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Yellow Wine D / I Gilles Labrecque Yellow Wine / Pauline Reese
Yes D / I Sylvie Roy Yes / Chad Brock
  Yes Bob D / I Bob Hocking Yessireebob / Blaine Larsen
  Yesterday's Girl I David & Carol Dabbs The Girl From Yesterday / The Eagles
Yolanda D / I Gilles Labrecque Yolanda / Joe Merrick
You & Me D / I Linda Sansoucy We Work It Out / Joni Harms
  You Ain't Dolly I Chris & Andy Malpass You Ain’t Dolly (and You Ain’t Porter) / Ashley Munroe & Blake Shelton
  You Ain`t Hurt Nothin` Yet

D / I

Rick & Deborah Bates You Ain`t Hurt Nothin... / J. Anderson
  You And Me I Carol* & George Stayte Your Love Is A Miracle / Mark Chesnutt
  You Are Someone D / I Jeff & Thelma Mills You're The World / The Bellamy Brothers 
You Are The One I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault You Are The One / Carlene Carter
  You Belong To Me D / I John & Kate Corbett As Long As You Belong To Me / Holly Dunn 
  You Broke Up With Me D Paul Brown & Linda Byrum  You Broke Up With Me / Walker Hayes
You Can't Break Me D / I Lucia Siro I Cannot Be Broken / Bonnie Ratt
  You Dancin' ? You Askin' ? I Ann Williams Rockin’ Phneumonia / Ronnie McDowell 
  You Don't Know D Thierry Willemin You Don't Know / Milow 
  You Don't Talk D dj Dan & Winnie You Don't Talk I Don't Listen / Rodney Hayden
You Fly Away I Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve Jane / Bouke
  You Go Your Way I Chris & Trev You Go Your Way / Alan Jackson
You Gonna Miss Me D / I M. & J. M. Villeneuve You Gonna Miss Me / The Deans
  You Got Away For Partner I Heidi Sebens & Jette Kousgaard You Got Away / Ann Tayler
  You Make It Better I Chris & Trev You Make It Better / Gord Bamford
  You Make Me Smile D Chris & Trev You Make Me Smile / Rob ‘Stig’ Tompset 
  You Must Be Joking D / I Hazel Pace She Don't Like My Music / Ray Scott
  You, Tequila & Me D Michael Schmidt You & Tequila / Kenny Chesney & Grace Potter 
  You Walked In D Thierry Willemin You Walked In / Lonestar
You'll Never Be Mine I Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve Desperado Love / Sean McAloon
Young Forever D Brigitte Duhaut & Robert Richer Young Forever / High Valley
  Young Love I Inconnu Young Love / Sandy Posey
  Your Backyard D / I Chris & Andy Malpass Your Backyard / Burton Cummings
  Your Beautiful Body D / I Nigel Payne If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body / Dave Sheriff
  Your Choice D / I Jeff & Thelma Mills Some Beach / Double Barrel
  Your Country Right Here D / I Bill Curtis I Got Your Country Right Here / Gretchen Wilson
Your Eyes   D / I Stat. C. Coulombe & S. Gendron Old Flame / Alabama
Your First Name I David Robert People Know You By Your First Name / Dean Brody
  Your First Partner Dance D Jeff & Thelma Mills  Party Zone / The Kentucky Headhunters
Your Man I Pamela Therrien Your Man / Josh Turner
  Your Promise I N. J. Fuller & L. Cain He's Got You / Brooks & Dunn
  You're Incredible I Jenny Rockett I Hope You Want Me Too / The Mavericks
You’re My Sunshine D Pierre Mercier Because Of You / 98
You're My Sunshine D Kévin Michel Sunshine / Steve Azard
  You're My Woman I Chris & Trev  Woman / Mark Chestnutt
  You're The Reason I Hazel Pace Drink, Swear, Steal, & Lie / Michael Peterson
  Yours If You Want It D / I Marc Laliberté Yours If You Want It / Rascal Flatts
  You've Been Lonely Long Enough D Danielle & Émilio Garcia You've Been Lonely Long Enough / John Permenter
  Zippy Kinda Thing D / I Jim & Judy Wells Hand Over Your Heart / Lorrie Morgan
  Zjozzys Two Funk D / I Renegade Rich & D. Krajcsovics  Bacco Per Bacco / Zucchero 


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