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  E & J Swing D D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Used Hearts For Sale / Gary Alan
  Eastbound D / I Ian and Fiona Smith Eastbound and Down / Jerry Read
  East Hill Twist D Dan Albro Wake Me Up / Billy Currington
  Easy Does It Two D / I Larry & Jody Carriger Givin' Water To A Drowning Man / Lee Roy Parnell 
  Easy Going D / I Diane Jackson Love Done Gone / Billy Currington
Easy Money D / I Marie-Claude Poirier & Michaël Lacasse Easy Money / Brad Paisley
Easy On Me D / I Stéphane Cormier Go Easy On Me / Chris Weaver Band
  Easy On The Eyes D / I Diane Jackson No One Has Eyes Like You / Billy Currington
  Easy Strollin' D Vicky E Rader Oh What A Thrill / The Mavericks
Easy Trouble D / I Chandonnet & Archambault How Was I To Know? / J. M. Montgomery
El Camino D / I Gilles Labrecuqe El Camino  / BigFoot
  El Dorado I Jim & Nen Godsall Heaven In My Woman ‘s Eyes / Tracy Byrd
  El Paso Dirty Cha Cha D Inconnu Neon Moon / Brooks & Dunn
El Rio Amor I Linda Sansoucy The River Of Love / El Rio Amor  par John Arthur Martinez
  Ellie Lou Cha Cha D / I Bill & Jane Turner  Island / Eddy Raven
  Elvis Blessed My Soul I Mary & Trent Cummings Elvis Blessed My Soul / Dean Brothers
Elvis Rhumba I Linda Morissette Elvis Rhumba / Tony Clive
Elvis Tonight D / I Diane Girard & Jacques Godin Elvis Tonight / Jason Allen


Fernand & Nicole Gauthier Friends / Daniel Langlois
Encore For 2 D / I Sébastien Émond I Want Crazy ( Encore ) / Hunter Hayes
  Enjoy Yourself I Diane Jackson Enjoy Yourself / Billy Currington
  Endless Highway D / I Fiona & Ian Smith Loving You’s Like Coming Home / Don Williams
Enough D / I Louise Bédard et Gerry Bouthillier Tuff Enuff / The Judds 
  Enough To Lie I Pat & Trev Jervis Enough To Lie / Monty Holmes
Escape For Two D / I Pierre Mercier Don’t Tell Me You’re../  Georges Strait
Estoy Tan Solo D / I D. Bernard & F. Beaudry Estoy Tan Solo / Rick Trevino
  Eternal Triangle D / I  LTD Tucker Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley / The Kingston Trio
  Ever Evangeline D / I Pip & Carolann Evangeline / Chad Brock
  Every Cloud Has I Chris & Trev Silver Lining / Kacey Musgraves
  Everyday’s A Holiday D / I Al & Sandy Ord Homesick /  Kane Brown
  Every Second D / I Thierry Willemin Every Second / Colin Raye
  Every Storm D / I Dan Albro Every Storm / Gary Allen
Everything D / I Chantal Gagnon Isn't That Everything / Danielle Peck
  Everything D / I Robert & Kathryn Hocking Every Little Thing She Does / Lonestar
Everything's Better I Hélène Lavoie & Michel Auclair Everything’s Better / Dean Brody
Everytime I Cry D / I Claude Martin & Germaine Lemieux Everytime I Cry / Terry Clark
  Every Time ( We Close Our Eyes ) D / I Al & Sandy Ord Ich Mach Meine Augen Zu ( I Close My Eyes ) / C. Norman & Nino De Angelo
  Everywhere D / I Jon S & Sylvia I Feel You Everywhere / Melonie Cannon
Exit Simple D / I Brigitte Duhaut & Robert Richer Simple / Florida Georgia Line
  Excuse Me D / I Josie Copley ExcuseMe / DwightYoakam
Ex-Files D / I Gilles Labrecque Don't Put Me In The Ex-Files ..  / Bellamy Brothers & Bock Owen 
  Expectations D / I Hazel & Roly Pace  I Just Want My Baby Back / Jerry Kilgore
Expression I

A. M. Villeneuve & R. Léonard

Vertical Expression / Bellamy Brothers


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