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  I Ain't Fallin' For That D / I Diana Dawson I Ain’t Fallin’ For That / Sammy Kershaw
  I Ain't Misbehavin' D / I Stephanie Chong Misbehavin' / Pentatonix
  I Ain't Your Mama I John Huffman I Ain’t Your Mama / Maggie Rose
  I Am Good At It D / I Wil Bos Somethin’ I’m Good At / Brett Eldredge
I Believe In You D / I Guylaine Bourdages  I Believe In You / Ward Thomas
  I Be U Be I Gudrun Schneider I Be U Be / High Valley
  I Came To Love You I Gary O'Reilly & Dee Musk I Came To Love You / Alexander Rybak
  I Can Do This All Day I Rob Holley  All Day / Locash
  I Can Dream I Mal Jones I Can Dream / Alan Gregory
I Can't Help My Heart I Bobby Houle Can't Help My Heart / Will Chase & Laura Benanti
  I Can See The Waterfall D Marie Sørensen Indo Dreams / Danny Everett
I Can Tell By The Way I / A Huguette Duguay I Can Tell By The... / Adam Harvey
  I Can't See Texas From Here D Marie Sørensen I Can`t See Texas From Here / George Strait
I Catch You D / I Linda LeBel Oh If I Catch You / Pitbull et Michel Telo
  I Close My Eyes D Hazel Pace Ich Mach Meine Augen Zu ( I Close My Eyes )  / C. Norman & N. de Angelo
  I Could Be Persuaded D Rene and Reg Mileham I Could Be Persuaded / Bellamy Brothers & Cliff Richard 
I Could Fly I Michaël Lacasse  I Could Fly / Keith Urban
I Couldn't Leave I Claude Lefebvre  I Couldn’t Leave You If I Tried / Rodney Crowell
I'd Be Rich D / I Bobby Houle Rich / Maren Morris
  I Don't Care I Lisa Spangles I Don't Care / The Mavericks
  I Don't Care D / I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller I Don't Care  / B. Cryner & D. Yoakam
I Don't Want To D / I Denis Henley I Don't Want To / Ashley Monroe & R. Dunn
  I Drove All Night D / I Johnny Rauzi I Drove All Night / Céline Dion
I Do Too I Guy Dubé I Do Too / The Reklaws
I Fall To Pieces D / I D. Girard & J. Godin I Fall To Pieces / Montana Rose
  I Feel Bad D Micaela Svensson I Feel Bad / Dean Miller
I Feel In The Water D / I Jimmy Deblois I Feel In The Water / John Anderson
I Feel It Coming D / I Manon Shank I Feel It Coming / Weeknd & Daft Punk
  I Feel Like Screaming I Rep Ghazali  I Feel Like Screaming / Infernal
  I Found A Girl D / I Clara Carducci-Jost & J.P. Jost What's A Guy Gotta Do / Joe Nichols
  I Go Crazy D Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Crazy From The Heart / The Bellamy Brothers
  I Got Faith I Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris  Faith / Stevie Wonder & Ariana Grande
  I Got My Baby D / I David Grant I Got My Baby / Faith Hill
I Got You I Stéphane Cormier I Got You / Thomson Square
I Got This D Denis Henley I Got This / Jerrod Niemann
  I Got This Too I Kate Sala I Got This / Jerrod Niemann
I Gotta Feelin' D / I Pierre Mercier I Gotta Feeling / The Black Eyed Peas
  I Gotta Feeling I Niels Poulsen I Gotta Feeling / The Black Eyed Peas
I Gotta Have It D / I Manon Lévesque & Daniel Lepage I Gotta Have It / Jace Everett
  I Hate Stripes I Lynn Luccisano Stripes / Brandy Clark
  I Hate This Part D / I J. Watt & G. Richard  I Hate This Part / Pussycat Dolls
  I Have A Dream D / I Malou Bugarin  I Have A Dream / Claude Blouin
  I Hear The Music I Wrangler (Rozanne) Wild  Flashdance...What A Feeling / Irene Cara
   I Hope It's Me D / I Magali Chabret I Hope It's Me / Brett Kissel
I Just Call D / I Guylaine Bourdages I Just Called To Say I Love You / Jason Allen
  I Just Can't Get Enough D / I Lorna Mursell I Just Can't Get Enough / The Saturdays
I Just Want To Dance With You D Diane et Clide Normandin I Just Want To Dance With You / George Strait
I Knew The Bride D / I Red Léonard I Knew The Bride / Dean Bros
I Know My History I S. Tanguay & N. Caron I Know My History / Johnny Van Zant
I Leave This House I Mario Champagne

When I Leave This... / Gregory & Cirrus

I Like How It Feels D / I Guy Dubé & Richard Boutet  I Like How It Feels / E. Iglesias, Pitbull, The WAV.s
  I Lived It D / I Paula Frohn I Lived It / Blake Shelton
  I Love It I Ria Vos I Don’t Like It, I Love It / Flo Rida, Robin Thicke & Verdine White
  I Like It, I Love It D Inconnu  I Like It, I Love It  / Tim McGraw
  I Love This Bar D / I Bossaller & McCracken I Love This Bar / Toby Keith
I Love This Life D / I Clément Brière I Love This Life / Locash
I Love This Town I Jason Weightman I Love This Town / Bon Jovi
  I Love You D / I Bernard Williams I Love You / Martina McBride
  I Love You Because D / I Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos I Love You Because / Ann Tayler
I Luv Ya D Marc Archambault I Luv Ya  / Billy Ray Cyrus
  I Miss Me More D / I Ed Evangelista Miss Me More / Kelsea Ballerini
  I Miss You D / I Bastiaan van Leeuwen Miss You / Enrique Iglesias
  I Must Be Dreaming I Vikki Morris Don't Wake Me Up / Bo Walton
  I Need A Man D June Shuman I Need A Man / Cotton Eye Jane
I Need More Of You D Guy Dubé  I Need More Of You ( Remix ) / Bellamy Brothers
  I Need You (Honest I Do) D / I  John Warnars  I Need You / Ray Dylan
  I Never Work On A Sunday I / A Gordon Elliott I Never Work On A Sunday / Keith Urban
  I Only See You D Lucinda Dixon  I Only See You / Marie Haselmore
  I Play Chicken With The Train


Amato,  Mundy,  Royston I Play Chicken With The.../ Cowboy Troy
  I Play Chicken With The Train I Amato,  Mundy,  Royston I Play Chicken With The.../ Cowboy Troy
  I Run To You I Rachael McEnaney I Run To You / Lady Antebellum
  I Said I Love You D Kyoung in Choi I Said I Love You / Raul Malo
  I Said I Loved You (But I Lied) D Joke Mozes & John Warnars I Said I Loved You (But I Lied) / Dustin Sonnier
  I Saw Linda Yesterday D / I Derek Robinson I Saw Linda Yesterday / Black Jack
  I Scream ! I Scott Blevins Cuz I Can / Pink
  I Shall Return I Noel Bradey  I Shall Return / Billy Currington
  I Swear D / I Dan Albro I Swear / Dan Albro & Sons
I Walk The Line I Sylvie Roy I Walk The Line / Johnny Cash
  I Walk The Line D / I Ree Patterson I Walk The Line Revisited / Rodney Crowell & Johnny Cash
I Wanna Be D Gilles Labercque I Wanna Be Married / Melinda Schneider
I Wanna Die D / I Jacques ( Sam ) Plourde  I Wanna Die / Miranda Lambert
  I Wanna Love Again D / I DJ Dan & Wynette Miller I Wanna Love Again / Dwight Yoakam
I Want A Man D / I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault I Want A Man / The Lace
  I Want Crazy A Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax    I Want Crazy / Hunter Hayes
  I Want It All I Rob McKean I Wanna Do It All / Terri Clark
  I Want, Never Gets ! D Ross Brown Want It That Way / Hot Banditoz
  I Was Jacked I Dan Albro & Addison Albro I Was Jack (& You Were Diane) / Jake Owen
  I Will Be Yours D / I D.J. Dan I Will Be Yours / The Mavericks
  I Will Survive D Inconnu I Will Survive / Gloria Gaynor
  I Wish I Diane Dawson Don’t You Wish It Was... /  John Fogerty 
  I Won't Back Down D / I Rachael McEnaney-White I Won't Back Down / Tom Petty
  I Won't Let Go I Simon Ward I Won’t Let You Go / James Morrison
I Wonder I Guylaine Fontaine I Wonder / Bobby Bazini
  I Won't Give Up D / I Francien Sittrop I Won’t Give Up / Jason Mraz
Ice I C. Coulombe & C. Morin Send Me On My Way / Rusted Root
  If I Back It Up Now ( Whatcha Gonna Do) D Ira Weisburd, & Raymond Sarlemijn If I Back It Up / Nellie Tiger Travis
  If I Could D / I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller If I Could / Sunny Sweeney
  If I Could D / I Rob Fowler If I Could / Sunny Sweeney
  If I Knew Then D / I Tom Glover If I Knew Then / Lady Antebellum
  If I Should Lose You I Marja Urgert & Tjwan Oei  If I Should Lose You / James Intveld
If I Was A Woman I Raymond Sanschagrin If I Was A Woman / Trace Adkins & Blake Shelton
  If I Wus U D Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris     Me Too / Meghan Trainor
  If It Gets Me I Greywolf & Wiya Wambli Same Old Side Road / Keith Whitley
If It Will, It Will D / I Guy Dubé If It Will, It Will / Hank Williams Jr
  If That's What You Want I Linda Pink If That’s What You Want / Steve Holy
If the Beat's Alright D / I Fernando Tremblay If the Beat's Alright / Tim Hick
  If The Boot Fits D Katie Fanelli If The Boot Fits / Granger Smith
If The Boot Fits I Caroline Fortier  If The Boot Fits / Granger Smith
If The South Woulda Won I / A Guylaine Bourdages If The South Woulda.../ Hank William Jr.
If This Ain't Love D Gilles Cyr If This Ain't L... / Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  If Tomorrow Never Comes I Michael Vera-Lobos If Tomorrow Never C... / Ronan Keating
If We Ever Meet Again I / A Nicolas Lachance If We Ever Meet Again / Timbaland
  If Ya' Lucky I Kath Dickens Tonight's The Night / John Barrowman
  If You Ever I Joey Warren & Heidi Oswald  Mercy / Brett Young
  If You Love Me D / I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Give My Heart A Rest / Rodney Crowell 
  If You Love Me, Let Me Know D Jaszmine Tan   If You Love Me, Let me Know / Olivia Newton-John
If You Love To Honky Tonk   D / I Pierre Provencher If You Love To... / Dallas Country Line
  If You Only Knew D / I Daisy Simons    If You Only Knew / The Mavericks
  If You Want A Mother D Marie Sørensen If You Want A Mother / Gretchen Wilson
  If You Want Me D / I Diane Dawson If You Want Me / Billie Jo Spears
  If You Were I Rebecca Armstrong If You Were My Girl / Emerson Drive
If You Were Mine I Lucy Siro  If You Were My Girl / Emerson Drive
  In Your Backyard D Thomas Haynes  Your Backyard / Burton Cummings
IKO IKO I / A Linda Sansoucy IKO IKO / Captain Jack
  I'll Be Gone D / I Anna Picerno  I'll Be Gone / Dwight Yoakam
  I'll Be Ready D Lyn Abbott When Love Comes Around / A. Jackson
  I'll Find You And You Find Me I Séverine Fillion Let’s Pretend we Never Met / Joey & Rory
  I'll Go Back To Her D Denise Smith I’ll Go Back To Her / Dwight Yoakam
  I'll Take You Back I Jos Slijpen I’ll Take You Back / Brad Paisley
  I'll Take You Back D / I Marie Sørensen I`ll Take You Back /  Brad Paisley
  I'm A Northern Girl D / I Séverine Fillion Northern Girl / Terri Clark
  I'm A Tornado I Lesley Clark Tornado / Little Big Town
  I'm Alive D / I Simon Tustin I'm Alive / Céline Dion
  I'm Coming Home D / I John Warnars I'm Coming Home / The Hayley Oliver Band 
  I'm Coming Home D / I Miguel Belloque Vane & Sebastiaan Holtland I`m Comin` Home / Albert Lee & Hogan`s Heroes
  I'm Dreamin' D / I Jan Wyllie   I Must Be Dreamin' / Billy Yates
I'm From The Country D / I Daniel Sabourin I’m From The Country / Tracy Byrd
  I'm Gonna I Lana Harvey Wilson I'm Gonna knock On.. / Curtis Grambo
I'm Good D Denis Henley I’m Good / Bucky Covington
  I'm In The Water D / I Francien Sittrop Water / Sushy
  I'm Movin' On I Andrew Palmer & Sheila Palmer  I’m Movin’ On / Terri Clark & Dean Brody
  I'm No Good I Rachael McEnaney  I'm No Good / Laura Bell Bundy
  I'm Not Afraid D Audrey Watson A Cowboy And A Dancer / Tracy Byrd
  I'm On A Roll I Rob Holley On A Roll / Sugarland
  I'm One Of Those D Daniel Trepat & José miguel Belloque Vane One Of Those / Canaan Smith
  I'm Ready I Ivonne Verhagen I'm Ready To Go / Ricky Skaggs
  I'm So Obsessed I Shelly Zimmerman  Obsessed / Dan + Shay
  I'm Sowin' Love D / I Ike & Virginia Po Sowin' Love / Paul Overstreet
  I'm Thinking Country D / I Marianne Langagne I’m Thinking Country / Frankie Ballard
  I'm Twisted D / I Dan Albro Twisted / Colt Ford & Tim McGraw
  I'm With You D / I Esmeralda v.d. Pol When I'm With You / Mo Pitney
  I'm Your Radio D / I Lynn Gannon I’m Your Radio / Jeff Griffith
  Imagine I Bryan McWherter Just My Imagination / Pattrow & Babyface
Imagine D / I Guylaine Bourdages & Guillaume Richard  Imagine / John Lennon
  Imelda's Man I Kim Ray Big Bad Hansome Man / Imelda May
  Imelda's Way D / I Adrian Churm Inside Out ( Remix )  / Imelda May
  Impossible I Kate sala Impossible / Daniel Merriweather
  In A Heartbeat I Kevin & Maria Smith  In A Heartbeat / Rodney Atkins 
  In A Hicktown D / I Harlan Curtis Hicktown /  Jason Aldean 
  In A Little Spanish Town D / I Karen Tripp In A Little Spanish Town / The Blue Diamonds
In A Love Song D D. Girard & J. Godin Heard It In A Love Song / Mark Chesnutt
  In Another Life I Malene Jakobsen The One That Got Away / Katy Perry
  In Beautiful Dreams D Barbara Hile In Dreams / Roy Orbison
  In Comes The Night D Linda Sansoucy In Comes The Night / Bobby Wills
In Love D / I Serge Légaré & France Bastien Better Off In Love / George Canyon
In Love With You I Bobby Houle I Hope You Want To.../ Mavericks
  In Love With You D / I Graham Mitchell Still In Love With You / Travis Tritt
  In Mexico ! Robbie McGowan Hickie Down In Mexico / Jerrod Niemann
In My Dreams D / I Line Lacroix In My Dreams / The Mavericks
  In My Heart I Maggie Gallagher Knee Deep in my Heart / Shane Filan
  In The Cheap Seats D / I Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Cheap Seats / Dallas Smith
In The Country I C. Lemay & Marie-Pier Hélie In The Country / Adam Gregory
In The Country I Daniel Lepage In The Country / Adam Gregory
  In The Fast Lane D / I Kathy Sharpe Get In Line / The Chammps
  In The Line Of Fire D Ozgur “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ,  & Steve & Denise Bisson, Settin’ The Woods On Fire / The Tractors
  In The Room D / I Lorna Mursell Every Time You Walk In The Room / Mike Denver
  In The Sticks I Paul J. Badrick  Fishin' In The Dark / Garth Brooks
  In Trouble D / I Micaela Svensson Erlandsson  Gone, Gone, Gone / Robert Mizzell
  Indian Lion D / I Dwight Meessen Never Give Up / Sia
Indian Outlaw I Marc Labrosse Indian Outlaw / Tim Mcgraw
  Indian Sound D Marcus Zeckert Indian Song / Two in One
  Indigo Shuffle D / I Peter Metelnick Hello Mr Heartache / Dixie Chicks
  Innocent I Julia Welzel  No Me Enseñaste / Thalia
  Innocent D / I Adrian Helliker Innocent / Bret Mullins
  Insecure I Séverine Fillion Insecure / Raelynn
  Inside Out D / I Kim Ray  On The Outside / Roch Voisine
  Inspiration D / I  Robbie McGowan Hickie Heaven In My Woman's Eyes / Tracy Byrd
  Instant Attraction D / I Alan Robinson I Feel A Heartache / Danni Leigh
Into The Night D / I Pierre Mercier Into The Night / Nickelback & Santana
  Into The Sunset D Marie Sørensen Ride On Into The Sunset / Barry Upton & Wild At Heart 
  Invitation Stroll D Diana Dawson Invitation To The Blues / Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell 
  Irish Spirit I Maggie Gallagher  Celtic Rock / David King
  Irish Stew D / I Lois Lightfoot Irish Stew / Sham Rock
  Is Baby's Radio On D / I Gytal Turn On The Radio / Reba McEntire
  Is It Friday Yet ? D / I Diana Dawson Is It Friday Yet / Gord Bamford
  Is That All You Got D / I Mal Jones Is That All You Got / Toby Keith
  Is This The End D / I dj Dan & Winnie Don't Say Goodbye, My Love / Danny Everett & Andres
Isabel & Jose I Linda Sansoucy Clear Isabel / Aaron Watson 
  Island Cha Cha D / I Vicki E. Rader Island by Eddy Raven
  Islands In The Stream I Paula Frohn-Butterly Islands In The.. / K. Rodgers & D. Parton
  Isle Of Paradise D / I Audrey Watson Isle of Paradise / Blue Lagoon
  Italiano I Rachael McEnaney-White, & Shane McKeever & Niels Poulsen   Mamma Mia (He's Italiano) / Elena & Glance
It Ain't My Fault I Marie Pascale Labrosse It Ain’t My Fault / Brothers Osborne
  It Ain't My Fault D Jenergy & Company  It Ain’t My Fault / Brothers Osborne
It's Ain't Easy D Bobby Houle The Ballad Of John And Yoko / The Beatles
  It Couldn't Have Been Better D / I Peter Thijssen  It Couldn't Have Been Any.. / Johnny Duncan 
It Happens D / I Bobby Houle It Happens / Sugarland
  It Hurts D / I Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu  It Hurts / Lena Philipsson
  It Just Takes Time D / I Diana Dawson It Just Takes Time / Twin Falls Duo
  It Takes All Kinds D Rob Fowler It Takes All Kinds / George Strait
  It's A Beautiful Day D Monika Mickein Beautiful Sunday / die Schneebrüder
  It's A Country Thang I Chris Seguin Ladies Love Country Boys  / Trace Adkins
  It's A Crazy Old World D / I DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Crazy Old World / Bellamy Brothers
It's A Heartache D Richard Poirier It's A Heartache / Trick Pony
It's A Little Too Late D Guy Dubé It’s A Little To Late / Mark Chesnutt
  It's A Little Too Late D / I Bob Francis It's A Little Too Late / Derek Ryan
It’s A Love Thing D / I Serge Légaré It’s A Love Thing / Keith Urban
  It's All Good D / I Roz Chaplin It's All Good / Joe Nichols
  It's Alright D Setsuko & Kanato Motoki It’s Alright / Trisha Yearwood  
  It's Alright To Be A Red Neck A Norman Dery It's Alright To Be A Redneck / Alan Jackson 
  It's America I Gaye Teather  It's America / Rodney Atkins
  It's Country & Rap D Gemma Pamias No Trash In My Trailer / Colt Ford
  It's Easy D Geoff Langford You Lied To Me / Tracy Byrd 
  It's Friday Night !!! D / I John Warnars It’s Friday Night / Tim Culpepper
  It's Goin' Round Round I Joey Warren Right Round / Flo-Rida
  It's Good To Be Us I Collectif américain It's Good To Be Us / Bucky Covington
  It's Gotta Be You I Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris It's Gotta Be You / Isaiah
  It's Hard To Be A Hippie D / I Diana Dawson Hard To Be A Hippie / Billy Currington & Willie Nelson
  It's High Time D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell High Time / Kacey Musgraves
  It's Makebelieve D / I Robert Lindsay I Thought Forever Was A Long..../ Danni Leigh
It's Not Ok I / A S. Cormier & N. Lachance It’s Not Ok / Zac Brown Band
  It's Take Two D Caz Mawby It Takes Two / Rod Stewart & Tina Turner
  It's Time To Dance D Irene Tang From Time To Time / Rascal Flatts
  It's Up To You D / I Kim Ray It's Up To You / Barbra Streisand
  It's Working D / I Dan Morrison It's Working / James Barker Band
  It's Your World D Mae Neihouse It's Your World Now / The Eagles
I've Been Better D / I Bobby Houle I've Been Better / Brad Paisley
  I've Got Mexico D Roger Neff He's Got You, I've Got Mexico / Jorge Moreno


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