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  C.C.S. D Tracey Davis & Joerg Hammer If I Never Stop Loving You / David Kersh
C.O.U.N.T.R.Y.   I Sylvie Roy C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. / Tumbleweed
  C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. D / I Guyton Mundy C.O.U.N.T.R.Y / LoCash Cowboys & Colt Ford
C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. D / I Josée Rotella C.O.U.N.T.R.Y / Tumbleweed
  Caballero (A Spanish Gentleman) I Ira Weisburd Caballero / Orchestra Mario Riccardi
  Cab Driver D Inconnu Except On Monday / Lorrie Morgan
  Cabo San Lucas D Rep Ghazali Cabo San Lucas / Toby Keith 
  Cactus Cha Cha D Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry Margaritaville / Alan Jackson
  Cadillacs And Caviar D Sue Ann Ehmann A Different Kind Of Fine / The Zac Brown Band
  Cadillac Baby D / I P. E. Stott & R. McGowan Hickie Cadillac Baby / The Deans
  Cadillac Comeback D / I Yvonne Anderson Comin' Back In a Cadillac / Joe Nichols
Cadillac Cowboy    I É. Bourgault  G. Dubé  S. Cormier Cadillac Cowboy / Heather Myles
  Cadillac Strut D Susanne Oates Guitars, Cadillacs / Dwight Yoakam
  Cadillac Tears D David Pytka Cadillac Tears / Kevin Denny
  Cadillac Tears D / I Marg Jones Cadillac Tears / Kevin Denny
  Cadillac Tears D Marie Sørensen Cadillac Tears / Kevin Denny
  Cajun Dance D / I Bruno Morel Cajun Dance / Robert Mitzell
Cajun Girls & Gumbo D / I Gerry Gagné Cajun Girls & Gumbo / The Tractors
  Cajun Hoedown I Gudrun Schneider Cajun Hoedown / Karen McDawn
  Cajun Holiday I R. McEnaney & Jo Thompson Can’t Love ‘ Em All / Lisa Haley
  Cajun Jamboree D Marie Sørensen Cajun Jamboree / Dave Sheriff
  Cajun Mambo Walk I Max Perry Rodeo Queen / Jennifer Raynor
  Cajun Moon D / I Stephen Holmes Cajun Moon / Ricky Skaggs
  Cajun Moon Twist D Inconnu Cajun Moon / Ricky Skaggs
  Cajun Slap I Inconnu Your Tattoo / Sammy Kershaw 
  Cake I / A Noe J Roldan  Cake By The Ocean / DNCE
  Cake By The Ocean I / A Scott Blevins  Cake By The Ocean / DNCE
Cake By The Ocean D / I Jocelyn Vachon Cake By The Ocean / DNCE
  Cal City Strut D / I Rick & Deborah Bates Cal City Don't Swing ... / Tom Willoughby
  California D / I Lieren King California / Tim McGraw
  California I Dan Albro California / Big & Rich
  California Blue I Jean Bridgeman California Blue / Roy Orbison
California Dreamin' D / I Bobby Houle California dreamin’ / Sia
  California Heartache D / I John Huffman Heartache On The Dance Floor / Jon Pardi
  California Rain D / I Derek Robinson It Never Rains In Southern California / Albert Hammond & Al Stewart
Calling You Baby D / I Pierre Mercier Someone Else Calling You Baby / Luke Bryan
  Call Me Lucky ! D / I Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ Call Me Lucky / Devon
Call Me Maybe D / I Frédéric Gagnon Call Me Maybe / Carty Rae Jepsen
Call Me Senorita I Guy Dubé & Serge Légaré Señorita / Shaw Mendes & Camila Cabello
  Call Me When The Sun Goes I / A Annie Saerens Call Me When The Sun Goes / Larry Boone
  Calma U / D Andrico Yusran Calma / Pedro Capo, Alan Walker, Farruko
  Calor Amores D / I Rob Fowler   Mal de Amores / Juan Magan
  Calypso Mexico I Ria Vos Calypso Mexico /  Bouke
  Came Out Like A Rose D / I Derek Robinson Like A Rose / Donna Wylde
  Cameroon D / I Ria Vos Cameroon (Twisted Dee Radio) / Bebe Zahara Benet
  Camina D / I Thomas C. Tam Camina Y Ven / David Bisbal
  Camo Hats & Boots D / I Matt Thomson Welcome To The Weekend / Tyler Toliver
  Camouflage Polka D / I John Dembiec Camouflage / Brad Paisley
  Can Only Go Up I / A Trent Duncan Can Only Go Up / Shania Twain
  Can You 2 Step D Frank Trace Pick Me Up On Your Way Down / Teea Goans
Can You Feel It I Marie-Claude Poirier & Michaël Lacasse Can You Feel It / Scotty McCreery
  Canadian Stomp D Inconnu Any Man Is Mine / Shania Twain
  Canadian Stroll D Bill Bader Make Love To Me / Anne Murray
  Candela I Julia Wetzel Candela / Noelia
  Candy Girl D / I Juliet Lam  Candy Girl ( Sugar Sugar ) / Inner Circle & Flo Rida
  Candyman D / I P.  Metelnick & A. Biggs Candyman / Christina Aguilera
  Candy Wine D / I Toni Holmes & Steve Jeffries Sweet Summer Lovin / Dolly Parton
  Cannibal Stomp D / I Lisa Firth Cannibals / Mark Knopfler
  Cannibals D Benthe Jørgensen Cannibals - Mark Knopfler
  Cannonball D / I Sven Cesaro Wabash Cannonball / GrooveGrass Boyz
Cannon Ball I Marie-Paule Tremblay Cannonball ( N1 Remis ) / Cash Campbell
  Can't Let Go I Robbie McGowan Hickie You Better Move On / Piet Veerman
  Can't Let Go I Tony Wilson Can't Let Go / Home Town News
  Can't Let You Go I Bastiaan van Leewen Maybe / Enrique Iglesias
  Can't Make Money D / I Rachael McEnaney If You Can’t Make Money / David Bradley
  Can't Stop Loving You I Andy Skidmore Shout It To The World / Lionel Richie
  Can't Stop My Heart D Ingemar Kardeskog Can't Stop My Heart / Brooks & Dunn
  Can't Stop The Feeling D / I Ann-Kristin Sandberg Can’t Stop The Feeling / Justin Timberlake
  Can't You See ( You Belong With Me ) D Rose Malinconico You Belong With Me / Taylor Swift
  Cara Mia I Phil Dennington Cara Mia / Jay And The Americans
  Cardiac World D / I Cinta Larrotcha Daddy Had A Cardiac And Mama's.... / Billy Yates
  Cardio Jive D / I Ike & Virginia Po Every Little Thing / Carlene Carter
  Cards On The Table D / I Maggie Gallagher I'll Name The Dogs / Blake Shelton
  Caribbean Cadence I Karen Paakkari Whose Bed Have Your Boots... / Shania Twain
  Caribbean Calypso D Patricia E Stott Love Me, Love Me / The Dean Brothers
  Caribbean Cowboy D / I Ed Henry Hot, Hot, Hot / Buster Poindexter
  Caribbean Feeling I Audrey Watson Caribbean Feeling / Nathan Carter
  Carmelita D D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Carmelita / Dwight Yoakam 
  Carmelita D / I Marie Sørensen Carmelita / Victor Wood
  Carnival Ride D / I Tina Argyle Some Town Somewhere / Kenny Chesney
  Carribbean Tango D Marie Sørensen Caribbean Two Step Tango / Nancy Hays
  Carters Rock I Diana Dawson The Way That You Love Me / Nathan Carter
  Carved In Stone D Dee Musk Don’t Think I Won’t / Mark Wills
  Cash Back I Dave Fife  I Walk The Line Revisited / Rodney Crowell & Johnny Cash
  Castaway D / I Vivienne Scott Thrown Out Of Love / Jason McCoy
  Castaway I Dan Albro Castaway / Zac Brown Band
  Cataway D / I Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Castaway / Zac Brown Band
  Catfight U / D Lorna Cairns Mursell  You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man / Lisa McHugh
Castel On The Hill I Serge Légaré Castle On The Hill / Ed Sheeran
  Cat Strut D Inconnu Stray Cat Strut / The Stray Cats
Catahoula D Gilles Labrecque Catahoula / Bellamy Brothers
  Catalan Rock I Marie Sørensen Seven Nights To Rock / BR5-49
  Catch A Hip Cat I Michelle Perron Eenie Meenie Miney Mo / Holiday Band
  Catch & Release D / I Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Hollande & Tokyo Ladies Catch & Release ( Deepend Remix ) / Matt Simons
  Catch My Breath D / I Mark Furnell Catch My Breath / Kelly Clarkson
  Catch The Fish I Emily Drinkall   Catch All The Fish / Brad Paisley 
  Catch The Rain D / I P. Metelnick & A. Biggs Sunshine In The Rain / BWO
  Catfish D Jim Long Reggae Cowboy / Bellamy Brothers
Catherina's Waltz D J. Martin & S. Cormier Here's A Quarter / Travis Tritt
  Cathy's Cruise D / I Rodeo Ruth Lambden How Do I Live (Mr Big Mix) / LeAnn Rimes
  Caught In The Act I Ann Wood Who's Been Sleeping In My.. / Glenn Frey
  Cecilia D / I Willie Brown & Heather Barton Cecilia ( Breaking My Heart ) / The Vamps & Shawn Mendes
Cecilia D / I Claude Martin Cecilia / Brett Kissel
Celebrity D / I Sylvie Roy Celebrity / Brad Paisley
  Celebrity I Tracy Brown Celebrity / Brad Paisley
  Celtic Connection I Collectif Cotton-Eyed Joe / The Chieftains
  Celtic CT D / I Joan X. Targa   Rokjes / K3
  Celtic Duo AB U / D Maryse-Angéline Celtic Duo / Anton & Sully
  Celtic Duo D / I Maggie Gallagher. & Gary O'Reilly Celtic Duo / Anton & Sully
  Celtic Kittens I Maggie Gallagher Celtic Kittens / Ronan Hardiman 
  Celtic Reel D / I Maggie Gallagher Celtic Reel / Glenn Rogers
  Celtic Tribute I Maggie Gallagher Strings Of Fire / Ronan Hardiman
  Celtic Waltz D Sébastien Bonnier Buachaill on Eirne / The Corrs
  Centered I Maddison Glover Centered / Sean Hogan
Central Step D / I Diane St-Laurent Jeter Un Sort / Laurence Jalbert
  Centrifugal Motion I Elaine Morgan This Kiss / Faith Hill
  Centurion I Rob Fowler My Heart’s Broke Down (But My Mind’s Made Up) / Dean Miller
  C'est La Vie I Rick & Deborah Bates Rockin' Robin / Bryan White
C'est La Vie D Isabelle Gagnon C’est La Vie / Khaled
  C'est la vie Baby D Jo Thompson Szymanski & John Robinson You Never Can Tell / Scooter Lee
  Cha Candela D / I Özgür “Oscar” TAKAÇ Candela / Maia ( Oscar's Remix )
  Cha Cha Espana D Ira Weisburd  & Motti Kotzer Gozar La Vida / Julio Iglesias
  Cha Cha Fever 2 ! D / I Sandy Kerrigan In Dreams / Roy Orbison
  Cha Cha Love D / I D.J. Denys Ben It Must Be Love / Ty Herndon 
  Cha Cha Mala Mujer I / A R. Sarlemijn & D. Bailey Mala Mujer / Miguel Saez
  Cha Cha Maria D / I Ozgur "Oscar" TAKAÇ Pobre La Maria / Carlos Mejia Godoy
  Cha Cha Mix I Maddison Glover Love Me Like You - Little Mix 'Get Weird' Deluxe Edition
  Cha Cha One D Sho Botham Some Kind Of Trouble / Tanya Tucker
  Cha Cha Tonight I Scott Blevins Represent / Dirty Dancing Soundtrack
  Cha Cha With Me D / I Niels B. Poulsen Dance With Me / Michael Bolton
  Cha Lay Low D / I Rep Ghazali-Meaney Lay Low / Blake Shelton
  Chaca Chaca D Michael Seurer Chaca Chaca / Rosanna Rocci
Chains Of Gold  I Michelle Chandonnet Chains Of Gold / Sweethearts Of The Rodeo 
  Chain Reaction I / A Craig Cooke Chain Reaction / The Steps
  Champagne Promise D Tina Argyle Champagne Promise / David Nail
  Changes Too D Doris Nippard Heart Is A Lonely Hunter / Reba McEntire
Chante Et Danse    D / I Fernande Forget Chante et Danse / Les Forbans
  Charanga D / I Rachael McEnaney  La Charanga Cubaila (Radio Mix) / Cubaila
  Charleston Cowboy D Inconnu Streets Of Bakersfield / Dwight Yoakam
Charleston Daly D Clide Normandin Katie Daly / Mike Denver
Charleston Swing D M. Lalonde & N. Hudon Swing Baby Swing / David Ball
  Charlie Horse D Charlie Milne Bobbie Ann Mason / Rick Trevino
  Charlie's Touch Down D Charlie Milne Wild At Heart / Lori White
Charly & Me D Linda Sansoucy Where The Mustangs Can Run Free / Mark Everett
  Chase That Song I Kate Sala Chase That Song / Cody Jinks
  Chasing Down A Good Time I Dan Albro Chasing Down A Good Time / Randy Houser
  Chasin’ Tail Lights D / I Séverine Fillion ( E ) / Matt Mason
  Chasing The Dream D / I Jeannie Holt Chasing the Dream / James Ray
  Chasse & Shuffle D Rob Francis More & More & More / Bellamy Brothers 
  Chattahoochee D Jimmy Serena Chattahoochee / Alan Cole
  Cheap Cologne AB D Linda Pink Cheap Cologne / William Michael Morgan
  Cheap Cologne D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie Cheap Cologne / William Michael Morgan
  Cheap Talk D Gaye Teather Talk Is Cheap / Alan Jackson
  Cheap Thrills D / I Ann-Kristin Sandberg Cheap Thrills / Sia
  Cheatin' Heart I Steve Giles If I Had A Cheatin' Heart / Ricky Lynn Gregg
  Cheatin' Love D / I Niels B. Poulsen Your Cheatin' Heart / Crystal Shawanda
  Cheatin' On My Honkytonk I Vikki Morris & Karl Cregeen Cheatin' On My Honkytonk / T. Tomlinson
  Cheating Heart D / I Mark Simpkin & Robin Imms Never Live Without You / Adam Brand
  Check Yes Or No D / I Tracy Brown Check Yes Or No / George Strait
  Check You For Ticks I Bastiaan van Leewen Ticks / Brad Paisley
  Cheech And Chong Cha Cha D / I J. Two-Step & A. Clarke Shame About That / Sara Evans
  Cheeky Cha D / I K. Sala & R. McGowan Hickie Let The Games Begin / DJ Bobo
  Cheeky Ch  Cha D / I Val Reeves If I Said You Had... / Bellamy Brothers
  Cheerleader D Stefan Schützer Cheerleader / OMI
  Cheesecake I Scott Blevins, Rachael McEnaney & Joey Warren Cheesecake / Teo
Chérie Hier Soir D Marie-Paule Tremblay Le Quel T'app'le Cheri Hier Soire / Irvin Blais
Cherleader D / I Nicolas Lachance Cherleader / OMI ( Felix Jaehn Remix Radio Edit )
  Cherokee Swing D Martie Papendorf Cherokee Boogie / BR5-49
  Cherookee Boogie I Chris Kumre Cherookee Boogie / BR5-49
  Cherokee Kick D Pete Turner Cherokee Fidle / Johnny Lee
  Cherokee Walk I Bill Rice Gotta Get A Little Crazy / The Bellamy Brothers
Cherry Bomb D / I Cynthia Fortier Cherry Bomb / River Town Saints
  Cherry Bomb D / I Rob Fowler Cherry Bomb / River Town Saints
  Chew Tobacco D / I Linda Francis Boys 'Round Here / Blake Shelton
  Cheyenne D Inconnu Clown In Your Rodeo / Kathy Mattea
  Cheyenne's Rock D Séverine Fillion It's Late / Shakin' Stevens
  Chica Boum Boum D / I Vikki Morris  Boom Boom Goes My Heart / Alex Swings Oscar Sings
  Chicago Shuffle I / A John H. Robinson Dip River Blues / GrooveGrass Boys
Chicken Truck I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Chicken Truck / John Anderson
  Chicken Truck D Rick Todd Chicken Truck / Shane Owens
  Chicken Truck I Astrid Kaeswurm Chicken Truck / Shane Owens
  Chicken Truck D / I Joke Mozes & John Warnars Chicken Truck / Shane Owens
  Chicken Walk Jive D / I Pat Stott Come Back My Love / The Overtones
  Chicky Chow Chow I / A Pepper Siquieros  Chicky Chow Chow / Neil Scott Johnson Band
  Chihuahua I / A Yvonne Anderson Chihuahua / DJ Bobo
Chills I Josée Martel Chills / James Barker Band
  Chill Factor I D. Whitaker & H. Westhead Last Night / Chris Anderson
Chill With You D Stéphane Cormier Chill With You / Jamie Warren
  Chillaxin' D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie Chillaxin' / Craig Campbell
  Chilli Hot I Daniel Whittaker La Traviesa / Missiego
  Chillin' With A Margarita I Kathy Heller Chillin' / Blaine Larsen
  Chilly Cha D / I Marie Sørensen Chilly Cha Cha / Jessica Jay
  Chilly Pepper Hot ! D / I Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet Takac Rockin' My Life Away / Devon
  Chinook Bomshel D Marie Sørensen Bomshel Stomp /  Bomshel
  Chip And A Chair D Rob Holley  Chip And A Chair / Donny Lee  
  Chippin' Away D Maryloo Chippin' Away / Kevin Fowler
  Chiquita I Marie Miller  Tropical Depression / Alan Jackson
  Cho-Co-Latte D / I Yvonne Anderson La Chiqui Big Band / David Civera
  Choices I Lynn Gannon Find Out Who Your Friends Are / Tracy Lawrence
  Chomping At The Bit I Larry Bass Let Me Into Your Heart / Mary C.  Carpenter
  Choo Choo Cha Boogie D / I John Robinson & Jo Thompson Szymanski Choo Choo Cha Boogie / Scooter Lee
Ch'ti Me What To Do   D Stéphane Cormier  Don't Tell Me What To Do / Pam Tillis
  Chug-A-Lug, Chug-A-Lug D / I K.C. Douglas Chug-A-Lug / The Kentucky Headhunters
  Cigarettes & Coffee Blues I Joke Mozes & Linedancer John (Warnars)   Cigarettes & Coffee Blues / Jan Slow & The Vanishing Cowboys
  Ciki Ciki Bam Bam D Coreo Hantos Djay & Balli Di Gruppo Bulikiraly / Jolly es Suzy
  Cimmaron Boogie Contra Anthony Ivancich  Dump The Dude / Dolly Parton
  Cinco De Mayo I Alan Livett & Jo Thompson Cinco De Mayo / War
  Cinematic I Alison Biggs Saturday Night At The Movies / The Overtones
  Circle Chasse I Gaby Neumann  I Can Love You Better / Dixie Chicks
  Circle Of Love Train D Rachael McEnaney Love Train / Rod Stewart 
  City Girl D Marie Sørensen City Girl / Jannet Bodewes
  City Limits I Yvonne Anderson Nutbush City Limits / Tina Turner
  City Of New Orleans D / I Daisy Simons  City Of New Orleans / Roch Voisine
  Clap 'Em U / D Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Happy Man / Derek Ryan
  Clap Happy ! I Shaz Walton  Happy / Pharrell Williams
  Clap Snap I Philip Sobrielo & Rebecca Lee Clap Snap / Icona Pop
  Clap Your Hands D Vivienne Scott My Dear Botanist / D. & M. Syenchukov
  Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet D / I Marie Sørensen Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet / Die Campbells
Classical Girl D / I L. Siro & C. Roussel My Classic / Daniel Langlois
  Clean House D Henry Costa Clean House / California Cowboys
  Clear Isabel D Flo Moresteps Clear Isabel / Aaron Watson 
  Cliche D / I Kate Sala Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde / Travis Tritt
  Cliché Love Song  ( Cliche Love Song ) I Jo Thompson Szymanski, Guyton Mundy, John Robinson Cliche Love Song / Basim  ( Clean Version ) 
  Clickety Clack I P. Metelnick & K. Hunyadi Southbound Train / Travis Tritt
  Clinging To You D / I Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk Clinging To You / Ed Burleson
  Closer I Mary Kelly Little Unlucky At Love / Jenai
  Closer D Tine Knisell  Closer / Ne-Yo
Club Can't Handle Me I Michelle Chandonnet Club Can't Handle Me / Flo Rida
  Clueless D / I Kathy Brown Two Timin' Two Stepper / Conway Twitty
  Coal Miners Daughter D Sandy Kerrigan Coal Miners Daughter / Mary Duff
  Coastin' I Ray & Tina Yeoman Lord Of The Dance / Michael Flatley
  Coast To Coast D Jocelyne Dubois From Coast To Coast / Modern Talking
  Cobra I / A Rob Fowler Honky Tonk Mona Lisa / Glenn Rogers
  Coca Cola Cowboy D Thierry Willemin Coca Cola Cowboy / Mel Tillis
  Coca Cola Shake I Ria Vos Cola Song / Inna & J. Balvin
  Cochito D / I Ira Weisburd Cochito / Meri Rinaldi
  Cockadoodle D Daan Geelen  & Kate Sala She Rules The Roost / Leland Martin
Coco Cowboy D / I Linda Sansoucy Jeg Er En Glad Lille Cowboy / Coco
  Coco Loco D / I Vivienne Scott Coco Loco / Diego Verdaguer
  Coconut D / I Kristin Kurtna Coconut Tree / Mohombi &Nicole Scherzinger
  Codigo D / I Pat Stott Codigo / George Strait
  Coffee Days And Whiskey Nights D Yvonne Verhagen Coffee Days And Whiskey Nights / Robynn Shayne
  Cold As Ice I Collectif White Line Casanova / Brooks & Dunn
Cold Beer D / I Marie-Paule Tremblay Cold Beer / Cole Taylor
  Cold Cold Heart I Brian & Linda Cold Cold Heart / Alan Gregory
Cold Margarita D / I Bobby Houle Some Beach / Blake Shelton
  Cold Shoulder D / I Matt Thomson Cold Shoulder / Josh Turner
  Colorado Girl D Dan Albro Colorado Girl / The High Rollers
  Come And Get Your Love D / I Thierry Willemin Come And Get Your Love / Redbone
  Come And Play D Joe Steele Sober (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit) / Pink
  Come As You Are D / I Yvonne Anderson Honkytonk Life / Darryl Worley
  Come Dance With Me D Jo Thompson Come Dance With Me / Nancy Hayes
Come Here You D Ainsi-Danse Come Here You / Carlene Carter
Come My Baby Come D / I Suzie Hébert Come / Jain
  Come On D / I  Ulf Jacobsson Cortina Come On / Ann Tayler
  Come On And Dance D / I P. Metelnick & A. Biggs Wait A Minute / The Cherry Bombs
  Come On Closer D / I Jef Camps Come A Little Bit Closer / Bouke
  Come On Down D / I Gudrun Schneider   Come On Down / High Valley
Come Over There D / I Denis Fecteau Don't Make Me Come... / George Strait
Come Over There D Suzie Hébert Don’t Make Come Over There And Love You / George Strait
  Come Rain Come Shine D / I Francien Sittrop Have You Ever Seen the Rain  / Dr. Victor & Rasta
  Come Together 2013 A Debbie McLaughlin Come Together / Michael Jackson
  Come With Me D / I Gaye Teather Come With Me / Zane Lewis
  Comeback Kid D / I Robbie Halvorson All My Friends Say / Luke Bryan
  Comin' In Hot D / I Dan Albro Comin’ In Hot / Jason Aldean
  Comin' To Your City D / I Gena Howard Comin' To Your City / Big & Rich
  Coming Back A Country Song D Marie Crater Gonna Come Back As A Country Song / Alan Jackson
  Coming Home Home D / I Francesca Catalan Coming Home / Keith Urban & Julia Michaëls
Coming On Strong D / I Pierre Mercier Old Weakness / Tanya Tucker
  Coming On Strong I Bastiaan van Leewen They're Playin' Our Song / Neal McCoy 
  Coming Up Country I Neil Hale I'm From The Country / Travis Bird
  Commitment I Amanda McCulloch Commitment / Leann Rimes
  Commitment I  John Sandham Commitment / Leann Rimes
  COMPASS I Barbara R. K. Wallace Compass / Lady Antebellum
Completely Wrapped Up I Lorraine Bolduc Wrapped Up In You / Garth Brooks
  Constant Cravings U / D Phoenix Adamson Craving You / Thomas Rhett
  Contra Steppin' D Ms. Allie Honky Tonkin' Fool / Doug Supernaw 
Control D / I Micheline Tremblay Jeter un sort / Laurence Jalbert
  Conversation D / I Thierry Willemin The Conversation / Texas
  Coochie Bang Bang I Scott Blevins Miss Kiss Kiss Bang" (R V)  / Alex Swings Oscar Sings
  Cool D / I V. Scott & F. Buckley Honky-Tonk Cool / Gil Grand
  Cool Chick D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie Please Mama Please / Go Cat Go
  Cool In My Boots I Bruno Moggia I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way / Aaron Tippin
  Cool To Be A Fool D Tracie Lee Cool To Be A Fool / Joe Nichols
  Cool Whip D / I Judy McDonald  Let It Whip / Dazz Band
  Cool Woman I Daisy Simons A Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress / Raul Malo
  Coolcat Swing I Rob Fowler & Lianne Fowler A Cool Cat in Town / Tape Five & Brenda Boykin
  Copenhagen D / I Coral Tucker Boots On / Randy Houser
  Copperhead Road D Inconnu Copperhead Road / Steve Earle
  Corazón De Metal D Wil Bos Corazón De Metal / Joey Montana
  Corazon Diamante ( Diamond Heart ) I Roy Verdonk & Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly  Duele El Corazon / Enrique Iglesias & Wisin
  Corine, Corina I Allan Gaskell Corine, Corina / Brooks & Dunn
  Cork City Crawl D Michael O'Shea Horse To Mexico / Trini Triggs
Corkscrew D / I François Savard  A Little Bit Of Love / Wynonna
  Corner Of Love D / I Marie Sørensen Down On The Corner Of Love / Dwight Yoakam
Corona Con Lima D Diane Girard Corona Con Lima / Gary P. Nunn
  Corvette Dance D Maxwell  The One I Loved.... (The Corvette Song) / George Jones
  Costa Brava Redneck I Ramon Busqué It’s Alright To Be A... / Alan Jackson
  Cotton County Queen D / I Parry Spence Cotton County Queen / Ron Wallace 
  Cotton Eye Joe D Inconnu Cotton Eye Joe / Rednex
  Cotton Eye Joe D Teree Desarro Cotton Eye Joe / Rednex
  Cotton Pickin D / I Gordon Elliot Cotton Pickin' Time / Blake Shelton
  Cottonfield I Melinda Zimonyi & Veronika Stettner High Cotton / Alabama
  Count Me In D / I Peter Metelnick 5,6,7,8 / Steps
  Count To 3 I Robbie McGowan Hickie  Count To 3 ( James Roche Rem..) / M. Schneider
  Countdown Shuffle D / I Max Perry Cry Wolf / Victoria Shaw
  Countrifield D / I Georgine Noël Fecteau Heart Is Right / Carlene Carter
Country D Guy Dubé & Denis Henley Country / Mo Pitney
Country & Pretty D / I Guylaine Bourdages Country Ain't Never Been Pretty / Cam
  Country As A Boy Can Be D / I Carina Slijters Country As A Boy Can Be / Brady Seals 
  Country As Can Be D Suzanne Wilson Country As A Boy Can Be / Brady Seals
  Country Blues D / I Yvonne Krause  Bob Away My Blues / Clint Black
  Country Boogie D / I Norm Gifford Movin' Out To The Country / Deryl Dodd
  Country Boy D Inconnu Let Your Love Flow / Bellamy Brothers
  Country Boy 98 I Barnfield, Yoxall & Harris Country As A Boy Can Be / Brady Seals
Country Boy Rolls I Marc Archambault That's How Country Boy Rolls / Billy Currington
  Country Boys D / I Eagles Stars - France Country Boys / Mariotti Brothers
  Country Boys Roll D / I Harlan Curtis  That's How Country Boys Roll / Billy Currington
Country Boys Roll D / I Stéphane Cormier That's How Country Boys Roll / Billy Currington
  Country Bump D Darren Bailey Country Music Made Me Do It / Carlton Anderson
Country Cha Cha D Linda Sansoucy It’s Such A Small World / Rodney Crowell
  Country Club Contra D Cef Decaney Country Club / Travis Tritt
  Country Comes To Town I Marie Sørensen Country Comes To Town / Toby Keith
  Country Cupid D / I Ozgur "Oscar" TAKAÇ Stupid Cupid / Scooter Lee
Country Dancer D / I L. Siro & C. Roussel Country Dancer / Kanyan
  Country Down D / I Kathy Brown She Likes To Get Out Of... / Brooks & Dunn
  Country Driv'n I Mark Cook Put Some Drive In Your Country / Travis Tritt 
  Country Fan I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller That's Just Me / Blaine Larsen
  Country Girl Shake I Michele Adlam & Maria Hennings Hunt Country Girl (Shake It For Me) / Luke Bryan
  Country Gold I Buffalo Billy Born For Country / Fools Gold
  Country Gold D Danielle Schill Country Gold / Thomas Rhett
  Country Groovin' D / I Rene and Reg Mileham Listen To A Country Song / Andy Lee Lang
  Country Hitch D Vivienne Scott That's How Country Boys Roll / Billy Currington
Country Jam Shuffle D Linda Sansoucy Texas Afternoon / Eleven Hundred Springs
  Country Jump D Inconnu Don't Give Your Heart To A R... / Travis Tritt
  Country Lilly I Magic Team Hillbilly Country Lilly / Truck Stop
  Country Looks Good On You I Vikki Morris Country Looks Good On You / Gabe Garcia
Country Lover Song D / I Stéphane Cormier Whole Lotta Love / Shane Watt
  Country Magic I Gloria Johnson I'm From The Country / Tracy Byrd
  Country Magic D / I Ed Lawton That Old Country Dance Floor / Jody Jenkins
  Country Man I Kathy Heller Country Man / Luke Bryan
Country Man D / I Stéfan-Ozz Country Man / Luke Bryan
Country Man D / I Nathalie Pelletier Country Man / Luke Bryan
  Country Night In Norway I Kelli Haugen Tonight's The Night / Ove Stoylen
  Country Race I Niels Poulsen Honky Tonk Race / Shelby Lee Lowe
  Country Roads I Kate Sala Take Me Home, Country Roads / The Hermes House Band
Country Song D / I Alain Debard Listen To A Country Song / Lynn Anderson
  Country Soul AB U / D Shirley Blankenship Blue Wing / Tom Russell Band
Country Squire D Brigitte Duhaut & Robert Richer Country Squire / Tyler Childers
  Country Strong D Johnny Brast Country Strong / Blake Shelton
  Country Strong I Laurent Chalon Country Strong / Bucko & Toad
  Country Strut D Inconnu Guitars, Cadillacs / Dwight Yoakam
  Country Through And Through D / I Mel Fisher Country Through & Through / Chris James
  Country Town I Dan Albro Country Done Come To Town / John Rich
  Country Twang Thang D / I Masters In Line Honky Tonk Lover / Chris Campbell
Country Twist D R. Desrosiers & D. Black All You Ever Do Is Break Me Down / The Mavericks
  Country Two Step D Masters In Line I Just Want My Baby Back / Jerry Kilgore
  Country Walkin' Contra Teree Desarro Walkin ' The Country / The Ranch
  Country Whirled D / I Ira Weisburd Let’s Give It A Try / Steve & Heather
  Countryholic D / I Stephen Pistoia Countryholic / Sons Of The Palomino
  Countryholic EZ U / D Ron Bloye Countryholic / Son Of The Palomino
  County Fair Stomp D Dan Albro Cowboy Days / Terri Clark
  Coupe de Ville I Gaye Teather & Alan Haywood  Coupe De Ville / The Lennerockers
  Covered In Kisses D Michelle Burton & Michael Barr  Gotta Get To You / George Strait
  Cowboy D / I Yvonne Van Baalen                 Cowboy / Chipz
  Cowboy Boogie D Collectif Elvira / The Oak Ridge Boys 
  Cowboy Boots I Andy Williams Nuttin' But Cowboy Boots / Blue County
  Cowboy Cadillac I Veda Holder & Trish Boesel Cowboy Cadillac / Garth Brooks
  Cowboy Cha Cha D K. Gelette & M. Stremche  More Than A Margarita / Brooks & Dunn
  Cowboy Coffee D Marie Sørensen Cowboy Coffee / Joni Harms
  Cowboy Coffee D / I Peter Giam Cowboy Coffee / Joni Harms
  Cowboy Cowboy D / I Dan Albro Cowboy, Cowboy / Brooks & Dunn
  Cowboy Cumbia D Inconnu Cowboy Cumbia / Javier Molina & Eldorado
  Cowboy Cumbia D / I Dynamite Dot Cowboy Cumbia / Javier Molina & Eldorado
Cowboy Cumbia D Daniel Vadeboncoeur Cowboy Cumbia / Javier Molina & Eldorado
  Cowboy Cute Cowgirl Crazy D / I Marie Sørensen Cowboy Cute, Cowgirl Crazy / Marion Randell
Cowboy Days D / I Manon Lamothe Cowboy Days / Terri Clark
  Cowboy Daze D / I Kathy Brown Cowboy Days / Terri Clark
  Cowboy Dreams D / I Darren Bailey Cowboy Dreams / Jimmy Nail
  Cowboy For A Night D / I A. Johnstone, D. Hoyn, I Weisburd, P. Machado Cowboy For A Night / Australia's Tornadoes
  Cowboy For A Night EZ D K. Sholes Cowboy For A Night / Australia's Tornadoes
  Cowboy Girl D Marie-Claude Gil Cowboy Girl / Jason Cassidy
  Cowboy Jump I Materne Georgette & Jammart Amélie  Yippy Ti Yi Yo / Ronnie McDowell
  Cowboy Madison D David Linger Wine, Women And Song / Patty Loveless
  Cowboy Mambo I Özgür Takaç & Handan Kizilirmak Rompin' Stompin' / Scooter Lee 
  Cowboy Man D Mona Arvidson Cowboy Man / Lyle Lovett
  Cowboy Mix I Robbie McGowan Hickie  Cowboy Mix / Aron Dees 
  Cowboy Motion D Inconnu A Jukebox With A Country Song / W.  Nelson
  Cowboy On The Run D / I Rep Ghazali  Cowboy On The Run (Niu Zai Hen Mang)  / Jay Chou
  Cowboy Rhythm D / I Jo Thompson Wasting Time With You /  Carlene Carter
  Cowboy Stomp Contra Barry Amato Cowboy Love / J. M. Montgomery
  Cowboy Stomp I Janet Wilson The Cowboy Stomp / Curtis Day
  Cowboy Strut D Inconnu Jukebox Junkie / Ken Mellons
Cowboy Triple-2 D Danny Leclerc The Beaches Of Cheyenne / Garth Brooks
  Cowboy Tuwek D / I Jun Andrizal BubbleGum Cowboy / Loco Loco
Cowboy Up I D. Lepage & M. Lévesque  Cowboy Up / Jill Johnson “radio mix” 
Cowboy Up & Party Down D / I Stéphane Cormier Cowboy Up And Party Down / Darren Warren
  Cowboy Yoddle Song Contra P. Provencher & L.  Bohémier Cowboy Yoddle Song  / Kikki Danielsson
  Cowboy's Dream D Jennifer Wolf Western Girls / Mary Stuart
  Cowgirl Charleston D Ms. Allie Dolores / The Mavericks
  Cowgirl Crazy D / I Nathalie Pelletier Cowgirl Crazy / Big Rock
  Cowgirl Down D / I Kathy Brown She Likes To Get... / Brooks & Dunn
  Cowgirl Hustle D Inconnu Honky Tonk Attitude / Joe Diffie
  Cowgirl Swing D / I Marie Sørensen  & Adrian Helliker Cowgirl Swing / Dave Sheriff
  Cowgirl Twist D Bill Bader The Huckebuck / Dean Brothers
  Cowgirls Don't Cry D / I Bill Larson Cowgirls Don't Cry / Brooks & Dunn
  Cowpattie D / I Georgeanne Valis Nothin' A Little Love Won't Cure / Collin Raye
  Coyote Outlaw D / I Pat Stott & Liz Lowry Whiskey Drinkin S.O.B. / Mikel Knight
  Crabbuckit I Gérard Murphy Crabbuckit / K-Os
Cracker Jack D Linda Blanchard I Say You Say / Rick Tippe
  Crackin' Cold Ones D / I Pam Wingo Crakin' Cold Ones With The Boys / The Cadillac Three
  Crackin' Cold Ones D Lisa M. Johns-Grose Crakin' Cold Ones With The Boys / The Cadillac Three
  Crackin' Cold Ones D / I Jeanne Chamas & Nicole Petrocelli Crakin' Cold Ones With The Boys / The Cadillac Three
  Crank It Up I Daniel Whittaker Crank it Up / David Guetta & Akon
Crank It Up I Nicolas Lachance Crank It Up / Colt Ford
  Crank My Tractor I Wayne Beasley She Cranks My Tractor / Dustin Lynch
Crash And Burn D / I Guy Dubé & Stéphane Cormier Crash And Burn / Thomas Rhett
  Crash And Burn D Gail Smith  Crash And Burn / Thomas Rhett
Craving You D / I Josée Martel Craving You / Thomas Rhett
Craving You D / I C. Brière & M. Champagne & N. Dallaire & S. Nadeau Craving You / Thomas Rhett
  Crawfish And Pie D / I K.C. Douglas Rhubarb Pie / John Fogerty 
Crazy I Michelle Chandonnet Crazy / Gnarls Bentley 
Crazy D / I Linda Sansoucy Mama He's Crazy / Wenche
  Crazy 2 I Diana Dawson Wild At Heart / Lari White
Crazy 2006 D / I Micheline Tremblay Crazy Dreams / Patsy Cline & Mila Mason
  Crazy 4 Leaving D / I Gaye Teather She's Crazy For Leaving / Rodney Crowell
  Crazy--Alee I Cynthia Fortier Crazy / Alee
  Crazy Boy D Rafel Corbi El Nino Loco / Rodney Carrington
  Crazy Cajun Thang D Debbie Small Cool Cool Mardi Gras / Scooter Lee
  Crazy Cha I Robbie McGowan Hickie Smilin' Song / Vince Gill
  Crazy Chick I Tina Argyle Crazy Chick / Charlotte Church 
  Crazy Devils D / I Mundy, Fowler & Bennett Devil's On The Loose / The Rednex
  Crazy Dreams I Amanda Harvey-Tench Crazy Dreams / Patsy Cline & Mila Mason
  Crazy Foot Mambo D / I Paul McAdam  If You Wann.. / Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels
  Crazy Lil Thing Called Love D Val Saari Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Brett Eldredge
  Crazy Little Thing I Chris Hodgson Crazy Little Thing Cal.. / Dwight Yoakam
  Crazy Little Woman D / I Ozgur “Oscar”TAKAÇ Kansas City / Trini Lopez
Crazy Loca I Jade Labelle & Sophie Lachambre Loca / Shakira
  Crazy Nites D / I Bev Carpenter Mama Ain't Home.. / Confederate Railroad
Crazy Over You D / I Linda Sansoucy Crazy Over You / John McNicholl
  Crazy Postman D Glynn Holt Please Mr. Postman / The Carpenters
  Creepin' Up D / I Jessica & Kelli Haugen Creepin' Up On You / Darren Hayes
  Crib Notes D / I Donna Manning Write My Number On Your Hand / Scotty McCreery
  Crimson Red D / I Michael Schmidt Crimson Red / Whitney Rose
  Cripple Creek Contra Kip Weeney Cripple Creek / Jim Rast & Knee Deep
  Crocodile Roll D / I Ira Weisburd & Alison Johnstone & David Hoyn Crocodile Roll / Hillbilly Rick & Australia’s Tornadoes
  Crocodile Shoes D / I John & Janette Sandham Crocodile Shoes / Jimmy Nail
  Crossfire D / I Marie Sørensen Crossfire / The Bellamy Brothers
  Crossroad I A. Mader & M. Chafino & D. Villellas  My Next Broken Heart / Brad Paisley
  Crossroads D / I Séverine Fillion Crossroads / Devon Graves
  Cruise Control I Neil Hale All Over But The Shooting / Shenandoah
Crushin' It I H. Lavoie & M. Auclair & M. C. Poirier & M. Lacasse Crushin’ It / Brad Paisley
  Crusin' D Neil Hale What A Crying Shame / The Mavericks
  Cruising Backroads D / I Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Backroads / Ricky Van Shelton
  Cry Baby Cry D / I Ozgur "Oscar" TAKAÇ Cry / Carlene Carter
  Cry Cry Cry D / I Francien Sittrop Cry To Me / Precious Wilson & Eruption
  Cry For You I Kate Sala & Daan Geelen Cry For You / September
  Cry Pretty D / I Karl-Harry Winson Cry Pretty / Carrie Underwood
  Cry To Me D / I Paul McAdam Cry To Me / Solomon Burke
  Cryin' In The Rain D Mary Dragon Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain / Willie Nelson
  Cryin' Through My Eyes D / I Marie Sørensen Cryin` Through My Eyes / Dave Sheriff
  Crying All Night D / I Ozgur “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ Singing The Blues / Kentucky Headhunters
Crying Baby D Daniel Servant Come On Back / Carlene Carter
  Crystal Blue Cha Cha D / I Shirley Batson Dancin' Shaggin'../ Alabama
Cuban Sugar D / I Linda Sansoucy Cuban Sugar / Brent Burns
  Cuban Walk D Hank & Mary Dahl I Just Want To Dance With.../ George Strait
  Cucaracha D Hank & Mary Dahl Right Now / Mary Chapin Carpenter  
  Cucci Cucci Man I Chatti The Valley Per Colpi Di Chi / Zucchero
  CuCu D / I Winnie Yu Mueve Tu CuCu / El Simbolo
  Cumba Dance I Kenny Teh Cumba Dance / Ruben Roberis
  Cumbia Semana D Ira Weisburd Fin De Semana / Fito Olivares
  Cupid Shuffle D Cupid Cupid Shuffle / Cupid
  Curious Girl D / I Daniel Trépat Curious Girl / Drew Baldridge
  Cut A Rug D Jo & Rita Thompson Roll Back The Rug / Scooter Lee
  Cute Boot Scooter D Karen Tripp Cute Bootscooter / J. Chester & The Lonesome Hearts
  Cute ! Cute ! Cute ! I Kathy Gurdjian Brand New Girlfriend / Steve Holy
  Cut Off Jeans D / I Ozgur “Oscar”TAKAÇ That's How They Do It In Dixie / Hank Williams Jr & Friends
  Cuz I Said So I Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Cause I Said So / NeYo
  Cypress Shuffle D / I Julia Ann Kennedy New York, New York / Roger Williams


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