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  D.H.S.S. D Gaye Teather If I Was Jesus / Toby Keith
  D.L.C. D Cathy Falconer Domestic, Light & Cold / Dierks Bentley
  D.M.S. Drink Myself Single I Vikki Morris Drink Myself Single / Sunny Sweeney
  Da Doo Run Run I Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos Da Doo Run Run / Shaun Cassidy
Daddy Cool D Sylvie & Stéphane Daddy Cool / Boney  M.
  Daddy Don't Rock & Roll EZ D K. Sholes Your Moma Don't Dance / Loggins & Messina
  Daddy's Honky Tonk D Marie Sørensen This Ain`t Your Daddy`s Honky Tonk /  Jannet Bodewes
  Daddy's Radio D Marie Sørensen Daddy`s Radio / Billy Yates
Daddy'$ Money D Stéfan-Ozz Daddy's Money / Ricochet
  Daisy D Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner Daisy / Johnny Reid
Dale Morena I Mathieu Gagné Dale Morena / Jay Santos
  Dame Mas I E. Drinkall,  S.Bonnier, G. Richard,  B. Zerah Mas / Kamaleon
Damn D Stéphane Cormier Damn / Brett Kissel & Dave Mustaine
  Damn !!!! D / I Rob Fowler Damn / Brett Kissel & Dave Mustaine
Damn Drunk I Serge Légaré Damn Drunk / Ronnie Dunn & Kix Brooks
Dance D / I Guylaine Bourdages Dance / The Lovelocks
  Dance Again I Bruno Morel Sea Of Cowboy Hats / Rodéo Blues 
  Dance Again I Rio Vas  Dance Again / Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull
  Dance Anywhere, Anyway D / I Karine Mouraze We Danced Anyway  / Deana Carter-Cuban
  Dance Contigo D Elsa Campbell Bailando / Enrique Iglesias
  Dance Her Home I Rob Fowler Dance Her Home / Cody Johnson
  Dance Her Home D Shirley Blankenship Dance Her Home / Cody Johnson
  Dance In The Moonlight I Yvonne Anderson  & Gaye Teather Dance In The Moonlight / The Mavericks
  Dance Like You're The Only One D / I Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher Sun Goes Down / David Jordan
  Dance Moves D Sue Hutchison Moves / Olly Murs & Snoop Dog
  Dance Off The Earth D / I Lars Kuif Gang Of Rhythm / Walk Off The Earth
  Dance On D / I Max Perry Dance On / Rick Tippe
  Dance On My Island D / I Gary O'Reilly & Shane McKeever Island / Fuse ODG
  Dance On Sunday I Ole Jacobson & Nina K I Never Work On A Sunday / Keith Urban
  Dance Ranch Romp I Jo Thompson If Wishe Were Horses / Kimber Clayton
  Dance Some More D Judy Rodgers Cheek To Cheek / Dr Victor & The Rasta Rebels
  Dance To My 10 Guitars D / I Mary Frances Chua Ten Guitars / Dave Sheriff
  Dance With Me Baby D Kirsthen Hansen Dance With Me Tonight / Olly Murs
  Dance With Me Tonight I Peter & Alison Dance With Me Tonight / Olly Murs
  Dance With Us Tonight D / I S. Kristensen & Birgit K. Jensen Dance With Me Tonight / Olly Murs
  Dance With Wolves D / I Ira Weisburd Balla Coi Lupi / Dj Pedro
  Dance Y Dontcha D / I Gaye Teather Dance, Dance, Dance / Dave Sheriff
  Dance-Zone D Vivienne Scott Despre Tine / O-Zone
  Dancing Around It D / I Dan Albro Dancing Around It / Charles Kelley
  Dancin' Feet I / A Susan & Harry Brooks Bubba Shot The Jukebox / Mark Chesnutt
  Dancing Fool I / A Neil & Penny Smith Dancing Fool / Tony & Company 
  Dancing In The Dark D / I Jo Thompson Smoke Rings In The Dark / Gary Allan 
  Dancing In The Moonlight I Marie Sørensen Dancing In The Moonlight / John Derek Ryan
  Dancing Machine I Dan Morrison White Line Casanova / Brooks & Dunn
  Dancing Party Tonite D / I Linda Lee & Luvi Ong Dancing Party / Showaddywaddy
  Dancin' The Dust I Tina Argyle Dirt On My Boots / Jon Pardi
  Dancing Throught The Night D / I Sandy Kerrigan I Saw Her Standing There / Glee Cast
  Dancing Without Music I Robert Lindsay Dancing Without Music by Helena Paparizou
  Dangerous Man D / I Karine Mouraze  Dangerous Man / Trace Adkins
  Dan's County Line D Dan Albro Meant to Be /: Bebe Rexha &Florida Georgia Line
Danny Loves To Swing D / I Nathalie Pelletier Danny Loves To Swing / J.C. Harrisson
Danse à Délima D Ginette Grondin & Michel Bégin Times’s A Wastin’ / J. Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon
Danse à Fred D Michel Bégin Y Yo Sigo Aquí / Paulina Rubio
Danza Kuduro D Manon Lévesque Danza Kuduro / Don Omar
  Danza Loca D / I Wil Bos  & Hyunji Chung Danza Loca / Free Deejays
  Danza Loca AB U / D Adrian Helliker Danza Loca / Free Deejays
Dare You Do That Again I Marcel Massé Dare You Do That Again / Jason McCoy
Dark Water D / I Bobby Houle Dark Water / Daniel Cane
  Darlene D Inconnu Darlene / Graham Brown
Darlene D J.Laberge et Nathalie Normandin Darlene / T. Graham Brown
  Darlin' D / I Eddie McIntosh Darlin' / Frankie Miller
Darlin' D Richard Poirier Darlin’ / Johnny Reid  
  Darling Stand By Me D Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Stand By Me / Michael Bolton
  Darlin', Who's Darlin' D  Anna Korsgaard Who Did You Call Darlin’ / Heather Myles
  Day By Day D Karine Mouraze  Day By Day / Danni Leigh
  Day Dreamin' I Kareen Hunn Dreaming With My E... / Clay Walker
  Day Dreams I Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk Day Dreams / Raphael Saadiq
  Days Go By I John Crowler  Rowell Days Go By / Keith Urban
  Day Of The Dead I Dan Albro Day Of The Dead / Wade Bowen
  Days Of Thunder I Roz Chaplin & Colin B Smith Days of Thunder / Mark Wills
Daylight D / I Sylvie Roy Praying For Daylight / Rascal Flatts
  D-D Dancin' I Gaye Teather Dance Tonight / Paul Bailey
Dead Man's Hand I Johanne Nadeau & Claudie Nadeau Dead Man’s Hand / Moonshine Bandits
  Deal With It D / I Marie Sørensen Deal With It / Becca & Billy
  Dear Future Hubby D John Dembiec  Dear Future Husband / Meghan Trainor
Dear Me D / I Josée Martel Dear Me / Johnson Crook
  Dear Someone  I Vikki Morris Dear Someone / Kingston
Dearly Beloved I / A Michelle Chandonnet Dearly Beloved / Faith Hill
Debe Haber Algo D Diane Goyette Debe Haber Algo / Sparx
Debout Pour Danser ! D Sébastien Émond Debout Pour Danser / Collectif  Métissé
  Deck 51 I / A Malcom White & Ed Lawton Flowers On The Wall / Eric Heatherly 
  Deep In The Jungle D / I Vivienne Scott & Fred Buckley Deep In The Jungle / DJ Bobo
Deep South I Nicolas Lachance & Stéphane Cormier Deep South / Josh Turner
Definite Possibilities D / I Bobby Houle Definite Possibilities (Remix) / Jeff Carson 
Degrees D / I Micheline Tremblay 98.6 / Jill King
  Deliverance I Kate Sala. & Benny Ray Banjo / Rascal Flatts
  Deltoya Crazy Cowboy I Javier Rodriguez Gallego Deltoya / Fito Y Los Fitipaldi
  Dem Dey Go I / A Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto Dem Dey Go / Brymo
  Demons I Amy Glass Demons / Imagine Dragons
  Demon Kitty Rag D / I Linda Burgess Demon Kitty Rag / Katzenjammer
Denim D / I Pierre Mercier Denim On Denim / Tebey
Denise I Christianne & Richard Maisonneuve Denise / Bouke
  Departure D / I Jan Wyllie  Take Your Memory With You / Vince Gill
  Derailed I Peter Metelnick Then She Kissed Me / The Derailers
  Desirable D Chrystel Durand Everybody / Chris Janson
  Despacito ( De ) D Karin Müntener Despacito / Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yanki
Despacito Summer 17 I Stéphane Cormier Despacito / Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yanki
  Desperate U / D Wendie Smith & DeeDee Maynard  Desperate Man / Eric Church
  Desperate Man D / I Stephen Pistoia Desperate Man / Eric Church
Desperate Man I Auclair, Dubé,, Cormier & Henley Desperate Man / Eric Church
  Devil Calling I Kate Sala & Karl-Harry Winson & DAP Devil Callin' Me Back / Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
  Devil Devil I Dan Albro Devil, Devil / Eric Church
  Devil In Disguise I Patricia E. Stott & Alan G. Birchall Devil in Disguise / Trisha Yearwood
Devil In The Miror I Nicolas Lachance Devil In The Miror / Zucchero
  Devil On The Loose D / I Rob Fowler Devil's On The Loose / The Rednex
  Devil's Shadow D / I Kate Sala The Devil & Me / BR5-49 
  Devotion D / I Dawn Rathbun Spoken Like A Man / Blaine Larsen 
  Devotion A Maggie Gallagher Devotion / Sanna Nielsen
Diamond Ring D / I Richard Boutet Mockingbird / T. Keith & Kristal Keith
  Diamond Thang I Patsy LaFave  A Little Bit Of Life / Craig Morgan  
  Diamonds & Dust I Rob Fowler & Kate Sala Love Runs Out / One Republic
  Diamonds Make Babies D Alison & Peter Metelnick Diamonds Make Babies / Dierks Bentley
  Diana D / I Adrian Churm Diana / Dave Sheriff
  Diane D / I Séverine Fillion Diane / Cam
  Diane's Favorite Singer D / I Daisy Masminster Damn Drunk by Ronnie Dunn & Kix Brooks
  Did I Tell You D / I DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Did I Tell You by Texas Tornados
Diddley Dee I Mario Champagne Diddley Dee / Cartoons
  Diddy Dance I Willy Stomp Do Wah Diddy Diddy / DJ Otzi
  Diesel Café D / I DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Diesel Café / The Bellamy Brothers
Diesel Driving Daddy I Guy Dubé & Édith Bourgault Diesel Driving.. / A.Watson & D. Watson
Different Drum D / I

M. Archambault & M. Chandonnet

Different Drum / Cindy Church 
Different For Girls D / I Guy Dubé Different For Girls / Dierks Bentley
  Diggy Liggy Lo D Marie Sørensen Diggy Liggy Lo / John Permenter
  Dimelo I Chris Kumre I Need To Know / Mark Anthony 
  Dime Store Cowgirl D / I Gary O'Reilly Dime Store Cowgirl /  Kacey Musgraves
  Ding Dang D / I Marie Sørensen Ding Dang Darn It / Ken Domash
  Ding Dang Darn It I Rachael McEnaney Ding Dang Darn It / Ken Domash
  Ding Ding Dong D / I Zac Detweiller & Shauna Riley Singalongsong / Tim Tim
  Dirt On My Boots I Erin Welsh Dirt On My Boots / Jon Pardi
  Dirt Road I Lindy and Janis Dirt Road Dancing /  Matt Stillwell
  Dirt Road Dancing D / I Rob Fowler Dirt Road Dancing / Matt Stillwell
  Dirt Road Romance I Lynn Luccisano & John Huffman Dirt Road Romance / Outshyne
  Dirty Tricks I / A Dusty Boots Linedancers Think Like A Woman / Mark Chesnutt
  Disappearing Tail Lights D / I Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Disappearing Tail Lights / Gord Bamford
  Disco D Cindy Talbot You're My Number.../ S Club 7
  Dive Bar I Stéphane Cormier Dive Bar / Garth Brooks & Blake Shelton (Remix MP)
  Divisadero Cha D / I Michele Burton There's No Getting Over Me / Ronnie Milsap
  Dixie D / I Bruno Moggia About The South / Rodney Atkins
  Dixie Lullaby I Jo Thompson Dixie Lullaby / Clint Black & Bruce Hornsby
  Dixie Polka A Séverine Fillion Fat Bottom Girls / Hayseed Dixie
  Dixie Road D / I Materne Georgette Dixie Road / Nathan Carter
  Dixie Rose D / I Hot Pepper Dixie Rose Deluxe's.../ Trent Willmon
  Dixie Shuffle D / I Daniel Whittaker Dueling Banjos / Daily Planet
  Dizzy I Jo Thompson Dizzy / Scooter Lee
  Do Anything For Love D Sue Smyth Anything For Love / James House
  Do It In Dixie I Dan Albro That’s How They Do It In Dixie / Hank Williams Jr, Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson
  Do It Like A Texan I Marilee Derby Good Texan / Vaughn Brothers
Do It Like Bubba D / I Johanne Lessard & Pierre Mercier Do It Like Bubba / Dustin Travella
  Do Little Do D Rachael McEnaney White That's What I Like / Flo Rida & Fitz 
  Do The Dance D / I Lisa Capitanelli Wear My Ring Around... / Ricky Van Shelton
  Do What You Do I Rachael McEnaney White That's What I Like / Flo Rida & Fitz
  Do Wop Be Doo Doo D / I Gaye Teather Shang-A-Lang / Bay City
  Do You Remember D David Linger September / Earth Wind & Fire
Do You Wanna Boogie I / A Fernand Gauthier Do You Wanna Boogie / Herb Sharman
  Do Your Thing I Perry, Amato, Hunyadi Do Your Thing / Basement Jaxx
  Doctor, Doctor I Masters In Line Bad Case Of Loving You / Robert Palmer
  Doctor's Orders I Maggie Gallagher  Doctor’s Orders / Jane McDonald
  Does It Matter D / I Gaye Teather Matter Much To You / Raul Malo
  Does Your Mother Know I Yeoh Soo Choon Does Your Mother Know / ABBA
  Dog & Bone D / I Kate Sala How A Cowgirl Says Goodbye / T. Lawrence
  Dog Gone Blues I Szymanski, Burton & Barr  No More Doggin' / Colin James
  Dog River Blues D / I Marie Sørensen Dog River Blues / Alan Jackson
Doin' It Right I Michelle Chandonnet Doin' It Right / Jason McCoy 
  Doin' It Right D / I Rachael McEnaney Doin’ It Right / Rodney Atkins 
  Doing It To Country Songs I Michael Schmidt Doing It To Country Songs / Blake Shelton & The Oak Ridge Boys
  Doing It ( To Country Songs ) I Norman Gifford Doing It To Country Songs / Blake Shelton & The Oak Ridge Boys
  Doin' Me Wrong D Chrystel Durand Doin’ Me Wrong / Ray Scott
  Doing Our Thing D / I Sandi Larkins That Thing We Do / Blake Shelton
  Doing The Walk D / I  Grootel & Camps & Verdonk Walk Of Shame / Eight To The Bar
  Do It In Dixie I Dan Albro That’s How They Do It In Dixie / Hank Williams Jr, Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson
  Do It Like This U / D Jonno Liberman Do It Like This / Daphne Willis
  Dolly's Hits D Violet Ray Dolly Parton's Hits / Sherrick Brothers
  Domenica I Rep Ghazali Diamante / Zucherro & Randy Crawford
  Done, Gone, Dug It I / A Noel Bradey I Can Dig It / Trace Adkins
  Donegan's Reel I / A Maggie Gallagher The Battle Of New Orleans / Shamrock
Donkey D / I Solange Du Bois Donkey / Jerrod Niemann
Donkey Donk D / I Mario Champagne Honky Tonk Badonkadonk / Trace Adkins
Donnez-Moi Du Rhum D / I Manon Majeau Donnez-Moi Du Rhum / Phillippe Berghella
  Don't I Amy Glass Don’t / Ed Sheeran
Don't D / I Serge Légaré Don’t / Ed Sheeran
  Don't Ask D / I Gaye Teather Don't Ask Me About A Woman / Easton Corbin
  Don't Be A Drag I Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Born This Way / Lady Gaga
  Don't Be Sad D Annie Saerens Don’t Be Sad / Dwight Yoakam
  Don't Be So Shy I Esmeralda Van de Pol Don't Be So Shy / many ( Filatov & Karas Remix)
  Don't Be So Shy EZ D Suyin Degroot & Marylène Bocquet Don’t Be So Shy / Imany & Filatov & Karaz
  Don't Break This Heart D Lucia Desjardins Don't Break This Heart / Jack Jersey
  Don't Cha I Jeremy & Jodee Oldham Don't Cha / Pussycat Dolls
Don't Cha I Diane Brabant & Chantal Boisclair Don't Cha / The Pussicats Dolls
  Don't Come Cryin' D Kathryn Rowlands Don't Come Cryin' To Me / Vince Gill
Don't Come Crying To Me D Johanne Chiasson Don't Come Crying.. / V. Gill & Dawn Sears
Don't Come Easy D / I Michelle Chandonnet If It Don't Come Easy / Tanya Tucker
  Don't Count Me Out D / I Andrew Smedley  You Can’t Count Me Out Yet / Travis Tritt 
Don't Cross The River I Marc Labrosse Don't Cross The River / Garth Brooks
  Don't Disturb Me I Niels Poulsen Wake Me Up / Avicii
  Don't Do Me This Way D / I Marie Sørensen You Can`t Do Me this Way / Mark Chesnutt
  Don't Drink The Water I Peter & Alison Don’t Drink The Water / Brad Paisley & Blake Shelton
  Don't Drink The Water I Rachael McEnaney Don’t Drink The Water / Brad Paisley & Blake Shelton
  Don't Feel Like Dancing I Patricia E Stott I Don't Feel Like.. / The Scissor Sisters
  Don't Forget D / I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Don't Forget To Remember / Leland Martin 
  Don't Get Better Than That I Annemarie Dunn Dont Get Better Than That / LoCash 
  Don't Get Burned I Diana Dawson Burnin’ The Honky T..  / Alan Jackson
  Don't Gimme That I Mathias Pflug Don’t Gimme That / The BossHoss
  Don't Give A Blank D / I Peter & Alison Pound Sign / Kevin Fowler
Don't Give A Rip   D / I Michelle Chandonnet Don't Give A Rip / Bellamy Brothers 
Don't Hate Me I Denis Henley Don't Hate Me For Lovin' You / Jeff Bates
  Don't Hold Back I Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back / Shawn Mendes
  Don't It Make You D Rita Masur Small Y’All / Kenny Chesney & George Jones
  Don't Just Walk It I Paula Frohn-Butterly Walkin' On Me (Remix) / Big House
  Don't Kiss Me, Just Eat Me D / I Rep Ghazali-Meaney Don’t Kiss Me, Just Eat Me / Sushy
  Don't Know, Don't Care D / I Gaye Teather I Don’t Care / Darius Rucker & Brad Paisley
  Don't Know Mambo D / I Tracey McIntosh I Don't Know / Dean Brothers
  Don't Look Good Naked D Eddie Huffman I Don’t Look Good Naked Any More / The Snake Oil Willie Band
  Don't Make Me Suffer ( EZ ) D / I Juliet Lam Suffer / Charlie Puth
Don't Play That Song D Bobby Houle Don't Play That Song / Kree Harrisson
  Don't Push Me I Maggie Gallagher  Don't Push Me / Sweetbox
  Don't Really Matter D Gaye Teather Don’t Really Matter / Roy Torres
  Don't Ruin It ! I T. Lawrence & V. Fisher Don't Ruin It For The.../ Joe Nichols
Don't Rush D / I Serge Légaré Don’t Rush / Kelly Clarkson
  Don't Say Goodbye D / I Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Breaking Up Is Hard To Do / The Overtones
Don't Send The Invitation I Dixie Fafard Don’t Send The Invitation / Adam Gregory
  Don't Stay For Me A F. Whitehouse, J. M. Belloque Vane, J. P. Madge Don't Stay / X Ambassadors
Don't Stop The Music I Bobby Houle  Please Don’t Stop The Music / Rihannah
Don't Threaten Me I Caroline Brassard, Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time / Thomas Rhett
  Don't Wake The Devil D / I Kate Sala Don't Wake The Devil / Billy Curtis
  Don't Wanna Know D / I Thierry Willemin Don't Wanna Know / Maroon 5
  Don't Worry Be Country D Adrian Helliker Don't Worry Be Country / Sabrina & Country Fever Band
Don't You Need Somebody I Bobby Houle Don’t You Need Somebody / RedOne & Enrique, Aseel, Shaggy
  Don't You Wish D / I Daisy Simons Don't You Wish It Was True / John Fogerty
  Doo Whah Diddy D Michèle Godard  Doo Wah Diddy / DJ Otzi
Doodah I / A Marcel Massé Doodah / Cartoons
  Dos Amigos D / I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Amor De Los Dos / F. Fender & F. Jimenez
  Dose Of Country I Magali Chabret Dose Of Country / Dean Brody
Dos Tequilas I Alain Maras One In A Row /  Trick Pony
Do This Again I Mathieu Gagné When Can I See You Again / Owl City
Double Cheater I Michelle Chandonnet Cheater, Cheater / Joey & Rory
  Double D ( Duck Dynasty ) D / I Trevor Thornton Cut 'Em All / Colt Ford & Willie Robertson
  Double Down Two Step D / I Michele Burton  Chip And A Chair / Donny Lee
  Double Dose D / I Peter Jones Rockin' Pneumonia..... / Dana Gillespie & Mojo Blues Band
  Double S D Cherie Belle Harclerode Honey Do / Mike Walker
  Double Shuffle D / I Vikki Morris & Karl Cregeen If I Could / Sunny Sweeney
  Double U Double D D / I Ria Vos What Would Dolly Do / Kristin Chenoweth
  Double XL (Ouch!) I / A Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs XXL / Keith Anderson 
Down And Dirty I Guy Dubé & Denis Henley Down And Dirty / The Road Hammers
Down And Easy D / I Richard Poirier Goes Down Easy / Vant Zant
  Down And Out I Diana Dawson Bottle To The Bottom / Dierks Bentley
  Down At The Station D / I Fred Whitehouse Down At The Station / Billy Yates
  Down By The River D / I LD Crazy Mike Pretty Belinda / Dr Victor & The Rasta Rebels
Down Horse Down I Stéphane Cormier & Denis Henley One Horse Town / The Road Hammers & Tim Hicks
  Down In Dallas I Stephen Sunter You Lied To Me / Tracy Bird
  Down On The Bayou D / I Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Down On The Bayou / Robert Mizzell
  Down On The Corner D / I Peter Metelnick Down On The Corner / The Mavericks
Down On The Farm D Stéfan-Ozz Down On The Farm / Tim Mcgraw
  Down On Your Uppers D Gary O'Reilly Down On Your Uppers / Derek Ryan
  Down On Your Uppers D / I Carrie Ann Green Down On Your Uppers / Derek Ryan
Down The Road D / I Denis Henley Get on down the road / The Road Hammers
  Down To Earth D Dave & Pat Wressell Down to Earth Kind of Man / Travis Logan
  Down To Killarney D Gaye Teather  Come On Down To Killarney / Dave Sheriff 
Down To The Honky Tonk I Michel Auclair & Stéphane Cormier Down To The Honkytonk / Jake Owen
  Down To The Honkytonk D Bruno Morel Down To The Honkytonk / Jake Owen
  Downtown D Maggie Hicks Downtown / Lady Antebellum
  Dr Flame I Collectif étranger New Flame / Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels
  Dr Wanna Do D / I Maggie Gallagher Dr Wanna Do / Caro Emerald
  Dream Lover D / I Daniel Whittaker Dream Lover / Jason Donovan
  Dream On D Rob Fowler Dream On Texas Ladies / J. M. Montgomery
  Dream Weaver I Edward Lawton Dream Weaver / The New Vagabonds
  Dreamers And Believers D / I Marie Sørensen Dreamers And Believers / Derek Ryan
  Dreams D / I Max Perry Dreams / The Corrs
  Dreams I Dream I Robbie McGowan Hickie Mexico / Nashville Friends
  Dreams Of Deceit D / I Sarlemijn, Verdonk, Bailey In My Dreams / The Mavericks
  Drift Away D / I Rob Fowler Drift Away / Nathan Carter
  Driftin' By A Bruno Moggia Driftin’ / Paul Eason
Drink A Little Beer D / I Michel Auclair & Michäel Lacasse Drink A Little Beer / Thomas Rett & Rhett Akins
Drink Along Song D André Savard & Normand Moreau Drink Along Song / Montgomery Gentry
  Drink Beer D Rick Todd  Save Water Drink Beer / Chris Young
  Drink, Cuss Or Fish D / I Guylaine Bourdages Drink, Cuss Or Fish / Brett Kissel
  Drink, Drank, Drunk I Bettina Drescher    Drink, Drank, Drunk / Cowboy Troy
Drink Drank Drunk D / I Josée Martel Drink Drank Drunk  / Drew Jacobs
Drink In My Hand D / I Manon Shank Drink In My Hand / Eric Church
Drink On I Linda Fortin Get My Drink On / Toby Keith
  Drink On It D / I Ria Vos Drink On It / Blake Shelton
  Drink One For Me I Magali Chabret Drink One For Me / Michael Ray
  Drink To That D / I Debbie Scrimsher Drink To That All Night / Jerrod Niemann
  Drink You Up I Dan Albro Drink You Up / Eli Young Band
Drinking Again D / I Bobby Houle Drinking Again / Luke Bryan
  Drinkin' Around D Arto Liekola Whiskey Under The... / Brooks & Dunn
Drinkin' Cha D / I Stéphane Cormier She's Actin' Single ( I'm Drinkin' Double ) / Ronnie Dunn
  Drinking Problem D / I Darren Bailey   Drinking Problem / Midland
  Drinking Problem D Aggie Gulley Drinking Problem / Midland
Drinkin' Song D / I Suzie Hébert One More Drinkin’ Song / Jerrod Niemman
  Drinkin' Thinkin' D / I Judy McDonald Drinkin' Thinkin' / George Canyon
  Drinkin' Wine  ( Aka: Spo-Dee-O-Dee ) I Trace, Murphy & Barr Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee / N. Brown & K. Anderson
Drinking Bone D / I Daniel Servant Drinking Bone / Tracy Byrd
  Drinking Bone Boogie D Ellen Kiernan Drinkin' Bone / Tracy Bird
  Drinking Down Contra Anna Balaguer Where Am I Going / Kevin Harris
  Drinking With Dolly D Séverine Fillion Drinking With Dolly / Stéphanie Quayle
  Drinks After Work D / I Séverine Fillion Drinks After Work / Toby Keith
  Drinks For Two D / I Ed Lawton Two Bottles Of Beer / Lonestar
  Drinks On Me I Bruno Moggia Rainout Hangout / Josh Ward
Drive D Marie-Paule Tremblay & Guylaine Gagné Drive /  Eli Young Band \Fingerprints
  Drive It On Home D Laura Alberico Drive It On Home / Toby Keith
Drive Me Away I Audet,, D’Amour, Duchesne, Gagnon et Lavoie Drive Me Away / Jess Moskaluke
  Drive Me Crazy D / I A. Palmer & Simon J. & Sheila A. Cox Drives Me Crazy / Dolly Parton
Drive My Truck I Marcel Massé She Wants Drive My Truck / Jim Wise  
  Drive Of Shame D Jill Weiss Drive Of Shame / Brad Paisley & Mick Jagger
  Driven I Rob Fowler Drive / Casey James
Driving Home D / I Denis Henley Driving Home / Roger Creager 
  Driving In My Car D / I Ann-Kristin Sandberg Somewhere In My Car / Keith Urban
Drop D / I Yves Audet Drop / Dallas Smith
Drop Everything I Hélène Lavoie & Michel Auclair Drop Everything / Carlton Anderson
  Drop It All ! D Step5678 Drop Everything / Carlton Anderson
Drop In The Bucket I Nathalie Pelletier Drop In The Bucket  /  Brooks & Dunn
  Drown Me I Rep Ghazali Drown Me / Trisha Yearwood 
  Drowns The Whiskey D / I Carrie Ann Earl ( Green ) Drowns The Whiskey / Jason Aldean & Miranda Lambert
  Drowsy Maggie D / I Maggie Gallagher Cock Of The North / The Fables
Drunk D / I Marc Davidson Drunker Than Me / Trent Tomlinson
  Drunken Dreams D / I Fred Whitehouse  & Niels Poulsen Whiskey Dreaming / Morgan Myles
Drunk Last Night I Denis Henley  & Séverine Fillion Drunk Last Night / Eli Young Band
  Drunk On A Plane D / I Lyndy & Dan Albro Drunk On A Plane / Dierks Bentley
  Drunken Sailor D Séverine Fillion Drunken Sailor / The Irish Rovers
  Drunken Sailor D Lennart Gustavsson, Drunken Sailor / Denis Sosson & The Irish Beer Band
  Drunker Than Me D / I Kathy Brown Drunker Than Me / Trent Tomlinson
  Drunk'n Love Waltz D / I Louise Elfvengren Being Drunk's A Lot Like L... / Kenny Chesney
  Duck Soup D Frank Trace Restless / Shelby Lynne
  Dukes & Boots I Lee Hardison Daisy Dukes and Cowboy Boots / Cowboy Troy
  Dunn That D / I Jan Wyllie As Long As You Belong To Me / Holly Dunn
Dust D / I Johanne Rutherford & François Cournoyer Dust / Trent Tomlinson
Dust And Bone D / I Stéphane Cormier & Denis Henley Dust And Bone / Tim Hicks
  Dust Off The Dance Floor D / I Martie Papendorf Hokaai Stoppie Lorrie / Ray Dylan
  Dynamite D Stephen Gell Dynamite / Nause & Pretty Sister
  Dynamo D / I Rachael McEnaney Dynamo / Si Cranstoun


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