
  Last Good Time I Dan Albro Last Good Time / Flynnville Train 
  Last In Line D / I Kate Sala Favourite Boyfriend Of The Year / The McClymonts
  Last Minute D Milena Patani & Fabrizio Mazzoni Love Song / Kevin Fowler
  Last Night D Arnaud Marraffa Last Time 'Til The Next Time / Jamie Richards
  Last Night Disco D Louis Perret Last Night / Chris Anderson & DJ Robbie
  Last Orders D Gaye Teather Swinging Doors / Cole's Country
Last Teardrop I Michelle Chandonnet Down To My Last Teard.../ Tanya Tucker
  Late Night Bimbo I Debbie McLaughlin Late Night Bimbo / Ida Corr
  Latin Express D Michelle Perron I Am That Man / Brooks & Dunn
  Latino ! D / I Sam Arvidson & Toshiko Kawamoto Volver A Verte / Oscar D'Leon
L'Auctionner I Diane Gamache   L'Auctionner / Billy Hunter
  Lay Down And Dance D / I Fiona Murray, Irlande & Roy Hadisubroto Baby, Lay Down And Dance / Garth Brooks
Lay It On The Line D / I Guy Dubé Lay It On The Line / Divine Brown
  Lay Low D / I Darren Bailey Lay Low / Josh Turner
  Le Doux It D / I Calamity Jane Newhard Every Time I Roll The Dice / Chris LeDoux
Learn Before I Michelle Chandonnet Before She Made Me Crawl / Harold Macintyre
  Leave It To You D / I Fred Buckley & Vivienne Scott Fill In The Blanks / Greg Bates
  Leave It Up I Fi Scott & Johnny Two-Step Leave It Up To Me / Aaron Carter 
Leave My Mind D Gilles Labrecque  My Heart Won't  Let You Le... / Jack Mathews
Leave The Night On D Guy Dubé Leave The Night On / Sam Hunt
Leave This House I / A Mario Champagne When I Leave.../ Gregory & Cirrus
  Leave This House D / I Marie Sørensen When I Leave This House /  Adam Gregory
Leavin' I Guillaume Richard Leavin' / Jessey McCartney
  Leavin' & Sayin' Goodbye D / I John Warnars Leaving And Saying Goodbye / Gayla Earlene
  Leaving of Liverpool D / I Maggie Gallagher The Leaving of Liverpool / Shamrock
  Left Feels Right I Michele Perron Tell Me The Truth / Rodney Crowell 
  Left In The Dark D Vivienne Scott Who Do You Think You Are / Sam Outlaw
  Left To Do I Bruno Morel Lot Of Leaving Left To Do / Dierks Bentley
  Legend D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson Feeling Good / Ofenbach & Alexandre Joseph
  Legends D / I Georgia Vroon-Sigalas  Legends / Kelsea Ballerini
  Leighann Loves To Dance D / I Marie Sørensen Leighann Loves To Dance / Jim Devine
  Lekkerbekkie D Geraldine Lekkerbekkie / Kurt Darren
  Lemonade I Jo Thompson Szymanski & Malene Jakobsen Lemonade / Adam Friedman & Mike Posner
  Lennerockers Stroll D / I Francien Sittrop The Lennerockers Stroll / The Lennerockers
  Lento D / I Ira Weisburd  & Raymond Sarlemijn Lento / Rudy Mancuso
Let Her Go I Bobby Houle Let Her Go / The Passenger
Let It Be D Julie Lépine Let It Be / Kim Ray
  Let It Be Love D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie Anything Other Than Love / Deborah Allene
  Let It Shine, Shine, Shine D / I Gaye Teather Sunshine From Your Smiles / Dave Sheriff
  Let Me Be There D / I Jaszmine Tan  Let me Be There / Olivia Newton-John
  Let Me Be There D / I Kevin & Maria Smith Let Me Be There / Nathan Carter
Let Me Be There D Bobby Houle Let Me Be There / Nathan Carter
Let Me Down I / A Michel Tremblay The Night The Bottle.../ Brooks & Dunn
  Let Me Down D / I Belén Márquez Sun Don’t Let Me Down / Keith Urban
  Let Me Down Slowly I Julia Wetzel Let Me Down Slowly / Alec Benjamin & Alessia Cara
  Let Me Go D / I Jim Grice & Dave Munro I Will Never Let You Go / Jackie Green
  Let The Beat Go I Ria Vos  Boom / Natalia
  Let The Cowboy Dance D / I Dan Albro Let The Cowboy Dance / Michael Martin Murphy
  Let The Cowboy Rock D Dan Albro Let The Cowboy Rock / Ronnie Dunn
  Let The Dance Begin D / I John Warnars Don’t Bet Your Boots / Jean Stafford
  Letcha Get Smooth D / I Rob Fowler Smooth / Santana
  Leti I Séverine Fillion Country Junkie / Gord Bamford & Joe Diffie
  Let'er Rip I / A Dianne Joseph Let' Er Rip / Dixie Chicks
  Let's Be Together D Margaret Warren It’s A Be Together Night / David Frizzell & Shelly West
  Let's Break Up Tomorrow D Kay Spradlin Let’s Break Up Tomorrow / Scooter Lee
  Let's Break Up Tomorrow D / I Amund Storsveen  & Jo Thompson Szymanski Let’s Break Up Tomorrow / Scooter Lee
  Let's Do The Rock D / I Sue Ann Ehmann & Dancin’ Terry The Rock / Ms. Jody 
  Let's Fool Around D / I Mal Jones Foolin' Around / Vince Gill & Paul Franklin
  Let's Get Drunk I

Chris Seguin

Drunker Than Me /  Trent Tomlinson
  Let's Get Drunk D / I Darren Bailey & Lana Williams Lets Get Drunk And.... / Toby Keith 
Let's Get It On D Stéfan-Ozz Get It On / Adam Gregory
  Let's Get Jitterbuggin' D / I Peter Jones & Anna Lockwood Jitterbug Boogie / The Fantastic Shakers
  Let's Get Lit « LGL » D Séverine Fillion Lit / Trace Adkins
Let's Go D Nathalie Émond Man I Feel Like A Woman / Shania Twain
Let's Go Childish I Richard & Mario Boutet Let's Go Childish / Cartoons
  Let's Go There D / I Séverine Fillion & Chrystel Durand Let's Go There / Dan Davidson
  Let's Have A Party D / I Rachael McEnaney, John Robinson & Jo Thompson Szymanski  Let’s Have A Party / Scooter 
  Let's Have Fun D Magali Chabret Burning Love / Travis Tritt
  Let's Mambo Together D / I Adrian Helliker & Alison Johnstone Strepitoso Mambo / I Loco Loquito
  Let's Me Off D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie Stop The World / Dwight Yoakam
  Let's Pray D / I Karl-Harry Winson Mama Must Be Prayin / Bucky Covington
  Let's Shout I Duncan Taylor Let's Shout (Baby Work..) / Colin James
  Let's Twist Again D Karen Tripp Let’s Twist Again / Chubby Checker
  Licence To Fly D / I Ozgur "Oscar" TAKAÇ Boogie Back To Texas / Asleep At The Wheel
  Lie, Lie, Lie D / I Ira Weisburd Lie, Lie, Lie / Miss Leslie
  Lie To Me I Raymond Sarlemijn Lie To Me / Mikolas Josef
  Life's About D / I Dwight Meessen & Lee Hamilton Life’s About To Get Good / Shania Twain
Life's About To Get Good I Guy Dubé & Nathalie Paquet, Life’s About To Get Good / Shania Twain
  Life's About To Get Good D / I Diane Dawson Life’s About To Get Good / Shania Twain
  Life Is A Highway D / I M. W. Diven & L.  Flanders Life Is A Highway / Rascal Flatts
  Life Must Go On D / I Séverine Fillion When I'm Gone / Craig Morgan
  Life Time Friend D / I Bruno Morel Lifetime Friends / Adam Brand
  Life Without U I Maggie Gallagher  My Life Would Suck Without You / Kelly Clarkson
Lightning D / I Claude Leblanc We Dare The Lightning / Bellamy Brothers
  Lighthning Cha Cha I Gloria Johnson & Dusty Miller We Dared The Lightning ( Dance Mix ) / Bellamy Brothers
  Lightning Polka I Peter Metelnick Sin Wagon / Dixie Chicks
Lights Go Down In The City I / A Guy Dubé Lights / Journey
  Lights On The Hill D / I Kevin & Maria Smith Lights on The Hill / Lee Kernigan & Wolfe Brothers
Like A Fiddle I Mario Champagne My Baby Plays Me.. / Charlie Daniels Band
  Like A Fine Wine D / I Jef Camps & Sebastien Bonnier Love Takes Time / Gord Bamford
  Like A Hero I Robbie McGowan Hickie  Hero / Charlotte Perrelli
  Like A Rock I Kathryn Rowlands Badly Bent / The Tractors 
  Like A Star D Inge Vestergård Like A Star / DJ Ötzi & Bellamy Brothers
  Like Coca Cola In Hollywood D / I Wil Bos  We're Here To Stay / Jim Devine
Like I Love You D / I Manon Shank Like I Loved You / Brett Young
  Like I Never D / I Darren Mitchell Never Loved Before / A.Jackson & M. McBride
  Like It Loca I Michael W. Diven Loca ( English Version ) / Shakira
  Like You D Corina Beelen Somebody Like You / Keith Urban
Lilo And Stich I Daniel Bernard Hawaiian / Roller Coaster Ride
  Linda Lou From Baton Rouge D Susan Brooks Linda Lou / The Tractors
  Lindi Shuffle D Jane Smee I Need More Of You / The Bellamy Brothers
Line Dance Boogie Contra Nathalie Émond Line Dance Boogie / Dave Sheriff
  Line Drinking D Gaye Teather  Line Drinking / Dave Sheriff 
  Line Trax D Mary Kelly High Tech Redneck / George Jones
  Lipstick D Dan Albro Lipstick / Rockie Lynne 
  Lit I Trevor Thornton & Candee Seger  Lit / Trace AdkinsLit
Lit In The Sticks I Guy Dubé Lit In The Sticks / Ryan Langdon
  Little D Laurent Chalon Little More Time For Drinkin' / Derek Ryan
  Litta Bitta D / I Scott Pederson Little Bit of Life / Craig Morgan
  Little Bit Of What ? I / A Séverine Fillion A Little Bit Of Life by Craig Morgan
  Little Bit Of You D / I John Grrowler Rowel Little Bit Of You / Jason McCoy
  Little Bitty D Nancy A. Morgan Little Bitty / Billy Guilman
  Little Bitty D Karolina Ullenstav Little Bitty / Alan Jackson
  Little Boogie Rhythm D Marie Sørensen Boogie Woogie Rhythm / Scooter Lee
  Little Boogie Woogie Rock D Sue Marshall A Little Boogie Woogie / Foster Martin Band
  Little Chapel I Lasse Appelquist Little Chapel / Heather Myles & Dwight Yoakam
  Little Crazy Thing D / I Ozgur "Oscar" TAKAÇ Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Dean Brothers
  Little Country Race D Niels Poulsen Honky Tonk Race / Shelby Lee Lowe
  Little Dance Again D Virgile Porcher Dance Again / Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull
  Little Dreams D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie I Wonder / Jack Jersey
  Little Ex's & Oh's D Jenifer Wolf Ex's & Oh's / Elle King
  Little Fool D Kim Petersen There’s A Fool Born Every Day / Kevin Fowler
  Little Groovy Love D Britt Christoffersen If Jesus Loves Me / Saint Lanvain & Rahmsed
  Little Heartbreaker I Annie Saerens Little Heartbreaker / Marty Stuart
  Little Hoe Down D / I Margaret Murphy Hoe Down Come Sundown / Woolpackers
  Little Kiss Me Honey D Inconnu Kiss Me Honey Honey / The Deans 
  Little Lady Bug D Tina Argyle Little Yellow Blanket / Dean Brody
  Little Lies D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie Lies Little Lies / Rick Huckaby
  Little Liza Jane D / I Niels Poulsen Liza Jane / Vince Gill
  Little Love Affair D / I Audrey Watson Why Did It Have To Be Me / Abba
  Little Marina D Marie Sørensen Marina /  Bouke
  Little Mermaid D / I Patricia Stott Mermaid / Train
  Little Miss Hayley Jo U / D Pat Stott & Vikki Morris Hayley Jo / Derek Ryan
  Little Mockin' Bird Cha D Winnie Yu Mockin' Bird / Ross Mitchell
Little Ol' Kisses I Daniel Émond & Diane Pilon Little Ol' Kisses / Julian Austin
  Little Rebel D Rob Fowler & Karl Harry Winson Rebelicious / Jamey Johnson
  Little Red Book D Dee Musk  You're More Than A Number / The Drifters 
  Little Red Wagon !!! D / I Rob Fowler Little Red Wagon / Miranda Lambert
  Little Rumba D Donna Laurin Like She’s Not Yours / Bellamy Brothers
Little Rock D Linda Sansoucy Paralysed / Rodney Crowell
  Little Sofia D Lene Mainz Pedersen Sofia / Alvaro Soler
  Little Soul Sister D Maggie Hicks Hey Soul Sister / Train
Little Suzie I

Linda Sansoucy

Wake Up Little Susie /  Brian McComas
Little Thing D Sylvie Roy I Wanna Be Your Man / Keith Urban
  Little Tin Soldier D / I LD Crazy Mike & M. S. Erlandsson Little Tin Soldier / The Olsen Brothers
Little Toy Train D / I Nathalie Pelletier Little Toy Train /  J.C. Harrisson
  Little Wagon Wheel D Gaye Teather Wagon Wheel / Nathan Carter 
  Little West Texas Waltz D Russell Breslauer West Texas Waltz / Joni Harms
  Little White Church I / A Nathalie DI VITO Little White Church / Little Big Town
  Little Zou Bisou D / I Sandra Speck   Zou Bisou Bisou /Emilia Mitiku
  Live Wire I Jo Thompson Live Wire" (Scooter Lee)
  Live, Laugh, Love D / I Rob Fowler Live, Laugh, Love / Clay Walker
  Liverpool Jive D / I Wanda Heldt Belle of Liverpool / Derek Ryan
  Livin' And Workin' I Robyn Mills Working For A Living / Phil Vassar
  Livin' In A Perfect Day I Maggie Hicks Perfect Day / Lady Antebellum
Livin'Life Lovin' You Contra Chandonnet & Archambault Livin'Life Lovin' You / Hal Ketchum
Livin' Life Loving You D Linda Sansoucy Livin’ Life Loving You /  Patrick Feeney
  Living In The Big Time D Robbie  Halvorson Big Time / Big & Rich
  Living The Dream D Laurent Chalon Living The Dream / James Barker Band
  LLH Shuffle D Roger Ingmire The Rock / Ms. Jody ( version écourtée )
  Load It Up D Amanda Andrews  Back That Thing Up / Justin Moore
  Lock All The Doors D / I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Close Up The Honky Tonks / Amber Digby
  Locklin's Bar D / I Maggie Gallagher Locklin's Bar / Michael English
Loco I Guy Dubé & Stéphane Cormier Loco / Enrique Iglesias &.Romeo Santos
  Loco Amor D / I Kate Sala Loco Enamorado / Abraham Mateo
Lodi D / I  Diane Goyette Lodi / CCR
  Lonely Cha D Amanda Andrews She Won't Be Lonely Long / Clay Walker
Lonely Drum D / I Stéphane Cormier et Clément Brière Lonely Drum / Aaron Godvin
  Lonely Drum D Brandi Hugues  Lonely Drum / Aaron Goodvin
  Lonely Drum AB D Ansa Bingham Lonely Drum / Aaron Goodwin    
  Lonely Drum D / I Darren Mitchell    Lonely Drum / Aaron Goodvin
  Lonely Drum EZ D Lindy Bowers Lonely Drum / Aaron Goodvin
  Lonely For You Only D / I Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Lonely For You Only / Midland 
  Lonely Heart D / I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Tip Of My Fingers /  Anita Perras
  Lonely Hearts I Peter & Alison  TheDanceFactory Lonely Hearts / Raul Malo
Lonely Lady D / I Marcel Dion Lonely Lady / Bouke
  Lonely Lady D / I Marie Sørensen Lonely Lady / Bouke
  Lonely Lady I Shirley Blankenship & K. Sholes Lonely Lady / Bouke
  Lonely Nights D Lorna Mursell In The Still Of The Night / Jack Jersey
  Lonely Planet D Marie Sørensen Lonely Planet / The Bellamy Brothers
  Lonely Roads D / I Francien Sittrop  Lonely / Craig Moritz
  Lonely This Weekend D / I April Coady, Suzi Beau & Wil Bos Lonely Weekend / Bo Walton 
  Lonely Too Long I Johnny Two-Step Don't Leave Her Lonely Too Long / Gary Allan
Lonesome D Guylaine Bourdages Lonesome / Doug Adkins
  Lonesome Cha D / I Dan Albro I Just Get Lonely / Ronnie Dunn 
  Long Black Train D Tina Argyle Long Black Train / Josh Turner
  Long Gone ! D / I Collectif Américain My Baby No Esta Aqui / Garth Brooks 
  Long Hot Summer D / I Magali Chabret Long Hot Summer / Keith Urban
  Long Live Rock n' Roll I Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse Long Live Rock n' Roll / Daughtry
  Long Long Way For You D / I Anna Picerno Long Long Way / Alan Jackson
  Long Neck Bottle I Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ Long Neck Bottle / Garth Brooks
  Long Tall Sally D / I Sebastien Bonnier  Long Tall Sally / Cagey Strings
Long Tall Texan D / I Pamela Therien Long Tall Texan / Beach Boys & D. Supernaw
  Long Time Gone D / I Pat Stott Long Time Gone / Nathan Carter
  Long Way To Go D Karen Zima Long Way To Go / Alan Jackson
Long Way To Love You D / I Johanne Lessard  Long Way To Love You / Hunter Brothers
Look At... I Danny Leclerc What's Cha Gonna Do? / Peter Myles
  Look For A Star D Kathy Hunyadi Look For A Star / Gary S. Paxton
  Look No More D / I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller You're Looking At The Man / The Derailers
  Lookabell D / I Niels Poulsen Reet Petite / The Overtones
  Lookin' @ You D Stephen Rutter Lookin’ At You / Jason Michael Carroll 
  Looking Back To See D / I Norman Gifford Looking Back To See / Justin Tubbs
  Lookin' For Love I Terry Dunbar Lookin' For Love / Johnny Lee
  Looking For Love D Marie Sørensen Looking For Love / Junior Brown
  Looking For Trouble I / A Jordan Martin Texas Hotel / Kris Tyler
  Loosen Up Those Chains I Heather Barton Some Days You Gotta Dance / The Dixie Chicks
  Looser Still D R. Lindsay & Patricia E. & Lizzie Stott Turn Me Loose / The Young Divas
Look What God Gave Her D / I Véronique Gauvin & Camille Pelletier Look What God Gave Her / Thomas Rhett
  Lord Help Me D / I Marie Sørensen Lord Help Me Be The Kind Of Person / The Bellamy Brothers
  Lose Control I Karl Cregeen Let Me Love You / Tim McGraw
Losing Side D Christianne & Richard Maisonneuve The Losing Side Of Me / The Mavericks
Lose It D / I Josée Martel Lose It / Kane Brown
  Loslappie I Vera Kuiper Loslappie / Kurt Darren
  Loslappie Mini D Marianne Valentin Loslappie / Kurt Darren
Lost & Found I Linda Sansoucy Born To Love You / Lanco
Lost In The Middle Of Nowhere I Guy Dubé Lost In The Middle Of Nowhere / Kane Brown & Becky G
  Lost In The Shuffle D Gaëtan Favreau Lost In The Shuffle / Michael Peterson
  Lost In You D Debbie Thompson My Heart Is Lost.../ Brooks & Dunn
  Lost My Heart I / A Liz Clarke Lost My Heart In Oklahoma / Kevin Fowler
  Lot Of Leaving Left To Do I Yvonne van Baalen Lot Of Leavin' Left To Do / Dierks Bentley
Lots Of Leaving Left I Denis Henley & Guy Dubé Lots Of Leaving Left To.. / Dierks Bentley
Loud I Guy Dubé  Loud / Big & Rich
Loud I Guylaine Fontaine Loud / Big & Rich
Louisiana D Michelle Chandonnet Louisiana / The Woolpackers 
  Louisiana Rendezvous D Marie Sørensen Louisiana Rendezvous / Adam Harvey
  Louisiana Swing I Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie Home To Louisiana / Ann Tayler
  Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man D / I Séverine Fillion Louisiana Woman, Miss .../ A.Jackson & M. McBride
Lou's Dance I

Michelle Chandonnet

Lou’s Got The Flu / Roger Miller
  Love 2 Cha Cha I David  Sinfield I Keep Forgetting / Lee Ann Womack
  Love 2 Dance D / I Simon Ward &  Niels Poulsen Rain Over Me / Pitbull & Marc Anthony
Love D / I CarolAnn Vézina What Did Love... / Hank Williams III
  Love Again & Again D / I Double Trouble Love Sweet Love / Johnny Reid
  Love Again, Young Again D Audrey Brown I Wanna Love Again / Dwight Yoakam
  Lovebug I Lara Minatta Lovebug / George Strait
  Love Bug D Triple xXx Love Bug / Rick Guard
  Love Comes Around D Britta Lyngsø Jensen When Love Comes Around / Alan Lackson
Love Distance D / I Sébastien Émond Long Distance / Melanie Amaro
Love Done Gone D / I S. Cormier & N. Lachance Love Done Gone / Billy Currington
Love Done Gone D / I Suzie Hébert Love Done Gone / Billy Currington
Love Drunk D Chantal Labelle Love Drunk / Steve Moakler
  Love Flow D Niels Poulsen Let Your Love Flow / The Bellamy Brothers
  Love Gun D / I Rep Ghazali-Meaney Boys Will Be Boys / Paulina Rubio
  Love In One Shot D / I Vivienne Scott & Fred Buckley Love In One Shot / The Higgins
  Love Is A Miracle D / I Michelle Risley Your Love Is A Miracle / Mark Chesnutt 
  Love Is Better D / I Dan Albro Better Than That / Scott McCreery 
  Love's Gonna Win I Vivienne Scott Love's Gonna Always Win / Paulina Jayne
Love Is Love Is Love D / I Stéphane Cormier Love Is Love Is love Is / Anthony Smith
  Love Is A Drug I Alan G Birchall & Alison Johnstone  Love Is The Drug / Roxy Music
  Love Is Standing Right In Front Of You I Peter Davenport Standing Right In Front Of You / Keith Urban
  Love JoAn D Marie Sørensen Love Done Gone / Billy Currington
  Love Junk I Simon Ward & Chris Watson Love Drunk / Steve Moakler
  Love Junkie I Matt Thomson Beautiful Drug / Zac Brown Band
  Love Like Before D / I Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Love's Gonna Live Here / Derek Ryan
  Love Like That D Marie Sørensen & Jette Arvidsen A Love Like That / Alan Jackson
Love Make Me Do It I Pierre Mercier Love Make Me Do It / J. M. Montgomery
Love Me D Gilles Labrecque Love Me  / The Dean Brothers
  Love Me A Little Bit Longer D Marie Sørensen Love Me A Little Bit Longer / Heather Myles
  Love Me In A Field D / I Stéphane Dubé Love Me In A Field / Luke Bryan
  Love Me Like You Do I Ria Vos Love Me Like You Do / Ellie Goulding
  Love Me Love Me D Audrey Watson  Amame / Belle Perez
  Love Me Tomorrow I Peter & Alison  Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow / Bjorn Again
  Love Me Some You I Julie Lépine  Love Me Some You / Matt Lang
  Love Me Some You D / I Agnès Gauthier Love Me Some You / Matt Lang
  Love Of A Father D / I Katrin Gäbler  I Loved Her First / Heartland
  Love Runs Out I Betty Moses Love Runs Out / Onerepublic
  Love Shine On Me D / I Bastiaan van Leeuwen L-O-V-E / Rick Tippe
  Love Slippin Away D Doris O'Bryant Wilkie    Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin Away / Vince Gill
  Love Song I Gudrun Schneider  I Could Use A Love Song / Maren Morris
Love Starts Talkin' I / A Michelle Chandonnet When Love Starts Talkin' / Wynonna
  Love Story D / I Phyllis Manier Love Story / Taylor Swift
  Love Struck I Francien Sittrop Love Struck / V Factory
  Love Takes Time I Séverine Fillion Love Takes Time / Gord Bamford
  Love To Change Your Name D Marie Sørensen I`d Love To Change Your Name / Kenny Chesney
  Love To See You Tonight D / I Rene and Reg Mileham I’d Really Love to See you Tonight (Up Tempo Mix) / Barry Manilow
Love Today I Denis Henley Love Today / Mika 
  Love Train I Gerald Biggs Love Train / Big & Rich 
  Love Trick D Rachael McEnanery  What's Not To Love / Trick Pony 
  Love Trip D / I Marie Sørensen Love Trip / Kris Berry
Love Will I Denis Henley & Séverine Fillion Love Will / Trace Adkins
  Love Will Get Us There I Ross Brown Anywhere / Sara Evans
  Love Will Never Die D / I Heather Barton  & Rep Ghazali-Meaney I'm In Love With You / Ty Herndon
  Love Will Win D / I Vivienne Scott Love's Gonna Always Win / Paulina Jayne
  Love Ya I K Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie Love Me / Justin Bieber
Love You 2 Much I Guylaine Gagné Love You Too Much / Brady Seals
  Love You A Million Times D / I Rep Ghazali-Meaney You’re My First Love / Eden
  Love You Anyway I Rachael McEnaney Love You Anyway / Boyzone
  Love You Forever D / I Rob Fowler & Rachael McEnaney & Jo Thompson Szymanski I’m Gonna Love You Forever / Scooter Lee
  Love You Honey I Ozgur "Oscar" & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ Stuck On You / Elvis Presley
  Loved Too Much D / I Kim Ray Loved Too Much / Ty Herndon
  Love's A Game I Ira Weisburd Love Is A Losing Game / Marion Drexler
  Love's Gonna Live Here Again D / I Yvonne Anderson Love's Gonna Live Here Again / Daryle Singletary
  Love's Gonna Make It D Dan Albro Love's Gonna Make It Alright / George Strait 
  Love's Highway I Robbie McGowan Hickie Don’t Really Matter / Roy Torres
  Love's Whisper D / I Robert Lindsay Tell Me / Brushwood
  Lover Lover D / I Nicky Jackson Lover, Lover / Jarrod Neimann
  Lover Lover I Gail Smith  Lover, Lover / Jerrod Niemann 
  Lover's Hideaway I Alison Biggs The River / Keith Urban
Lovin'All Night I Mario Champagne Lovin'All Night / Rodney Crowell
Lovin' On You D / I Marc-André Beaudoin Lovin’ On You / Luke Combs
  Lovin' The Bottle D / I Liz Clarke Lovin' The Bottle / Heather Myles
  Loving Tonight D / I  ( C ) Dan Albro As Long As There's Loving Tonight / The Mavericks
  Loving You Cha I Rafel Corbi Today I Started Loving You Again / Buddy Jewell & Miranda Lambert
  Lovin' You Is Fun D / I Daniel Trepat & José miguel Belloque Vane Lovin’ You Is Fun / Easton Corbin
  Loving You In Mexico D / I Wil Bos Loving You In Mexico / Roy Torres
  Low Down Dirty Boogie D / I Jennifer Pasley-Smith Dirty Boogie / The Brian Setzer Orchestra
  Low Key D Maggie Gallagher Laid Back & Low Key / Alan Jackson
  Low Key D / I Francien Sittrop Low Key / Kevin Moon
  Lucky Boy's Dream I Maddison Glover Somebody's Everything / Emilio
Lucky Guys D / I Guy Dubé & Marc Davidson Everytime I Roll The.. / Delbert McClinton
  Lucky Today D Charles Alexander  I Feel Lucky / Mary Chapin Carpenter
  Lucky Tonight D Diana Dawson I Feel Lucky / Mary Chapin Carpenter 
  Lusty Lady D Inconnu It Only Hurts When I Cry / Dwight Yoakam
Lyin' To My Heart D / I Michelle Chandonnet Lyin' To My Heart / Jenai 
  Lying In Mary's Arms D Linda Pink Arms Of Mary / Keith Urban


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