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A.B.E.J. Swing   D Jeannette Martin Open Up Your Heart / Prairie Oyster
A Beautiful Body D Jacques Laberge If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body / The Bellamy Brothers
  A Beautiful Girl D Kirsi-Marja Vinberg It Don’t Get Better T... / Rodney Crowell 
A Better Way    D Gilles Cyr A Better Way / The Mavericks
  A-B Cry To Me D Lesley Clark Cry To Me / Solomon Burke
  A Beautiful Girl D Kirsi-Marja Vinberg It Don’t Get Better T... / Rodney Crowell 
  A Bitter Lullaby I Verdonk, Kinser, Kinser, Dahlgren, Richard A Bitter Lullaby / Martin Almgren
A Bit Too Drunk D Nathalie Émond A Bit Too Drunk / Peter Myles
  A Bombon D Daniel Villellas   One Woman Man / George Jones & Martin Stuart
  ABBAcadabra D Ross Brown ABBA Medley ( Fast ) / Abbacadabra 
  A Cincinatti Fireball D / I Norman Gifford Cincinatti Fireball / Jive & Jonas
  A Country Boy I David Villellas Thank God I'm A Country Boy / John Denver
  A Country Boy's Life I Wil Bos A Country Boy's Life Well Lived / Jon Wolfe
  A Country High D / I Norman Gifford High On A Country Song / Sam Riggs
  A Cowboy And A Dancer I Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs A Cowboy And A Dancer / Tracy Byrd
A Cowboy World   D / I Réjean Dallaire The World Could Use../ Adam Gregory
  A Cowgirls Dreams I Mark & Shelly Guichard Gypsy / Imelda May
  A Cuppa Tea I Roy Verdonk & Kate Sala Enamorada / Belle Perez
  A Deedely Dum D Linda & Paul Reese  Dum Dum / Brenda Lee
  A Devil In Disguise I P. Stott & A. Birchall Devil In Disguise / Trisha Yearwood
  A Devil In Me I / A Kate Sala Diavolo In Me... /  Zucchero & S. Burke
  A Dime A Dozen D / I D.J. Dan & Winnie You Ain't Woman Enough / Martina McBride
  A Drink In My Hand D / I Sandy Goodman A Drink In My Hand / Eric Church
A Feeling Like That I Guy Dubé A Feeling Like That / Gary Allan
  A Few Too Many D / I Karl-Harry Winson A Few Too Many /  Shane Martin
  A Fine Place To Start D Robbie Halvorson A Real Fine Place To Start / Sara Evans
  A Friend In Need D / I Ozgur “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ A Friend In Need (Friends For Ten) / Dave Sheriff
  A Friend Indeed D Kathryn Sloan A Friend in Need / Dave Sheriff
  A Girl Like You D / I Karen Kennedy A Girl Like You / Jim Devine
A Girl Like You D / I Kévin Michel A Girl Like You / Easton Corbin
  A Girl To Remember I Bruno Moggia Girl In A Truck / Kevin Fowler
  A Glass Of Tequila D Marie Sørensen Georgia In A Jug / Blake Shelton
A Good Challenge   D / I Réjean Dallaire Same Ol'Rock N' Roll / Grand Canyon
  A Good Kiss I Ozgur "Oscar" TAKAÇ A Good Kiss / Hadise
  A Good Night I Per Mikkelsen Another Good Reason / Alan Jackson 
  A Good Thing           D Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry Too Much Of A Good.../ Alan Jackson
  A Hold On Me D / I D. J. Dan Country Music Got A Hold On Me / Kenny Vaughan
  A Honky Tonk Highway I / A Norman Gifford Honky Tonk Highway / Luke Combs
  A Horse With No Name D Marie Sørensen A Horse With No Name / America
  A Late Night With Dwight I Mike Herbert Stayin' Up Late / Dwight Yoakam
  A Letter To You D / I Pat Pottage In A Letter To You / Eddie Raven
  A Little Bit Gypsy D / I Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Little Bit Gypsy / Kellie Pickler
  A Little Bit Lit D Rob Fowler Lit / Trace Adkins
  A Little Bit Of Nothin' D Peter Metelnick Life Don't Have To Mean... / Joe Nichols
  A Little Cliché Love Song D Lisa McCammon Cliche Love Song / Basim  ( Clean Version )
A Little Crazy   D / I Pierre Provencher Acting A Little Crazy / Adam Harvey
  A Little Happy D Si Birchwood Happy ( Despicable Me 2 ) / Pharrell Williams
  A Little Less Traveled D Lynn Card  Road Less Traveled / Lauren Alaina
  A Little Love D Jo Szymanski, Michael Barr, Michele Burton Put A Little Love In Your Heart / Scooter Lee
  A Little Love Trip I Vikki Morris & Julie Lockton Love Trip / Jerry Kilgore
  A Little Outta Control D Gail Smith   Outta Control / De-Lano & Francisco. ( Original Radio Edit )
  A Little Rock N' Roll I Ozgur “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ A Little Rock N' Roll / Johnathan East
  A Little Love Storm U / D Norman Gifford & Jo Thompson-Szymanski Storms Of Love / Scooter Lee
  A Little To Late I Catalan Group Els Quatre It's A Little To Late / Mark Chesnutt
  A Little To Late I Jos Slijpen It s A Little Too Late / Mark Chesnutt
A Little Too Late D / I Denis Henley A Little Too Late / Derek Ryan
  A Little Sweet D Dan Albro Sugar / Maroon 5
  A Little Waltz Of A Lifetime U / D Russell Breslaue Waltz Of A Lifetime / Dave Sheriff
A Love I Think Will Last D / I Guy Dubé & Stéphan Cormier A Love I Think Will Last / Holly Williams
  A Love Storm D / I Norman Gifford Storms Of Love / Scooter Lee
  A Love Worth Waiting 4 D / I Norman Gifford A Love Worth Waiting For / Bouke
A Man Of Constant Sorrow   D Marc Davidson  Man Of Constant Sorrow / Soggy Bottom Boys
  A Million Times D / I Ozgur “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps / The Pussycat Dolls
  A New One D Gaby Neumann I Have Been Lonely / Blake Shelton 
A Night Like This D / I Mathieu Gagné & Caroline Fortier On A Night Like This / Jason Blaine
  A Part Of Me D / I Ozgur "Oscar" TAKAÇ I Can't Say Goodbye To You / Helen Reddy
  A Quarter At A Time D Mawayani A Quarter At A Time / Rick Trevino
A Road Less Traveled D Bobby Houle Traveled / Lauren Alaina
  A Rockin' Good Way D Linda Burgess A Rockin’ Good Way /  Bonnie Tyler
  A Slice Of Paradise I Rep Ghazali Travel Plans / Sean Hogan
A Song To Dance D Suzanne Dionne What A Song Should Do / Tim Hicks
  A Table For Two D / I Ozgur "Oscar" TAKAÇ In The Mood / The Honeybee Trio
  A Thousand  Stars D / I Gary Lafferty Ten Guitars / Michael English
  A Touch Of Love I Simon Ward Slow Hand / The Pointer Sisters
A Woman Like You D Bobby Houle A Woman Like You / Johnny Reid
  A-B Cry To Me D Lesley Clark Cry To Me / Solomon Burke
  A-B Ticket D Val Myers One Way Ticket / LeAnn Rimes 
  A-B Whirl D Val Myers Dance! Shout! / Wynonna
  Abbronzatissima D / I Dirk Leibing Sommer Lass Mich Nicht Allein / Buddy & Meri
  ABee Honey Bee D Debbie Small Honey Bee / Blake Shelton
  About The Chill D / I Ozgur "Oscar" TAKAÇ The Chill / Jill Johnson
Acapulco D Denis Henley Acapulco / Johnny Duncan
  Aces And Eights I Karl-Harry Winson Full House. Empty Heart / Derek Ryan
  Achy Breaky Heart D Melanie Greenwood Achy Breaky Dance / Billy Ray Cirrus
  Achy Breaky Heart D Juliet Lam   Achy Breaky Heart / Billy Ray Cyrus
  Achy Breaky Heart D Oscar  Ozgur TAKAÇ Achy Breaky Heart / Billy Ray Cyrus
  Acredita ( Believe ) I Rep Ghazali Acredita (Believe) ( Radio Mix) / Maria
  Act Naturally D / I Dynamite Dot Act Naturally / Ann Tayler
  Action D / I Darren Bailey A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action / Toby Keith
  Adalida D / I Inconnu Adalida / George Strait
  Adalida D Marie Sørensen Adalida / George Strait
  Adaptable D / I Frank Trace Trust Yourself / Carlene Carter 
Add' Em All Up   D / I Jacques Lefebvre Add' Em All Up / Paul Brandt
  Addicted To Love I Max Perry Addicted To Love / Kimber Clayton
  Adios D Tony, Angela, Griselda  Adios / Ricky Martin
  Adios I Craig Bennett Adios / Ricky Martin
  Adios Amiga D Marie Sørensen Adios Amiga / Major Dundee
  Adios My Darling D / I DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Vaya Con Dios / Heather Myles
  Adoration I Kickin' Kate Sala My Heart Is Lost To..  / Brooks & Dunn
  Adrenaline Rush I Maggie Gallagher Shine In The Light / Anna Rossinelli
  Adrenalize I Tina Argyle Good Thing / Keith Urban
  Af En Af D / I Gudrun Schneider Af En Af / Kurt Darren
  Africa Bum Bum D Tonino Galifi Africa Bum Bum / Dj Berta
  African Vibe I Chad Manson Africa / E-Type
  After A Few I Dan Albro After A Few / Travis Denning
  After All D Gary & Cheryl Parker After All / Joni Harms
  After All That This D Marie Sørensen After All That This / Redfern & Crookes
  After Five Stomp I Diane Horner  Living On Love / Alan Jackson
  After Midnight I Judy McDonald Walking After Mid.. /  Groovegrass Boyz 
  After Party I Maurice Rowe After Party / Koffee Brown
Again D / I Pierre Mercier Crawlin' Again / Tracy Lawrence
Again & Again D Stéphane Cormier I Wanna Love Again / Dwight Yoakam
  Against The Flow D / I Ros & Rosemary Rollin' With The Flow / Mark Chesnutt
  Against The Odds D / I Helen D'Aguiar Against The Wind / Brooks & Dunn
Ah! Ha Familiprix   D Daniel Servant Don't You Just Know It / Daniel Desnoyer
  Ah Si ! D Rita Masur Te Quiero Mas / Formula Abierta 
Aida Cha   I Marc Labrosse I Hope You Want Me Too / The Mavericks
  Aiko Aiko D Marie Sørensen Aiko Aiko / Kurt Darren
  Ain't Country....No Way ! D Treece That Ain't Country / Aaron Lewis
  Ain't Drinking Any Less I Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ Ain't Drinkin' Anymore / Kevin Fowler
  Ain't Drinking Anymore D Setsuko Motoki Ain't Drinkin'Anymore / Kevin Fowler
  Ain't For The Faint I Pete Harkness Got A Lotta Leavin To Do / Dierks Bentley 
  Ain't Going Down I Inconnu Ain't Goin' Down ( Till The Sun Comes Up ) / Garth Brooks
  Ain't Going Down  ( version québécoise ) I Inconnu Ain't Goin' Down ( Till The Sun Comes Up ) / Garth Brooks
  Ain't Gonna Stop D Sheridan Gill  Ain't Gonna Stop by James Otto
  Ain't Gotta Hitch D / I Rosie Multari Bounce With Me / Kreesha Turner
  Ain’t Just A Southern Thing D Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Ain’t Just A Southern Thing / Alan Jackson
  Ain’t Just A Southern Thing D / I Antonella Fedi Ain’t Just A Southern Thing / Alan Jackson
  Ain't Misbehavin' I Guyton Mundy, Jo Thompson Szymanski & Amy Glass Misbehavin' / Pentatonix
  Ain't No Big Deal I Diana Dawson  Whiskey Under The Bridge / Brooks & Dunn
  Ain't No Quitter I Rick & Deborah Bates I Ain't No Quitter / Shania Twain
Ain't Nothing   D / I Sylvie Roy Aint Nothing About You / Brooks & Dunn
  Ain't Nothin' Better D / I Megan Barsuglia & Christopher Gonzalez Dont Get Better Than That / LoCash 
  Ain't Nothin' You Can Do D / I Norman Gilford Cry, Cry, Cry ( When It Happens ) / Jerry Jaye
  Ain't You Glad D Teri Rogers California Girls / Gretchen Wilson
Aisy Waisy Dance   D / I Pierre Mercier Aisy Waisy / Cartoon
Akon Kung Fu D / I Sébastien Émond Kung Fu Fighting / Tami Chyn & Akon
  Alabama Boy D / I Francien Sittrop Alabama Boy / Kacey Smith
  Alabama Driver D Ozgur “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ Adalida / George Strait
  Alabama Slammin' I Rachael McEnaney If You Want My Love / Laura Bell Bundy
  Alabao D / I Andrew Palmer & Simon J. Cox Alabao / Enrique Iglesias 
  Alamo D / I Christine Goodyear Alamo / Dave Sheriff
Alamo Alami I Mireille Taillon Alamo / Dave Sheriff
  Alcazar I Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson Blame It On The Disco / Alcazar
Alcohol On It D Sébastien Émond Put Some Alcohol On It / Gord Bamford
Alehla I Mario Champagne Alehla / Cartoons
  Alfredo's BBQ D / I Xavi Barrera I Gotta Get Drunk / Willie Nelson
  Alibi D / I Sue Hutchison   Knee Deep In My Heart / Shane Filan
Alibi D / I Stépane Cormier Alibi / Bradley Cooper
Alice D / I Marc Davidson Alice, Who The Fuck Is...? / The Steppers
  Alice D John George  Living Next Door To Alice / Smokie
  Alice D / I Daniel Whittaker Living Next Door To Alice / Smokie
  Alien Boogie I Sharon Haller  Alien Boogie / The Party Shooters
  Alive And Kickin' I Daniel Whittaker That Don't Impress Me.../ Shania Twain
  All Aboard I Max Perry & Jo Thomson My Baby Thinks she's ... / Dean Brothers
All About That Bass D Nathalie Normandin All About That Bass / Meghan Trainor
  All About Tonight D Dan Albro All About Tonight / Blake Shelton
  All About Woman D / I Maggie Gallagher Don't Ask Me About A Woman / Easton Corbin
  All American Country Boy D Leo Boomen  All American Country Boy / Alan Jackson
  All Bets Are Off D / I Jason Drake The Tailgate Song / Nathan Osmond
  All By My Lonesome D / I DJ Dan & Wynette Miller All By My Lonesome / Billy Yates
  All By My Lonesome D Marie Sørensen All By My Lonesome / Billy Yates
  All Katchi, All Night Long I Kerry Maus Katchi / Ofenbach & Nick Waterhouse
  All Cool D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie Horizontal Boogie / Dana Gillespie
  All Day In Jamaica D / I Tom Dayley & Dan Albro How'd I Wind Up In Jamaica / Tracy Byrd
  All Day Long I Gary Lafferty Mr. Mom  / Lonestar
All Fired Up I Michelle Chandonnet All Fired Up / Dan Seals
  All Fired Up I Ozgur "Oscar" TAKAÇ All Fired Up / Bobby Lee Springfield
  All Fired Up I Ozgur "Oscar" & Mürüvvet & TAKAÇ All Fired Up / Bobby Lee Springfield
  All Hat, No Cattle D Marie Sørensen All Hat, No Cattle / Trace Adkins & Asleep At The Wheel
  All I Can Say I Simon Ward & Rachael McEnaney Beautiful / Frankie J & Pitbull
All In D Julie Lépine All In / Kim Ray
  All I See Is You D Willie Brown It's Working / James Barker Band
All I Want   I Guy Dubé All I Want / Darius Rucker
  All I Want D / I Suzanne Eades All I Want / Darius Rucker
  All I'm Asking I / A Jef Camps &  Esmeralda van de Pol Too Much To Ask / Niall Horan
  All Jacked Up D / I DJ Dan & Wynette Miller All Jacked Up / Gretchen Wilson
All Keyed Up   I Michelle Chandonnet All Keyed Up / Becky Hobbs
All Kinds Of Crazy I / A Manon Shank All Kinds Of Crazy / Livy Jeanne
  All Messed Up D / I Fred Buckley Line Dance Party / The Woolpackers
All My Friends Say   D / I Bobby Houle All My Friends Say / Luke Bryan
  All My Mates A Bruno Moggia Get Yer Redneck On / Kinsey Rose
  All My People D / I Jocelyn ( Lariat ) Vachon All My People / Sasha Lopez Andrea D  Broono
  All My Tricks D / I Johanne Brady  Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy / Scooter Lee
All Nighter D / I Mathieu Gagné All Nighter / Dan & Shay
All Night Long I Guy Dubé & Stéphane Cormier All Night Long /  The Mavericks
All Night Long EZ D Pascale Dufour All Night Long /  The Mavericks
All Of This Girls I Guy Dubé All Of This Girls / Cris Cab & Pitbull
  All Over Again I Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk All Over Again / The Mavericks
  All Shook Up I / A Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle All Shook Up / Billy Joel 
All Shot Of Glory D / I Clément Brière Shot Of Glory  / The Washboard Union
  All Summer D / I Darlene Sedrowski All Summer Long / Kid Rock
  All Summer Long I Paula Baker All Summer Long / Kid Rock
  All Summer Long D / I Pim van Grootel & Daniel Trepat All Summer Long / Kid Rock
  All Summer Long D / I Randy Pelletier All Summer Long / Kid Rock
All Summer Long D Carolle et Monique Goulet All Summer Long / Kid Rock
All Summer Long D / I Nathalie Pelletier All Summer Long / Kid Rock
  All That Sass D / I Kelly Kaylin That Girl's Been Spying... / Billy Dean
  All The Same D / I Roy Verdonk & Jef Camps We Danced / Brad Paisley
  All The Same D / I Leonard Hage If It's All The Same / Dallas Wayne
  All Things Considered D / I David Kopcych All Things Considered / Yankee Grey
  All Those Summer Nights D Step 5678  Wasted Time / Keith Urban
  All To Myself D / I Séverine Fillion All To Myself /  Dan & Shay
All Up D Jacques Laberge Add'em All Up / Paul Brandt
  All Week Long I Peter Metelnick Seven Nights to Rock / BR5-49
All You Had To Do D / I Bobby Houle All You Had To Do Was Stay / Taylor Swift
  All You Need D / I Tine Norup & Marie Sørensen All You Really Need Is Love /  Brad Paisley
  All You Need D Robbie McGowan Hickie All You Really Need Is Love / Brad Paisley
  All You Need Is Love D / I Jan Broodfield All You Really Need ../ Brad Paisley
  Alley Cat D Donna Aiken Cornell Crawford / K.T. Oslin
  Alligator Rock D T.  Lescarbeau See You Later Alligator / Johnny Earle
  Alligator Waltz D / I Kay Needham Alligator Waltz / Rockin' Sidney
  Allisa Waltz D Sarah Fenn-Tye Someone Must Feel... / Kenny Rogers
  Allo Allo I Charley Beck Dragostea Din Tei -O-Zone
  Almost 85 D / I Lisa McCammon  85 / Andy Grammer
Almost Always D / I Michelle Chandonnet Almost Always / Chris Cummings
  Almost Always D Marie Sørensen Almost Always / Chris Cummings
  Almost Crazy D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell Debe Haber Algo / Sparx
  Alone Together I P. Metelnick & Alison Biggs I Think We're Alone Now / Girls Aloud
  Alpha Girls D / I Vivienne Scott It’s A Woman’s World / Francisca Urio
Alright D / I Linda Sansoucy It’s Alright / Trisha Yearwood 
  Alright Already D Marie Sørensen Alright, Already / Larry Stewart
  Always 17 D / I Kate Sala Seventeen / Paul Bailey
  Always Country D / I Marianne Langagne Except For Jessie / Aaron Watson
  Always Something D Jan Brookfield   Always Have, Always Will / Ace Of Base
  Am I Blue D / I Thierry Willemin Am I Blue / George Strait
  Amame D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie  Amame / Belle Perez
  Amame Un Poquito D Forty Arroyo Amame / Belle Perez
Amazing Grace D / I Josée Rotella Collectif américain
  Amazing Grace D / I Rachael McEnaney Amazing Grace / The Maverick Choir  
  Amazingly Beautiful I Timothy To & Theresina Tam Simply Beautiful / Lennerockers
  Amber D Mary Kelly Live To Love Another Day / Keith Urban
Ambiance À L'Africaine I Sylvain Richard Ambiance à l'Africaine / Magic System
American Beauty D / I Caroline Fortier American Beauty / The Lost Trailers
  American Heartbreaker D Pascal Dhorne  American Heartbreaker / Jimmie Allen
  American Kids D / I Randy Pelletier American Kids / Kenny Chesney
  American Summer D Suzanne Guisewite Red Hot American Summer / Post Monroe
  Americano D / I The Girls (Maureen & Michelle Jones) We No Speak Americano / Yolanda B Cool & D Cup
Americano D / I Guylaine Fontaine We Speak Americano / Marco Calliari
  Ami Oh D Vivienne Scott Ami Oh / African Connection
  Ami Oh D / I Daniel Trepat & Pim van Grootel Ami Oh / African Connection
  Amigo I Mick Herbert Amigo / David Ball
  Amity D Chrystel Durand Love Me Some You /  Matt Lang
Amor D Diane Goyette Rebel De Amor / Belle Perez
  Amor De Rumba D Norman Gifford Rumba De Amor / Italian Sax 
  Amor Pasional I Ria Vos Amor Pasional ( Remix Dance ) / Klever Prim
  Amos Moses D Jim Ferrazzano Amos Moses / Jerry Reed
  Amos Moses D Inconnu Amos Moses / Jerry Reed
  Amos Moses D / I Glenda Lane Amos Moses / Jerry Reed
  Amy I / A Kate Sala  If You Seek Amy / Britney Spears
  Anamorada I Ozgur "Oscar" TAKAÇ Enamorada / Belle Perez
  An Absolute Dream D Joyce Plaskett Land Of Dreams / Rosanne Cash
  An Irish Pub Dance D / I Ozgur "Oscar" TAKAÇ An Irish Pub Song / The Rumjacks
  An Irish Waltz D / I Jan Wyllie Beautiful Meath / Mary Duff
  And. Get It On D / I Barbara R . K. Wallace Marvin Gaye / Charlie Puth & Meghan Trainor
  And Get It On I Daniel Trepat & Jose Miquel Belloque Vane Marvin Gaye / Charlie Puth & Meghan Trainor
  And I Liked It I Maggie Gallagher  I Kissed A Girl /  Katy Perry
  And They Danced D / I Peter Metelnick They Dance / Barry Manilow
  And You You You (What Is A Life) D / I Katrin und Toralf Tylla Colour Me In / Rea Garvey
  Angel I Rafel Corbi Angel / Gina Jeffreys
Angel & Corona I D. Bailey & K. Sala & G. Bourdages  & R. Verdonk Look What God Gave Her /Thomas Rhett
  Angel Eyes I Ami Walker Angel Eyes / Love And Theft
Angel Eyes D / I Suzanne Carrière Angel Eyes / Tamara Walker
  Angel In Blue Jeans D Christa Wilke Angel In Blue Jeans / Train
  Angel In Blue Jeans I Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Angel In Blue Jeans / Train 
  Angel Of The Night D / I Lorna Mursell Angel Of The Night / Derek Ryan
  Angel On My Shoulder I Ryan King Angel On My Shoulder / Gary Perkins
  Angel Stroll D Kathryn Rowlands  Hang In There Superman / Hal Ketchum
Angelina's Dance I Michelle Chandonnet Angelina's Dance / Dan Roberts
  Another Crazy Year I Maddison Glover Trip Around The Sun / Kenny Chesney
  Another Day Another Dollar D / I Julia Ann Kennedy Another Day, Another Dollar / The Fabulous Kays
  Another Ex In Mexico I Tonnie Vos Another Ex in Mexico  / Marcus Lindsey
  Another Good Reason D / I Chatti The Valley Another Good Reason / Alan Jackson  
  Another Quickie I Joanne Brady Long On Talk, Short On.. /  Barbara Carr 
  Another Sleepless Night D / I Marie Sørensen Another Sleepless Night / Anne Murray
  Another Song I Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie Another Song I Had To Write / Jacob Lyda
  Another Sunrise D Jan Wyllie Tequila Sunrise / Alan Jackson
  Another Time Song I Suzi Beau Song For Another Time / Old Dominion
Antes De Que Te Vayas   I Guy Dubé Antes De Que Te Vayas /  M. Antonio Solis
Anthem D Guylaine Bourdages Anthem / Brett Kissel
Anthem I Nicolas Lachance Anthem / Brett Kissel
  Anthem D / I Gianmarco  Rossato ¨Johnny¨ Anthem / Brett Kissel
  Antidote D Paula Frohn Keep On Rockin' /  Confederate Railroad
Any Excuse I Mathieu Gagné Any Excuse / Bucko & Toad
  Any Other Way D Marie Sørensen & Adrian Helliker I Wouldn`t Have In Any Other Way /Aaron Tippin
Anything For Love D / I Bobby Houle Anything For Love / Linda Kvam
  Anything Other Than Love D / I Vikki Morris Anything Other Than Love / Deborah Allen
  Anyway I / A Bruno Moggia She Love Me Anyway / Chancey Williams And The YBB
  Anywhere I Karl Cregeen I Can't Take You Anywhere / Toby Keith
  Apple Jack I / A Inconnu Fresh Coat Of Paint / Lee Roy Parnell 
  Applejack D / I Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Apple Jack / Lisa McHugh
  Applejack Country D / I Rob Fowler  In The Country, Workin' On It / Adam Gregory
Apprends-Moi À Danser I Nathalie Émond & Noëlla Martin Apprends-moi à danser / Johnny Lewis
  Are You In The Mood D / I Ozgur "Oscar" TAKAÇ Swing The Mood ( Oscar's Remix ) / Jive Bunny
  Arizona Stomp D / I Dan Albro Blame it on Texas / Mark Chesnutt
  As Good As I Once Was D / I Helen Born & Nita Lindley I Ain't As Good As I Once... / Toby Keith
  Ashes Of Love D / I Gary Lafferty Ashes Of Love / Kentucky Headhunters
  Asi Si Si Si I Michel Cabana Muevete / David Civera
  Askin' Questions D / I Larry Bass Askin' Questions / Brady Seals
  At The County Fair D

Jette M. Sorensen

County Fair / Chris LeDoux
  At The Hop  ( @ The Hop ) D / I Carmel Hutchinson At The Hop / Danny & The Junior 
Athens Grease I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Athens Grease / Curtis Day
  Atlantis D / I Michael Diven Trying To Find Atlantis / Jamie O'Neal
  Atlantis I J. Marshall & J.H. Robinson Trying To Find Atlantis / Jamie O'Neal
  Atomik Polka I Bastiaan Van Leeuwen Turbo Polka / Atomik Harmonik
  Authority D / I Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner Authority Song / Chancey Williams & The Younger Brothers Band
  Ave Maria I Shaz Walton Ave Maria / Beyonce
Average Joe D / I Stéfan-Ozz Average Joe / Clay Walker
Aw Naw I Stéphane Cormier & Denis Henley Aw Naw / Chris Young
  Awful Beautiful  (Life) I Alan G. Birchall Awful Beautiful Life / Darryl Worley
  Ay Amor D / I Ria Vos  Ay Amor / Semino Rossi
Ay Mama D Jacques Cloutier Ay Mama / Chayanne
  Azer-Bai-Jan I Maggie Gallagher Always / AySel & Arash


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