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  Babe Contra Jennifer Rhéaume I Need Somebody / Cheap Seat
  Baby D / I Country Bound Find Out What's Happenin' / Tanya Tucker
Baby D / I Serge Légaré The Baby / Blake Shelton
  Baby Baby I Mark Cook Baby Come On / C. Anderson & DJ Robbie
  Baby Bandit I Kate Sala &  Karl - Harry Winson Baby / Clean Bandit & Marina & The Diamonds & Luis Fonsi
  Baby Belle D Gaye Teather The Belle Of Liverpool / Derek Ryan
  Baby Blue D / I Angie Leyland You’re In The Shadow Of My Mind / Chris Raddings
  Baby Blue Mambo I Daniel Whittaker  Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On / Sammy Kershaw
  Baby Blues D / I Tina Argyle Blues About You Baby / Plain Loco
  Baby Bubbles D / I Gaye Teather Love Done Gone / Billy Currington
  Baby Cha D Kate Sala Baby Confess / Leland Martin
  Baby Com' On I Bev Carpenter Baby Come On / C.Anderson & DJ Robbie
  Baby Come Back To Me D Micaela Svensson Baby Come Back to Me / Manhattan Transfer
  Baby Come On ! I K. Hunyadi & P. Metelnick Here Comes My Baby / The Mavericks
  Baby Don't Cry I Bastiaan van Leeuwen Lonely / Jackson Taylor
  Baby Don't Go D / I Bastiaan van Leeuwen Baby Don't Go / Steve Holy
  Baby Don't Go D / I Annie Saerens Baby Don't Go / Dwight Yoakam
  Baby Don't Stop I Robbie McGowan Hickie Wow / Inna
  Baby Don't You Let Go I Eddie McIntosh Baby Don't You Let Go / Trisha Yearwood
  Baby Get My Name D / I Christine Cotton Get My Name / Mark Ballas
  Baby Grace D Rep Ghazali-Meaney Be My Baby / Leslie Grace
  Baby Hop I Inconnu Some Kinda Good Kinda Hold On Me / Toby Keith
  Baby I'm Good I Kevin Smith & Wayne Beazley Good Gets Here / Toby Keith
Baby I'm On It D / I Bobby Houle I’m On It / Chris Cormack
  Baby I'm Right D Dan Albro Baby, I'm Right / Darius Rucker
  Baby I'm Right ! D / I Tim Gauci Baby, I'm Right / Darius Rucker
  Baby I Like It D / I Louise Elfvengren I Like It / Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull
Baby I Want You D Linda Sansoucy Only You / Anderson East
Baby Jane I / A Michelle Chandonnet Baby Jane / Rod Stewart
  Baby Just Call I Ozgur “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ Pennsylvania 6-5000 / Brian Setzer Orchestra
  Baby Kisses D Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell My Baby’s Kiss / The Jenkins
Baby Let's Dance I Marie-Paule Tremblay Baby Let's Lay Down And Dance / The Brooks Brothers
  Baby Like To Rock It I Hillbilly Rick Baby Like To Rock It / The Tractors
Baby Off My Mind I / A

M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault

Drinkin' My Baby Off My Mind / Eddy Rabbitt
  Baby Please Come Home I Robbie Halvorson Baby, Please Come Home / Scooter Lee 
  Baby Rocks D Vivienne Scott Baby Rocks / Phil Vassar
  Baby Rocks D / I Sara Gitsham Baby Rocks / Phil Vassar
  Baby Swing D Rene and Reg Mileham Swing Baby / David Ball
Baby What You Want D Isabelle Fournier Baby What You Want Me To Do / Yoan Garneau
Baby What You Want Me To Do D / I Manon Lévesque Baby What You Want Me To Do / Yoan Garneau
  Baby Why Not Tonight D Kat Painter  Why Not Tonight / Neal McCoy
  Baby, You & Me ! D / I Gordon Timms I Will Die For You / Luca Hänni
  Baby.... You're No Good I Pat Esper You're No Good / Sarah Ross
  Baby's Got Dancing Feet D Debbie Small Dancing Feet / Dave Sheriff
Baby's Got My Number I Martin Lamontagne Baby's Got My N... / South Sixty Five
  Babycham D Ron Bloye Champagne Promise / David Nail
  Babylon Samba I Maria Blackwell La Mucara / The Mavericks
  Bachata Bouke D Hantos Djay Don't Wanna See You Cry ( remix Hantos Djay ) / Booke
Back I Guy Dubé & Denis Henley Back / Colt Ford
  Back 2 Me D / I Maggie Gallagher If You Come Back To Me / Inspiration
  Back Again I Robbie McGowan Hickie Tornero / Paul London  
  Back At Ya I Peter Metelnick Walk Right Back / Dean Brothers
Back Daisy I Steve Descôteaux Ramalama Daisy / Cartoons
  Back For More I Emma Atherage & Mat Baker You Shook Me All Night Long / AC/DC
  Back In Baby's Arms D Diana Dawson Back In Baby's Arms / Kevin Montgomery
  Back In Love D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie Let's Get Back to Me and You / Alan Jackson
  Back In The Back Seat I Maggie Gallagher Back In The Back Seat / Ronan Keating
  Back In The Day D Dan Albro Back in the Day / Jessta James
  Back In The Saddle I Yvonne Anderson You Can’t Count Me Out Yet / Travis Tritt
  Back In Time D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie Bajo La Luna / Sparx
  Back In Town I Bastiaan van Leeuwen The Old Men's Back In Town / Garth Brooks 
  Back In Trouble D Vera Brown Trouble / Mark Chesnutt
  Back It Up I Debi Bodven Our First Kiss / Billy Gilman 
  Back On Texas Time D Gail A. Dawson Texas Time / Keith Urban
  Back Together D Robbie McGowan Hickie Back In My Life ( Radio Edit ) / Fly Project
  Back To Front I Gary Lafferty Today I Started Loving You Again / Buddy Jewell & Miranda Lambert
  Back To My Roots I Andrew & Sheila Where the Blacktop Ends / Keith Urban
  Back To The Bar I Séverine Fillion She's Got Me Drinkin' Again / Richard Lynch
  Back To The Country D / I Tony & Lana Harvey Wilson Back To The Country / Marty Stuart
  Back To The Start U / D Hayley Wheatley Back To The Start / Michael Schulte
  Back To You I Robbie McGowan Hickie Back In Your Arms Again / The Mavericks
  Back Track D / I Montana Western I Feel Lucky / Mary Chapin Carpenter
Back Up D / I Chantal Gagnon Back Up Against The Wall / Travis Tritt
  Back When D Patrick Fleming Back When / Tim McGraw
  Backroads D / I M. Vasquez  Back Roads / Ricky Van Shelton
  Backseat Driver I / A Inconnu Backseat Driver / Underground Outlaws
  Backseat Kiss D Lisa M. Johns-Grose  Tank Of Gas And A Radio Song / Travis Denning
  Backstreet Attitude I Jamie Marshall Everybody ( Backstreet's Back ) / Backstreet Boys
  Backwood Bump D / I Brandon Zahorsky & Stacy Ruggiero  Backwood Bump / Waterloo Revival
  Backwoods Girl D / I Chris Hodgson Backwoods Barbie / Dolly Parton
  Backwoods Sugar Foot D Solveig Bæck Backwoods Barbie / Dolly Parton
  Backyard Problem I Ozgur "Oscar" TAKAÇ Your Back Yard / Burton Cummings
  Bad About To Happen  ( a.k.a The B.A.T.H. Dance ) D / I Dan Albro Somethin Bad / Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood
  Bad Bad Feeling D / I Ozgur "Oscar" TAKAÇ Bad Bad Feeling / Trampled Under Foot
Bad Boy I Daniel Lepage Start The Car / Travis Tritt
  Bad Boy Tango I Kate Sala Dime / Belle Perez
  Bad Dog Boogie I C. Butler & N. McKee When I Come Back I.../ Greg Holland
Bad Girl I Manon Lévesque I Get So Rattled / Jill Morris
Bad Girls I Guy Dubé & Serge Légaré Bad Girls / MKTO
  Bad Guy D Mad Cat Lipstick Powder & Paint / Shakin' Stevens
  Bad Heart Day D / I Max Perry Bad Heart Day / Rick Tippe
  Bad Influence D / I Mark Furnell & Jo & John Kinser Bad Influence / Pink
Bad Influence I Bobby Houle Bad Influence / Pink
Bad Man I Guy Dubé & Denis Henley Bad Man /  Pitbull & Robin Thicke, Joe Perry, Travis Barke
  Bad Moon On The Rise D / I Alison Biggs Bad Moon Rising / Creedence C. Revival
  Bad Move I Barbara R.K. Wallace She's Gonna Hurt Somebody / Chuck Wicks
Bad Romance I Nicolas Lachance  Bad Romance / Lady Gaga
  Bad Romance I Rick Dominguez & Steve Berkowitz Bad Romance / Lady Gaga
  Bad Things D / I Bill Goodlad Bad Things / Jace Everett
Bad Time In Love D / I Stéphane Cormier She Ain't In It / Jon Pardi
  Badda Boom, Badda Dang D / I Karen Hunn Ghostriders / Appalusa
Baddest Boots D / I Fernand et Nicole Gauthier Baddest Boots / Toby Keith
  Badonkadonk D / I Pepper Siquieros Honky Tonk Badonkadonk / Trace Adkins
  Bahama Mama I Max Perry Bahama Mama / Boney M
Baila I Jocelyn ( Lariat ) Vachon Baila / Willy William & Lylloo
Baila Baila D / I Bobby Houle Baila Baila (Chico Latino Remix) / Angela Via
  Baila Baila Conmigo I Dee Musk  Baila, Baila Conmigo / Missiego 
  Bailando D / I Joan Morro, Maria José Calafat & Marian Sancho Bailando by Enrique Iglesias & Descemer Bueno & Gente de Zona
  Bailando Amor I Kate Sala Bailando / Enrique Iglesias & Descemer Bueno & Gente De Zona
  Bailar Bailar ( Dance Dance ) D / I Francien Sittrop Bailar / Deorro & Elvis Crespo
  Balada I Francien Sittrop Balada Boa / Gusttavo Lima
Ball & Chain I Michelle Chandonnet Ball & Chain / Kevin Fowler
  Balla Con La Luna D / I Roger Neff   Balla Con La Luna / Giampiero Vincenzi
  Ballando D / I Ira Weisburd Nuovo Mambo / Quelli Della Notte
  Ballymore Boys I Dynamite Dot Ballymore Boys / Shamrock
  Banana Pancakes D / I Alan Spence Banana Pancakes / Billy Currington  
  Band G D / I Georgine Noël Fecteau Half Way To Paradise / The Dean Brothers
  Band Of Love D / I Francien Sittrop Band Of Gold / Kimberley Locke
  Bandido's Last Ride D Gaye Teather Bandido's Last Ride / Dave Sheriff
Bandwagon I Linda Sansoucy Bandwagon / Kellie Coffey
  Bang Bang I Rachael McEnaney & Simon Ward Bang Bang / Jody Bernal
  Bang Bang EZ D Annemaree Sleeth Bang Bang / Jessie J
  Banjo D / I Roz Chaplin Banjo / Rascal Flatts
  Banjo I Lynn Card Banjo / Rascal Flatts
Banjos & Bongos D / I Serge Légaré Banjos And Bongos / Sammy Arriaga
  Bank Robbery I / A Ozgur "Oscar" & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ Roundtable Rival / Lindsey Stirling
  Baptized In Beer D / I Max Perry The Lord Loves A Drinkin' Man / Mark Chesnutt 
  Bar Isn't It D / I Michael Barr Don't Fence Me In / Larri White
  Bar Stools D Ken & Bunny Fargo If Barstools Could Talk / Patti Davis & Bandit
Bare Essentials D / I Diane Brabant Bare Essentials / Lee Kernaghan
  Bare Essentials D / I Carly Dimond Bare Essentials / Lee Kernaghan
  Bare Essentials D Tiziana Nastasi  Bare Essentials / Lee Kernaghan
  Bareback Boogie I Gavin Brewer Boogie' Til The Cows C... / R. Brown & Swing City
  Barefoot I Mick Harris Barefoot Blue Jean Night / Jake Owen
  Barefoot And Crazy D / I Stéphane Cormier Barefoot And Crazy / Jack Ingram
Barn Burner D / I Josée Martel Barn Burner / Dan Davidson
  Barn Burner D / I Rob Fowler  Barn Burner / Dan Davidson
  Barn Burning Boogie D / I Inconnu Little Honky Tonk / Brooks & Dunn
  Barnyard Hustle D Barnyard Dancers We Won't Dance / Vince Gill
  Barroom Boogie D / I John & Phyllis Pink Cadillac / Southern Pacific
Bartender D Linda Sansoucy Hey Bartender / Eddie Rabbitt 
Bartender I / A Manon Shank Bartender / Lady Antebellum
  Basha I Michele Perron Cruising For Bruising / Basia 
  Basic Heel D Rafel Corbi  Honky Tonk Heart / Highway 101
Bass Boat I Michelle Chandonnet Bettys Got a Bass Boat / Pam Tillis
Bathroom Floor D / I Marie Pascale Labrosse et Annie Ladouceur Bathroom floor / Maddie & Tae
Baton Rouge D Stéphan Ozz Calling Baton Rouge / Garth Brooks
  Bayou Bay Boogie D Max Perry Boogie On The Bayou / Bad Ass Boots
  Bayou City Twister I Alfred Watkins Dance / Twister Alley
  Baywatch I Daniel Trépat I Am Always Here / Jim Jamison
  BBQ Chicken D / I Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ Bad Rap / David Brendan Hunt
  Be Happy I Peter & Alison, TheDanceFactory  Don't Worry Be Happy / Hermes House Band
  Be Happy Now D Roy Verdonk & Sebastiaan Holtland Don’t Worry Be Happy / The Overtones
  Be Mine I Magali Chabret & Sébastien Bonnier Be Mine / Ofenbach
  Be Mine Tonight I Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs It’s Now Or Never / Chris Isaak
  Be My Baby Now I Vicky St.Pierre  & Rachael McEnaney Be My Baby / Leslie Grace
  Be Ready Baby D / I Elke Abele & Ozgur “Oscar” Takaç Fresh Coat Of Paint / Lee Roy Parnell
  Be Strong D / I Audrey Watson The Words 'I Love You' /  Chris De Burgh
  Beach Bop Boogie D Jo & Rita Thompson Jam Up & Jelly Tight / Scooter Lee
  Beach Party I Al Ord Desert Luau / David Ball
  Bear Country D Marie Sørensen Bear Country / Sammy Rose
  Beat Me Daddy D Jackie Follett (Beat Me Daddy) Eight To The Bar / Dean Brothers
  Beat Of The Music D / I Cristofol Alain & Amandine Cristofol Beat Of The Music / Brett Eldredge
  Beat The Devil I Masters In Line Goin' To Beat The Devil / Steve Azar
  Beat The Road Jack D / I Özgür “Oscar”TAKAÇ, Hit The Road Jack / Ray Charles (Oscar's Remix)
Beautiful Body D Guylaine Bourdages If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body / Bellamy Brothers
  Beautiful Crazy I Debbie Rushton Beautiful Crazy / Luke Combs
Beautiful Crazy D / I Kevin Michel Beautiful Crazy / Luke Combs
Beautiful Day Contra Linda Sansoucy Beautiful Sunday / Olsen Brothers
  Beautiful Day D Gaye Teather A Beautiful Day / Dave Sheriff 
Beautiful Drug D / I Nicolas Lachance Beautiful Drug / Zac Brown Band
  Beautiful Flames A Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher Ashes / Céline Dion
  Beautiful Girl D / I Bill Coombs The Most Beautiful Girl In The World / 655
  Beautiful Inside D / I Roz Chaplin & Lorna Mursell Beautiful ( Radio Edit ) / Mathieu Bouthier & Sophie Ellis Bextor
  Because D / I Ann Williams Because Of You / Mavericks
  Because Of You I Robbie McGowan Hickie Olivia / Rick Trevino
Because Of You I Nathalie Pelletier  Because Of You / Reba McIntyre & Kelly Clarkson
  Beer For My Horses I Christine Bass Beer For My...  / T. Keith & W. Nelson
  Beer Goggles D / I Michael W. Diven Billy's Got His Beer Go... / Neal McCoy
Beer Money D Guy Dubé & Denis Henley Beer Money /  Kip Moore
Beer Never Break My Heart D / I Marc Labrosse Beer Never Broke My Heart / Luke Combs
Beer Never Broke My Heart I S. Cormier, D. Ironland, M. Plante Beer Never Broke My Heart / Luke Combs
  Beer On The Table D / I A. J. & Scott Herbert Beer On The Table / Josh Thompson
  Beer On The Table D / I Anna Picerno Beer On The Table / Josh Thompson
  Beer Or Gasoline I Cato Larsen Beer Or Gasoline / Chris Young
Beer Run D / I Martin Deslandes Beer Run / Garth Brooks
  Beer Season D / I Bruno Morel Beer Season / Kevin Fowler
  Beer Thursday D DJ. Denys  Beer Thursday / Brooks & Dunn
  Beers Ago ! D / I Max Perry Beers Ago / Toby Keith
  Beeswing D / I  Tina Argyle Beeswing / Nathan Carter
  Beethoven Boogie I Rob Fowler Boogie & Beethoven / Larry Gatlin 
  Before The Devil D / I Alan G. Birchall If You're Going Through Hell / Rodney Atkins
  Being Fabulous D John Harte  Being Fabulous / The Eagles
  Believable D / I Barry Amato Unbelievable / Diamond Rio
Believe Again I Guy Dubé Believe Again / Brinck
  Bella Vista I Nellie Chan & Tony Sin Under The Boardwalk / The Deans
  Bella's Cha Cha I John Mulhall Third Rate Romance / Sammy Kershaw
  Benidorm Boogie D / I Jan Owen Smith Benidorm Boogie / Dave Sheriff
  Benidorm Lovers D / I Francien Sittrop Why Do Fools Fall In Love / The Overtones
Best Adventure D / I Linda Sansoucy Best Adventure / Leaving Thomas
Best Friend I Guy Dubé & Jose Miguel Bellogue Vane Best Friend / Sofi Tukker & Nervo & The Knocks & Alisa Ueno
Best Of Friends D / I Diane Goyette Best Of Friends / Dave Sheriff
  Best Part of The Day (Is The Night) D / I Marie Sørensen The Best Part Of The Day Is The Night / The Outlaws
  Best Thing D / I Séverine Fillion Best Thing / Steve Moakler
  Best Wishes D Juliet Lam (I Wish I Knew How It Would....)  Free /  Lighthouse Family 
  Betcha Neva I Rob Fowler Betcha Neva / Cherie
  Betcha Never D / I Bastiaan van Leeuwen  Betcha Never / Glennis Grace 
  Bethlehem Child I Verdonk & Holtland & Belloque Vane Children, Go Where I Send Thee / Kenny Rogers & Home Free
  Bethlehem Child EZ D Linda Benton Children, Go Where I Send Thee / Kenny Rogers & Home Free
  Better I Roz Chaplin, Lorna Mursell & Colin B. Smith Better / Gord Bamford
  Better Bad Idea I Magali Chabret Better Bad Idea / Sunny Sweeney
  Better Box It Up I N. Fitzgerald, J. Harris & M. Jackobsen Stuck On A Feeling / Prince Royce & Snoop Dogg
Better Country D / I Denis Henley Better Country / Paul Brandt
  Better Get To Livin' I Dave Munro  Better Get To Livin' / Dolly Parton
Better In Texas D / I Collectif québécois Better In Texas / Rick Trevino
  Better Life I Peter Metelnick Better Life / Keith Urban
  Better Places D / I Pepper Siquieros Better Places Than This / Tracy Byrd
Better Than You D Stéfan-Ozz I'll Never Do Better Than You / George Canyon
  Better Times D / I Pat Stott & Vikki Morris Better Times A Comin / Derek Ryan
Better Times D / I Denis Henly Better Time A Comin / Derek Ryan
  Better When I'm Dancin' I Julia Wetzel Better When I'm Dancin' / Meghan Trainor
  Betty Is Bad D / I Ozgur “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ Betty's Bein' Bad / Sawyer Brown
  Betty Lou Boogie D / I Anita McNab Betty Lou's Getting Out Tonight / Bob Seger 
Between Friends I Michelle Chandonnet Just Betweren Friends / Beccy Cole
  Between The Lies D Audrey Watson Right Between The Lies / Brandon Sandefur 
Between The Lines D / I Denis Henley Read Between The Lines / Kevin Fowler
  Beyond Your Eyes D / I Peter & Alison, TheDanceFactory Beyond Your Eyes / Jessica Martinsson
Bible Belt I Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve Bible Belt / Travis Tritt
  Big Bad Broken Heart D Marie Sørensen Big Bad Broken Heart / Jolie Holiday
Big Bamboo D Guy Dubé Big Bamboo / Saragossa Band
  Big Bang Boogie D / I Michele Burton Big Bang Boogie / Scooter Lee 
  Big Bertha Blues D / I Özgür “Oscar”TAKAÇ Go To Sleep Big Bertha / Eddie Rabbitt
  BIg Big Love D / I Marie Sørensen Big Big Love / Derek Ryan
Big Big Love D Linda Sansoucy Big Big Love / Dereck Ryan
  Big Blue Note D Jan Smith Big Blue Note / Toby Keith
  Big Blue Note D / I John Sharman Big Blue Note / Toby Keith
  Big Blue Note I The Girls Big Blue Note / Toby Keith
  Big Blue Tree D Ria Vos Big Blue Tree / Michael English
Big Bull Rider I Chantal Gagnon Big Bull Rider / Toby Keith
  Big Chill I Kate sala Workin' On A Big Chill / Vince Gill
  Big Coconuts D / I Marja Urgert & Jan Van Tiggelen Big Coconuts / Cartoons
  Big D! But No Dallas! D / I Pistol Pete Goin' Trough The Big D / Mark Chesnutt
  Big Daddy D Chuck Murawski Who’s Your Daddy / Toby Keith
  Big Deal D / I Tonya Coon Big Deal / LeAnn Rimes
Big Dog Daddy I Chantal Gagnon Big Dog Daddy / Toby Keith
  Big Fish I Kate Sala & Daan Geelen  Bigger Fish To Fry / Brad Paisley
  Big Foot Stomp D / I Rafel Corbi High Steppin ` Daddy / Kentucky Headhunters 
  Big Girls Boogie D Mavis Broom Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) / Mika
Bigger D / I Stéphane Cormier Bigger / Sugarland
  Big Hair I Gloria Johnson & Dusty Miller Big Hair / Bellamy Brothers
  Big Hunk I Ria Vos A Big Hunk O'Love / Pete Anderson
  Big Jimmy D / I Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie Big Jimmy & Felicidad / Graeme Connors
  Big Love D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie The Big One / George Strait 
  Big Love In Town D Séverine Fillion Big Love In A Small Town / Sarah Johns
  Big Sister's Radio I Sue Ann Ehmann My Big Sister’s Radio / The Mighty Mike Schermer Band
Big Thing D / I Mard Davidson The Next Best Thing / Vince Gill
  Big Time D / I Martin Ritchie Big Time /  Big & Rich
  Big Time Night D / I Dan Albro Small Town Big Time / Blake Shelton
  Biker Chick I Suzanne Wilson Biker Chick / Jo Dee Messina
  Biker Dance D / I Greywolf & Wiya Wambli  Country Man / Luke Bryan
  Billie Blue Lights D Michael Barr Keepin' Me Up Nights / Asleep At The Wheel
  Billie Jean I Liz Surrey & Jacqui Fields Billie Jean / Michael Jackson
  Bill's Basic U / D Bill Ray Lord Have Mercy On A Country Boy / Don Williams
  Bills D Sandy Morrujo Bills / Lunch Money Lewis
  Billy B Bad D June Shuman Billy B. Bad / George Jones
  Billy B Bad D / I Bonnie & John Newcomer Billy B. Bad / George Jones
  Billy Be Bad U / D Geoff Langford Billy B. Bad / George Jones
  Billy Line Dance D Séverine Fillion Skiff-A-Billy Line Dance / Johnny Earle
  Billy Texano D / I Gabriella Castorina e Attilio De Pamphilis Billy Texano / Castellina Pasi
  Billy's Dream D Marie Sørensen Dreaming Out Loud / Billy Yates
  Billy's Got His Beer Goggle D Alan Baraniuk Billy's Got His Beer Go... / Neal McCoy
  Birmingham Rock D / I Mark Seidl Just Playin' Possum / Alan Jackson
Bit By Bit I Claude Martin Bit By Bit / John Landry
  Bit By Bit D Kevin Elvidge That'll Teach Her / Chris Cummings
Bittersweet Company I Bobby Houle Bittersweet Company / Kip Moore
  Black Betty I Crazy Chris Black Betty 2003 / Tom Jones
  Black Betty's Worldwilde D June Shuman  Black Betty's Worldwide / Xenia Ghali
  Black Butta D / I Jo & John Kinser & Mark Furnell Black Butta / Beverley Knight
  Black Cadillac I Adolfo Calderero Long Black Cadillac / Jackson Delaney
  Black Coffee I Helen O'Maley Black Coffee / Lacy J. Dalton
  Black Eyed Samba I P.  Metelnick & A. Biggs Mas Que Nada / Sergio Mendes
  Black Horse I Kate Sala The Black Horse And The../  K.T. Tunstall 
Black Horse Light D Ainsi-Danse The Black Horse And The../  K.T. Tunstall 
  Black Leather Breeches I Gaye Teather Baby Rocks / Phil Vassar
  Black Mercedes D / I Dan Albro Jim And Jack And Hank / Alan Jackson
  Black Pony D / I Niels B. Poulsen The Black Horse And The../  K.T. Tunstall 
  Blackpool By The Sea D / I Gaye Teather Blackpool By The Sea / Dave Sheriff
Black Suit D / I Daniel Servant Sharp Dressed Man / Brad Paisley
  Black Tequila Sheila D Agnes Gauthie Tequila Sheila / Blake Shelton
  Black Whiskey D Conrad Farnham Black Whiskey / The Shana Stack Band
  Blackberry Boogie I Theresa Needham Blackberry Boogie / Swing Commanders
  Blake N Trace D / I Rachael McEnaney If I Was A Woman / Trace Adkins & Blake Shelton
Blame It On That Red Dress I Lise Goulet Blame It On That Red Dress / Gord Banford
  Blame The Vain D / I DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Blame The Vain / Dwight Yoakam
  Blankety Blank D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie Fill In The Blank / Greg Bates
  Bleed Red D Mal Jones  Bleed Red / Ronnie Dunn 
Blender I Sébastien Émond & Stéphane Cormier Limes / Brad Paisley
  Bling Bling Cowboy D Joyce Warren Save A Horse, Ride A... / Big & Rich
  Bloodline I Tina Argyle Bloodline / Harper Grae
  Blood Red I Jan Wyllie She Wore Red Dresses / Dwight Yoakam
  Blood, Sweat & Beer D / I Dan Albro Blood, Sweat & Beer / Blackjack Billy
  Blow A Bugle D / I Özgür “Oscar”TAKAÇ Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B / The Honeybee Trio
Blow Me I Guy Dubé Blow Me (One Last Kiss) / Pink
  Blown Away I Kimberly Rock & Erin Deneen Blown Away / Carrie Underwood
  Blue Ain't Your Color I Roy Verdonk & José miguel Belloque Vane Blue Ain't Your Color / Keith Urban
Blue Angel D / I Marc Labrosse My Blue Angel / Aaron Tippin
  Blue Bayou Dreams D / I Violet Ray Blue Bayou / Robi Kahakalau
  Blue Blue Day D / I Diana Dawson Blue Blue Day / Anne Murray
  Blue Boy D Bob Davis Blueboy / John Fogerty
  Blue California D / I Audrey Watson Blue California / The Bellamy Brothers 
  Blue Cha D Vivienne Scott & Fred Buckley Blue Café / Major Dundee
  Blue Finger Boogie D / I Marie Sørensen Blue Finger Lou / Anne Murray
  Blue Finger Lou I / A Max Perry & A.T. Kinson Blue Finger Lou / Anne Murray
  Blue Jean I Séverine Fillion Barefoot Blue Jeans Night / Jake Owen
Blue Jeans D / I M.  Lévesque & D.  Lepage Built For Blue Jeans / Tyler Dean
  Blue Jeans D Gaëtan Favreau Built For Blue Jeans / Tyler Dean
  Blue Lights Chasing I / A Joey Warren We Went / Randy Houser
  Blue Marlin Blues I Thierry Willemin Blue Marlin Blues / George Strait
  Blue Moon Shuffle D / I Diana Dawson  Blue Moon Nights / John Fogerty
Blue Night D / I Josée Rotella Zack’s Bon Ton / Zachary Richard
  Blue Night Cha D Kim Ray Blue Night / Michael Learns
  Blue Note D Jan Smith Big Blue Note / Toby Keith
  Blue Over Me D / I Francien Sittrop Blue / Derek Ryan
  Blue Rich Mountains D / I Marie Sørensen Blue Ridge Mountain Blues / Black Hills Country Band
Blue Rodeo


Chandonnet & Archambault Blue Rodeo / The Woolpackers
  Blue Rose Is D Inconnu Blue Rose Is / Pam Tillis 
Blue Sky I Jean-Guy Benoît How Gone, Goodbye / Pam Tillis
  Blue Spanish Eyes D Juliet Lam Blue Spanish Eyes / Bouke
  Blue Suede Boots D Ozgur “Oscar”TAKAÇ Blue Suede Shoes / Elvis Presley
  Blue Summer I Toni Holmes & Steve Jeffries That Summer Song / Blue County
  Blue Town D / I Daisy Simons  Whole Town Blue / Rick Treviño
  Blue Wing D / I dj Dan Blue Wing / Tom Russell Band
  Blueberry Chill D / I Gaye Teather Blueberry Hill / Mike Kelly
  Blurried Lines D / I Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk Blurred Lines / Robin Thicke & T.I. & Pharrell Williams
  Blurry Lines D / I Alison Johnstone Blurred Lines / Robin Thicke FJ Pharrell & T ( iTunes)
Boardwalk   I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Under The Board... / Lynn Anderson
  Boatdock I Larry Bass Boatdock / Men Of Distinction
  Boa Me D Romain Brasme & Marlon Ronkes Boa Me /  Ed Sheeran & Fuse ODG & Mugeez
  Bobbi With An I D / I Rachael McEnaney  Bobbi With An I / Phil Vassar
  Bobbie Sue D / I Alice Daugherty & Tim Hand Bobbie Sue / The Oak Ridge Boys
  Bobby Jo D / I Rob Fowler As Good As I Once Was / Toby Keith
  Bocephus I Bill Rice Tear Stained Letter / Patty Loveless
  Body Goes Boom ! D / I Tim Gauci Boom Boom / Justice Crew
  Body Goes Boom ! I / A Rachael McEnaney  Boom Boom / Justice Crew
  Body In Motion I Peter Metelnick Angelina / Lou Bega
  Body Lotion D / I David Kopcych Rub It In / Matt King
  Body To Body D / I Francien Sittrop Body To Body / XYP
  Bollywood I Daniel Whittaker Halla Decale / DJ Mam’s
  Bombay To Brussels I Rep Ghazali-Meaney Down Under ( F.T. & Company Edit ) / MAN & M.A.N
  Bomshel Stomp D / I J. Marshall & K. Hedges Bomshel Stomp / Bomshel 
Bomshel's Finger Lickin' D Guy Dubé It Was A Absolutely Finger Lickin, Grits And .... / Bomshel
Bonapart's D / I Pierre Provencher Bonapart's Retreat / Glen Campbell 
  Bonaparte's Retreat D Maddison Glover Bonapart's Retreat / Glen Campbell 
  Bones-Easy D Lisbeth Blaabjerg Bones / Galantis & One Republic
  Bonfire Heart I Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Bonfire Heart / James Blunt
  Bonnie & Clyde I Joe Green Modern Day Bonnie &.. / Travis Tritt
  Bonnie & Clyde D / I Sue Halliday Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde / Travis Tritt
  Boobs   ( aka The Hippy Titty Shake ) I Adrian Churm Boobs / The Bellamy Brothers
  Boobyalla I John Bishop Boobyalla / D. Fish & M. Cristian
  Boogie All Night Long I Garth Bock Boogie All.. / B. Wyman & The Rhythm Kings
  Boogie Boots I Kay Romero All My Rowdy Friends are... / Hank Williams Jr
  Boogie Bop D WNJR Group You Feel The Same Way To / Rankin Family
  Boogie Choo Choo D Martie Papendorf Stoomtrein / Kurt Darren & Snotkop
  Boogie Fever I Rob Fowler Boogie Fever / The Sylvers
  Boogie Foot 06 D / I Todd Lescarbeau Club Savoy / Rockin’ Louie & M.  Jammers
  Boogie On Down I / A Benjamin Smart Stay All Night by Asleep At The Wheel / M. Chestnut & R. Benson
  Boogie Till The Cows Come Home D / I Marie Sørensen, Danemark & Adrian Helliker  Boogie Till The Cows Come Home /  Clay Walker
  Boogie Train D Aggie Gulley Boogie Train / The Tractors
  Boogie Woogie Baby Jill I Özgür & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ Boogie Woogie Queen / The Lennerockers
  Boogie Woogie Blues D / I Georgine Noël Fecteau Eight To The Bar / Dean Brothers
  Boogie Woogie Country Boy D / I Rick & Deborah Bates Small Up And Simple Down / Neal McCoy 
  Boogie Woogie Rhythm I Jo Thompson Szymanski Boogie Woogie Rhythm / Scooter Lee
  Boogie Woogie Sheriff D / I Marie Sørensen  & Sally Hung Boogie Woogie Sheriff / Dave Sheriff
  Bookacha I Rep Ghazali I Only Wanna Be With You / Anna Book & David Watson
  Boom Boom ( Move Your Body) I Dave The Rave Blake Boom Boom / Chayanne
  Boom Boom Boom I Ross Brown El Bum-Bum / Carlitos Jimenez 
  Boum Boum Boum D / I Clide Normandin Boum Boum Boum / Mika
  Bootin'It D Peter Metelnick These Boots Are.../ Dean Brothers
  Boot Scootin' Woman I Martin Ritchie Boot Scootin' Woman / The Borderers
Boots Are Ready To Dance D Mireille Taillon Boots Are Ready To... / Dean Brothers
  Boots For Walking All Over You I CH Lim-Naidu  These Boots Are Made For Walking / Nancy Sinatra
  Boots Scooting Boogie D Inconnu Boot Scootin' Boogie / Brooks & Dunn
  Boot Scootin’ Boogie D Bill Bader Boot Scootin' Boogie / Brooks & Dunn
  Boot Scootin' Boogie  a.k.a Kickin' The Blues D / I Frank M. Beal Boot Scootin' Boogie / Brooks & Dunn
Booty Shake D / I Guylaine Gagné  Booty Shake / Matt Houston
  Booty To The Floor D Donna Manning  Daisy Dukes & Cowboy Boots / Cowboy Troy et Big & Rich
  Booze Cruise D / I Gaye Teather Beer On A Boat / Ashton Shepherd 
  Booze Cruise D / I Donna Manning Booze Cruise / Blackjack Billy
  Bop The B D Kathy Brown & Lindy Bowers Bop The Be / Billy Swan
  Borderline Crazy D Dan Albro Crazy / Neal McCoy
Bored To Death D / I Bobby Houle Bored To Death / Eric Hutchinson
Born & Raised D / I Claude Martin Born And Raised / Hunter Brothers
  Born 2 Dance D / I Julia Ann Kennedy Dancing Feet / Dave Sheriff
  Born 2B Gaga D Rep Ghazali Born This Way / Lady Gaga 
Born This Way D / I Nicolas Lachance Born This Way / Lady Gaga
Born This Way I Guylaine Fontaine Born This Way / ( The Country Road Version ) / Lady Gaga
  Born To Be Alive I Paula Frohn-Butterly Baby I'm Burnin' / Dolly Parton 
Born To Be Blue D / I Serge Légaré Born To Be Blue / The Mavericks
Born To Be Blue D / I Linda Sansoucy Born To Be Blue / The Mavericks
  Born To Be Great D Conrad Farnham Some Town Somewhere / Kenny Chesney
  Born To Love D Gudrun Schneider & Roy Hoeben Born To Love You / Lanco
Born To Love You U / D Linda Fortin Born To Love You / Lanco
  Born To Love You D / I Ed Tetreau Born To Love You / Lanco
  Born To Love You I Luke Watson Born To Love You / Lanco
  Borracho Grande D Françoise Guillet Borracho Grande / Kevin Fowler
  Borriquito D / I Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Borriquito ( Brass Radio Mix ) / Rodrigues
  Borriquito D / I Roy Verdonk,  Raymond Sarlemijn,  Roy Hadisubroto  Borriquito / Flamenco Radio Mix
Borrow My Dance I Marc Davidson Borrow My Heart / Taylor Henderson
  Bosa Nova D / I Phil Dennington Blame It On The Bossa Nova / Jane McDonald
  Bosa Nova ( Beginner Style ) D Irene Groundwater Blame it on the Bossa Nova / Joan McDonald
  Bossy I / A Michele Perron Bossy / Lindsay Lohan 
  Bossy Boots I Robbie McGowan Hickie Boots / Joey & Rory
  Boston Bills D / I Rob Fowler & Pat Stott Bills / Lunchmoney Lewis
  Bottle It Up D Linda Nyffeler If I Could Bottle This Up / Paul Overstreet 
  Bottle Pop I Francien Sittrop Last Night (Radio Edit) / I.Carey &Snoop Dogg & B. Anthony
Bottoms Up D / I Stéphane Cormier Bottoms Up / Brantley Gilbert
Bottoms Up D / I Carole Hudon Bottoms Up / Brantley Gilbert
Bouge La Cabeza D Carole Gosselin & Raymond Sanschagrin Bouge La Cabeza / Flavel & Neto
  Bounce D Barry Durand Bounce / Sarah Connor
  Bounce Bounce D Frank Trace Crystallized / Kim Sozzi
Bounce With Me   D / I Bobby Houle Bounce With Me / Kreysha Turner
  Bouncin' Back D / I Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry Bouncin' Back / Janie Frickie
  Bouncing Back D Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Break Me Up / Erika Selin
  Bound Ta Git Down I Rob Fowler Bound Ta Git Down / Shooter Jennings
  Bounty I Séverine Fillion Bounty / Dean Brody
  Bounty A Stefano Civa Bounty / Dean Brody

I / A

Barry & Tamela Baker Any Way The Wind Blows / Brother Phelps
  Box It Up ! I Craig Bennett Box Of Secrets / Zarif
  Boyfriend Of The Year D / I Yvonne Anderson Favourite Boyfriend Of The Year / The McClymonts
  Boys I Dan Albro Boys / Olivia Lane
Boys & Girls D / I François Lavoie When Boy Meet Girl / Terri Clark
  Boys And A Girl Thing D / I Rob Fowler Boy & A Girl Thing / Mo Pitney
  Boys, Beers And Partys I  Darling,  Rosendahl Dam,  Andersen The Boys, The Beers The Party / The Jam Band
  Boys In A Band D Montana Mag Honky Tonk Highway / Luke Combs
  Boys Will Be Boys D Gaye Teather That Don’t Make Me A Bad Guy / Toby Keith
  Boys' Round Here Stomp D / I Lindy Bowers    Boys‘ Round Here / Blake Shelton
  Brain Drain D Lorraine Harvey This Is Your Brain / Joe Diffie
  Brand New Buzz D / I Dan Albro Brand New Buzz / Big & Rich
  Brand New Buzz D / I Magali Chabret Brand New Buzz / Big & Rich 
  Brand New Girlfriend D / I Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher Brand New Girlfriend / Steve Holy
Brand New Man D Marc-André Beaudoin Brand New Man / Brooks & Dunn & Luke Combs
  Brazil D Frank Trace Brazil (Single Version) / Bellini
  Bread & Butter I Roz Morgan Shortening Bread / The Tractors
  Bread On The Table I Maggie Gallagher Bread On The Table /  Tom Wurth
  Break All The Rules I Alan Robinson Dancin' Cowboys / Bellamy Brothers
  Break Away D Max Perry Break Away / Scooter Lee
  Break Down U / D Flavia Ruzzier Break It Back Down / Pat Green
Breakfast Beer I Michaël Lacasse & Michel Auclair Breakfast Beer / Gord Bamford
  Break It Back Down D Dwight Meessen Break It Back Down / Pat Green 
  Break Me Up I Kate Sala Break Me Up / Erika Selin
  Break My Mind D / I Graham Mitchell Break My Mind / Nathan Carter
  Break On Me D / I Gaye Teather Break On Me / Keith Urban
  Break You Heart D / I Grace Apostol Break Your Heart / Taio Cruz
  Breaker, Breaker 1-9 I Levi J. Hubbard Nothin' To Lose / Josh Gracin 
  Breaking In Two D Kate Jones & David Spencer  There Goes My Heart / The Mavericks
  Breaking Up D / I David Dabbs Breaking Up / Jack Jersey 
  Breathe Into You I Francien Sittrop Breathe / Jax Jones & Ina Wroldsen
Breakthrough I Guy Dubé & Richard Boutet Breakthrough / Adam Hicks
  Breathless Corrs Go On I David J. McDonagh Breathless / Corrs
  Brer Rabbit I Cherie Belle Harclerode I'll Make Everything... / Eddie Rabbitt
  Bridges To Your Heart D / I Kathy Brown Building Bridges / Brooks & Dunn
  Brighter Life D   contra Henry Costa My Girl / Alabama
  Bring Down House D Sylvie Aumelas Bring Down The House / Dean Brody
Bring Down The House I Stéphane Cormier & Denis Henley Bring Down the House / Dean Brody
  Bring It On D / I Rick & Deborah Bates Bring It On / Rosie Flores
  Bring It On Over D / I Gaye Teather Bring It On Over / Billy Currington
  Bring Me Down D Lisa LeMier All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down / The Mavericks
  Bring Me Down D / I   contra Inconnu All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down / The Mavericks
  Bring Me Water ! D Nancy A. Morgan Waiter ! Bring Me.. / Shania Twain
  Bring On The Good Times D / I Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher Bring On The Good Times / Lisa McHugh
  Bring On The Teardrops D / I Marie Sørensen Bring On The Teardrops / Boy Howdy
  Broken Glass I Scott Blevins Found A New Love / Bryn Christopher
  Brokenhearted D / I Gary Lafferty Brokenhearted / William Michael Morgan
  Broken Heart D Leo Boomen My Next Broken Heart / Brooks & Dunn
  Broken Heart I Patricia E. Stott Because Of You / The Mavericks
  Broken Hearted Mama I Tony Myers Mama’s Broken Heart / Miranda Lambert
  Broken Hearted Rock N Roll I Vikki Morris & Karl Cregeen Nothin' For A Broken.. / V. Gill & R. Crowell
  Broken Heels I Mark Furnell & Jo & John Kinser Broken Heels / Alexandra Burke
  Broken Stones D Dee Musk Broken Stones / Paul Weller
  Brokenheartsville I Peter Metelnick Brokenheartsville / Joe Nichols
  Broon Sauce D / I Rep Ghazali-Meaney Whole Lotta Lovin’ / T Graham Brown
Brother Louie D Marilyne Brother Louie / Modern Talkin'
  Brother Louie I Geri Morrison Brother Louie (Radio Edit) / Modern Talking
  Brotherhood I Adriano Castagnoli Do You Still Wanna Buy Me That Drink / Lorrie Morgan
  Brothers I Wendy & Tom Monaghan Brothers / Dean Brody
  Brothers I Marie-Claude Gill Lost / Hunters Brothers
  Bruises D / I Niels Poulsen Bruises / Train & Ashley Monroe
  Bubba's Babalou I "Calamity" Jane Newhard Babalou / The Tractors
  Bubble Gum Cowboy D Jules Langstaff Bubble Gum Cowboy / Loco Loco
Buck Dance D Denis Henley Buck Owens Medley / Nathan Carter
Bucked Off D / I Mathieu Gagné Bucked Off / Brad Paisley
  Buck It D Ron Kresconko That Buckin' Song / Robert Earl Keen
  Buck Wild Stomp D / I Kathy Brown Drunk Chicks / Seven
  Buckaroo I Denise Stone Honky Tonk Truth / Brooks & Dunn
Buck'Em ( PBR Anthem ) I Guy Dubé Buck'Em (PBR Anthem) / Colt Ford
Buckwild D / I Pierre Mercier Barefoot And Buckwild / Lauren Alaina
  Bud Light Blue I Darren Bailey Bud Light Blue / Coffey Anderson
  Bud Wiser D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie  Make Her Fall In Love With... / George Strait
  Buddy D Bruno Moggia One Step Forward / Desert Rose Band
  Buddy's Hank D / I Maureen Sheppard Hankin' It Up / Buddy Eugene and Claudia
  Buffalo Road D Ray Bus Somebody Will / Kelsey DiMarco
  Buffalo Stampede I Bob Van Sikle Honky Tonk Attitude / Joe Diffie
  Buffalo Tales I Gaye Teather That's What They Said About The Buffalo / Michael Peterson
  Buffet & Jackson D / I Georgine Noël Fecteau  It's Five O'Clock Som... / A. Jackson & J. Buffet
  Build A Bridge D / I Modern Soles Up / Olly Murs & Demi Lovato
  Building Bridges D / I Sharon Hutchinson Building Bridges / Brooks & Dunn
  Built 4 Bluejeans D / I Norman Gifford Built For Blue Jeans / Tyler Dean
  Built To Last D / I Tina Argyle  Under The Hood / Billy Ray Cyrus
  Bull By The Horns D Inconnu Got The Bull By The Horns / K.T. Lang
  Bullet Proof I Rob Fowler Bulletproof / La Roux
  Bulletproof D Jo Rosenblatt 10 Feet Tall And Bulletproof / Travis Tritt
  Bullfrog On A Log D / I Cef Decaney Gotta Feeling / Tim Hicks & Blackjack Billy
  Bump-N-Grind D / I Jo Thompson & Jamie Davis Bump-N-Grind / Ronnie Beard
  Bump In The Dark I Jo Thompson No One Else On Earth / Wynonna Judd
Bundle Of Nerves I Marc Archambault Bundle Of Nerves / Ken Mellons
  Burlesque I Norman Gilford Welcome To Burlesque / Cher
Burn Inside   D Stéphane Cormier I Have Been Lonely / Black Shelton
  Burn'Em Down I Tony & Lana  H. Wilson Burnin' The Honky..../ Alan Jackson
  Burnin' The Roadhouse Down D Bastiaan van Leeuwen Burnin' The Roadhouse Down / Steve Wariner & Garth Brooks
  Burning Blue D / I Francien Sittrop Old Flame Burning Blue / The Lennerockers
  Burning, Burning, Burning I Gordon Elliott  Burning Love / Elvis Presley
Burning Love D M. Davidson & N. Pelletier Burning Love / Travis Tritt
Burning Man D / I Guylaine Bourdages & Guillaume Richard Burning Man / Dierk Bentley & Brothers Osborne
  Burning Memories D Max Perry Burning Memories / Pam Tillis
  Burning The Road House Down D / I Rob Fowler Burnin' The Road House Down / Steve Wariner & Garth Brooks
  Bush Party D / I Gudrun Schneider  Bush Party / Dean Brody
  But Tonight I'm Loving You I Annette Skaff Tonight (Clean) / Enrique Iglesias & Ludacris
  Butter Bean D / I Kate Sala Your Smile / George Canyon
  Butter Beans D / I Christopher Petre Head South / Neal McCoy
  Butterfly D / I Winnie Yu ( Dance Pooh )  Butterfly / Toybox
  Butterfly Tattoo D / I Séverine Fillion Butterfly Tattoo / Lauren Briant
  Buy Me A Drink D Maggie Gallagher Do You Still Wanna.../  Lorrie Morgan
  BWOM (Beautiful Woman Of Mine) D / I Rafel Corbi You Look So Beautiful / Bouke
  By & By D Marie Sorensen By And By / Elvis Presley
  By And By D Chrystel Durand By And By / The Olson Bros Band
  Bye Bye Mambo D Helen Conroy Noonan Bye Bye ( piccolissima ) / David Civera


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