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  G B Shuffle D Michael Schmidt  Eat Sleep Love You Repeat / Rodney Atkins
Get A Drink I Charles & Jeanne  Desmarais What’s It Take To Get A Drink In Here / Jerry Kilgore
  Getaway Driver I Jon Starmar & Sylvia Cleary  Getaway Driver / Miranda Lambert
  Get It Together D / I Ann Williams  We Work It Out / Joni Harms
Get The Blues I Gilles Labrecque I Refuse To Get The Blues / David Statzer
  Get To Me D / I Dan Albro Get To Me / Lady Antebellum
  Getting You Home I Chris & Trev Getting You Home / Chris Young
  Gimme That Wink D / I Chris & Trev Wink / Neal McCoy
Girl Things D Manon Lamothe It's A Girl Things / Jesse Lee
Give Me A Second Chance I Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve Back In Your Arms Again / Shane Powell
Give Me One More Shot D / I Jacques Laberge & Nathalie Normandin Give Me One More Shot / Alabama
Givin' Up I Gilles Labrecque Never Givin' Up.../ Michael Martin
  Go With Me I Diane Jackson Would You Go With Me / Josh Turner
  Go With The Flow I Hazel Pace Rollin' With The Flow / Mark Chesnutt 
God Gave Her I Serge Légaré & France Bastien Look What God Gave Her / Thomas Rhett
Goin `Home I Chandonnet & Archambault She's Goin' Home.../ Travis Tritt
  Going Crazy I Rob Hocking Driving Me Out Of Your../ Tracy Byrd
  Going Through Hell D / I Al & Sandy Ord  If You're Going Through.. / Rodney Atkins
Going With The Flow D / I Claude Martin & Germaine Lemieux Rollin' With The Flow / Mark Chesnut
  Golden Days D / I Robert & Diane Jackson I Miss Who I Was With You / Patty Loveless
  Golden Ring I Heather Staddon True Love is a Golden Ring / Alan Jackson
  Golden Roads D / I Fiona Smith Further Down The Road / Charlie Landsborough
  Golden Stroll I Jim & Nen Godsall Too Far This Time / Brooks & Dunn
  Goldigger D / I Robert & Kathryn Hocking I Need A Breather / Darryl Worley
  Gone D / I Bill Curtis Consider Me Gone / Reba McEntire
Gone Country D / I Claude Martin & Germaine Lemieux Gone Country / Alan Jackson
Gonna Have Love D / I Chandonnet & Archambault Gonna Have Love  /  Heather Myles
Good At Tonight I Linda Sansoucy Good At Tonight / David Nail
  Good At Waltzin' D / I Dave & Lesley Mather I’m Good At Leavin’ / Ashley Monroe
Good Bye Eyes D / I Linda Sansoucy Good Bye Eyes / Sammy Johns
Good Day D / I Majeau & L'Archevêque This’d Be A Real Good Day / Chad Austin 
  Good Day To Run D / I Alan & Sonia Cole A Good Day To Run / Darryl Worley
Good Hearted Woman D / I Gilles Labrecque Good Hearted Woman / Deana Carter
  Good Old Daddy D / I Dancers in Coupledance St. Merløse Kelly’s Cannibal’s / Mark Knopfler
  Good Ole Boys D / I Dave & Lesley Mather Good Ole Boys Like Me / Don Williams
  Good Times D / I Ann Williams Bring On The Good Times / Lisa McHugh
  Good Time Charley's I Thierry Willemin Good Time Charley's / George Strait
Good Time Dance Partners D / I Nathalie Émond Good Time / Alan Jackson
  Good Time Friday Night D / I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Good Time / Alan Jackson
  Good Time Shuffle D / I Carla Magri Here For A Good Time / George Strait
  Good Times For Old Farmers D / I Old Farmers Better Times A Comin / Derek Ryan
  Good To Be Here I Carol & George Stayte  Everybody's Here / Brad Paisley
Goodnight Kiss I Kévin Michel & Virginie Dubois Goodnight Kiss / Randy Houser
Good Year For The Outlaw I André Savard & Diane Allard Good Year For The Outlaw / Matt Mason
Got No Reason D / I Isabelle Fournier & Émilie Labbé Got No Reason / Nathan Carter
  Gotta Dance For Us I Michael Schmidt Some Days You Gotta Dance / Keith Urban
Gotta Get To You D D. Girard & J. Godin Gotta Get To You / George Strait
Grace D / I Chandonnet & Archambault Going There With Grace / The Cruzeros
  Graceland Swing D / I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller She's Not You / John Dean
  Gravedigger For Couple D / I Tom Avinger Better Dig Two / The Band Perry
  Green Door D / I Gene & Nancy Martin Green Door / Dean Brothers
  Green Grass From Ireland D / I Jette Kousgaard & Kurt Teilmann Where The Grass Grows The Greenest / Daniel Newman
  Growing Up D / I Chris & Trev Growing Up Around Here / Will Hoge
  Grundy Gallop II D Jenny Rocket  Sold / John Michael Montgomery
Guantanamera D Linda Sansoucy Guantanamera / The Mavericks 
Guilty Of The Crime D Stéphane Cormier  Guilty Of The Crime / Bellamy Brothers
Guys Like Me I Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve Guys Like Me / Gerry Guthrie


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