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C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. For Two   D / I L. Bédard & G. Bouthillier C.O.U.N.T.R.Y / Joe Diffie 
  C.R.S. D / I Dan Albro l Can Drink To That Al Night / Jerrod Niemann
  Cabo Crazy D / I Carol & George Stayte  Cabo San Lucas / Toby Keith  
  Cabo San Lucas Por Dos (For 2) D / I Barb & Dave Monroe  Cabo San Lucas / Toby Keith
Cadillac Tears     I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Cadillac Tears / Kevin Denny
  Cadillacs And Caviar For Two D Wendy Lorek, D & C Shutts & Kevin Kreider A Different Kind Of Fine / The Zac Brown Band
  Cajun Hustle I Diane Jackson Guys Like Me / Gary Allen
Cajun Melody D Linda Sansoucy Louisiana Melody / David Ball
California I Carole Gosselin & Raymond Sanschagrin California  / Jill King
  California Blue D / I Dan Albro Nothing But You / Leaving Austin
  California Blues I Sandra Fallows California Blue / Roy Orbison
California Girl I Carole Gosselin & Raymond Sanschagrin California / Tim McGraw
  California Two D Vikki Morris & Karl Cregeen California / Tim McGraw
  Call Me D / I Ann Williams Write My Number On Your Hand / Scotty McCreery
Call The Preacher D / I Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve Call The Preacher / Paul Overstreet
  Canadian Carousel I Alan & Sonia Cole Oh Lonesome You / Trisha Yearwood
Canadian Girl I Kévin Michel & Lisette Joyal Canadian Girl / Dean Brody
Candy D Linda Sansoucy Candy Kisses / Lorrie Morgan & Jon Randall
  Can't Help Believin' I Mabel Thompson Think Like A Woman / Mark Chesnutt
  Can't Help Myself D / I Ann Williams Can’t Help Myself / Eddie Rabbit
Can't Let You Go I Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve The Sky Is Coming Down / Roy Torres
  Can't Stop It D D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Can’t Stop My Heart / Brooks & Dunn 
  Can't Win D Rick & Deborah Bates I Bought The Shoes / Dierks Bentley
  Can't You See ( You Belong With Me ) D / I Ellen Kiernan & Rose Malinconico You Belong With Me / Taylor Swift
  Can We 2 Step D Barb & Dave Monroe Pick Me Up On Your Way Down / Teea Goans
  Caramel Swirl I Jim & Nen Godsall Baby’s Gotten Good At Goodbye / George Strait 
  Carmelita D D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Carmelita / Dwight Yoakam 
Carried Away I Claude Martin & Germaine Lemieux Carried Away / Chad Brownlee
Carry On     D / I S.  Dufault & M. Lafrenière How You Carry On  / Marcia Ball
  Castaways D / I Dan Albro Castaway / Zac Brown Band
CB Waltz I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault My Own Kind of Hat / Alan Jackson
  C'est La Vie I Mabel Thompson C'est La Vie / Chely Wright
C'est Une Histoire D / I

L. Blanchard & A. Plourde

C'est Mon Histoire / Renée Martel 
  Cha Cha Amour I Rick & Deborah Bates  Vaiven / Chayanne 
  Cha Cha Blues I Diane Jackson Missing Her Blues / David Ball
  Cha Cha Del Rio D / I Larry Boezeman Boardwalk Angel / Billy Joe Royal 
  Cha Cha Lengua I Diane Jackson Un Momento Alla / Rick Trevino
Chains Of My Heart D R. Morin & L. Saint-Onge Take These Chains Of My.. / L. R. Parnell 
  Chains Of This Town I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Chains Of This Town / BR5-49
  ChaMaica Mambo I Diane Jackson How’d I Wind Up In Jamaica / Tracy Byrd
  Champagne Cha D / I Dan Albro Drinking Problem  / Midland
  Changed I Jeff & Thelma Mills The Morning After / Ashley Monroe
  Changes D / I M. Bourassa jr. & B. Fréchette If I Can Make Mississippi / Vince Gill
  Charleston Boogie For Two D / I Cherie Belle Harclerode Big Ol' Truck / Toby Keith
  Charleston Bump D Bill "Peanut" Rice Sold / John Michael Montgomery
Charly's Rumba I Charles E Desmarais Man Out On The Road / Bobby Cash 
Chasing Each Other I D. Girard & J. Godin Let’s Chase Each Other ‘Round The Room.... / M.  Haggard
  Chasing Rainbows I Carol* & George Stayte Beer On A Boat / Ashton Shepherd 
  Cheap Cologne D / I Carol* & George Stayte Cheap Cologne / William Michael Morgan
  Cheap Talking I Carol* & George Stayte Talk Is Cheap / Alan Jackson  
  Cheating D / I Diane Jackson & Josie Copley Is It Still Cheating / Mark Chesnutt
Cherry For Two D / I D. Leclerc & I. Cousin Four Strong Winds / Neil Young
  Cherry Pie I Dave & Lesley Mather Little Yellow Blanket / Dean Brodie
  Cheyenne Around D Katie Carpenter Baby, I Go Crazy / Josh Turner
  Cheyenne Stroll I Julie and Brian Follow Your Arrow / Kacey Musgraves
  Cheyenne Woman D / I Arne Stakkestad Be My Cheyenne Woman / Rene Guylline
  Chi Balla Mixer D Ira Weisburd Chi Balla / Orchestra Mario RIccardi
Chicks Dig It D / I Mario Champagne Chicks Dig It / Chris Cagle
  Chill - Axin I Carol* & George Stayte Chillaxin / Toby Keith
  Chilled For Two I N.J. Fuller & B. Prosen Last Night / Chris Anderson
  Chiquita D / I Marie Miller Some Beach / Blake Sheldon
  Chit Chat I Diane Jackson Talk Is Cheap / Alan Jackson
  Christmas Time In Texas D / I David Dabbs When It's Christmas Time In Texas / George Strait
  Cigarettes And Coffee Blue D / I Thierry Willemin Cigarettes And Coffee Blues / Jan Slow
  Cincinnati D Inconnu Under The Boardwalk / Lynn Anderson
Cinco D / I P. Provencher & L. Bohémier Cinco De Mayo In Memphis / Jimmy Buffett
  Cindy Lou Two Step I Hazel Pace Never Gonna Feel Like Th.. / Kenny Chesney
  Circles I Dan Albro Round In Circles / Charles Kelle
  City Lights Swing D / I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller City Lights / Rick Trevino
  Claudette I Larry & Jody Carriger Claudette / Dwight Yoakam 
Clean House D / I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Clean House / California Cowboys
  Clear Isabelle For Two D Fabywest & Fred Clear Isabelle / Aaron Watson
  Close Up The Honkytonks D / I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Close Up The Honkytonks / Liz Talley
Closer D / I Claude Leblanc Closer / Susan Ashton
  Close Your Eyes D / I Terry & Caroline French Like We Never Had A Broken Heart /Trisha Yearwood
Cocaïne Blues D / I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Cocaïne Blues / Joaquin Phoenix
  Coconut Cha D / I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Laid Back 'n Low Key / Alan Jackson 
Coconut et Calypso D / I Mariette & J. M. Villeneuve Coconut et Calypso /  Fernando Express
  Codigo D / I David Dabbs Codigo / George Strait 
  Codigo 2 Go D / I Barb & Dave Monroe Codigo / George Strait
Codigo Two D / I Guylaine Bourdages Codigo / George Strait
Coffee Blues I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Smokin' Cigarette And Drin.. / David Ball
  Cold Beer Country D / I Wilf & Molly Thomas Cold Beer Country / Toby Keith
  Cold Cold Heart For 2 I Estelle Shepherd  Cold Cold Heart / Alan Gregory
  Colorado Girls D / I Dan Albro Colorado Girls / The High Rollers
  Come A Little Bit Closer D / I Chris & Trev Come A Little Bit Closer / Alan Gregory
Come Early Morning I Mireille Taillon Come Early Morning / Don Williams
  Come N Cry I Nigel & Barbara Payne Cry To Me / Ronnie McDowell  
Come Over There I / A S. Dufault & M.  Lafrenière Don't Make Me.../ George Strait
Come Unto Me For 2 D Linda Fortin Come Unto Me / The Mavericks
Consider Me Gone D / I Claude Martin & Germaine Lemieux Consider Me Gone / Reba McEntire
  Contrast D Mark & Jan Caley One Night / J.C. Jones
  Cookies 'n' Cream D / I Jim & Nen Godsall Jealousy / Joni Harms
  Cool Chick Partner Dance I Allen Matthias  Please Mama Please / Go Cat Go
  Corn Don't Grow I Chris & Trev  Where Corn Don’t Grow / Travis Tritt
  Cornish Hustle I John & Janette Sandham Some Days Are Diamonds, / John Denver
  Corpus Christi I Claude Martin & Germaine Lemieux Corpus Christi / Roy Solis
Costa Fiesta I Mariette & J. M. Villeneuve Costa Fiesta / Dave Sheriff
Cosy Two Step I Linette & Manon Lévesque Tempo de Two Step
Countrified Soul I Dixie Fafard Countries Soul / Emerson Drive
Country D / I Gilles Labrecque That Ain't Country / Aaron Lewis
  Country All The Way D Estelle & Andrew Ward Country Through & Through / Chris James
  Country Boots D / I Carol* & George Stayte, Feel Right / Tanya Tucker
Country Boy I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Country As A Boy.../ Brady Seals
  Country C Cha I Ann Williams Afterglow / The Bellamy Brothers
  Country Cha Cha D Inconnu Two Pina Coladas / Garth Brooks
  Country Choice I Diane Jackson Blue Rodeo / Bellamy Brothers
Country Club I Jean-Claude Breton Country Club / Travis Tritt
  Country D.J. I Diane Jackson The Heart That You Own / Dwight Yoakam
  Country Folk I Carol* & George Stayte Trailerhood / Toby Keith
  Country Girl Shuffle I Diane Jackson Just Playin' Possum / Alan Jackson
  Country In My Heart D / I Chris & Trev Country / Mo Pitney
  Country Kicking I Ann Williams Honky Tonk Man / Dwight Yoakam
Country Looks D / I Carole Gosselin & Raymond Sanschagrin Country Looks Good On You / Gabe Garcia
Country Man   D / I Nathalie Pelletier Country Man  /  Luke Bryan
Country Meyras I Linda Sansoucy Help Me Make It Through The Night / Melba Montgomery
Country Music D / I Claude Martin & Germaine Lemieux If It Weren't For Country Music / Clinton Gregory
Country Music In Texas I Johanne Rutherford & François Cournoyer They Still Play Country Music In Texas / Ronnie Dunn
Country Rockin D / I Linda Sansoucy How' Bout You / Eric Church 
Country Time I Carmen & Jacques Boissé Eight Feet Hight / Stacy Dean Campbell
Country Woman D / I Claude Martin & Germaine Lemieux Country’s Rockin / The Mitchells
Countryholic D / I Hélène Lavoie & Michel Auclair Countryholic / Sons Of The Palomino
  Country Legends D / I Carol* & George Stayte Buffalo Bill / Sarah Storer
  County Line Cha Cha D Inconnu Neon Moon / Brooks & Dunn
  Coupe Deville I Rick & Deborah Bates Fresh Coat Of Paint /  Lee Roy Parnell
  Couple Change M / D Gold River Who's Your Daddy? / Toby Keith
  Covered With Kisses I John & Katie Corbett Cover You In Kisses / John Michael Montgomery
  Cowboy Blues D / I Alan & Sonia Cole Where Rivers Are Red And Cowboys Are Blue / Triston Marez
Cowboy Cadillac I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Cowboy Cadillac / Garth Brooks
  Cowboy Cha Cha Colorado D Manny & Alice Rodela Heart's Desire / Lee Roy Parnell
  Cowboy Cha Cha Nashville Style D Inconnu If You Just Let Me Into Your Heart / Mary C. Carpenter
Cowboy Girl D / I Lucy Siro & Christyan Roussel My Girl Is A Cowboy/ Garth Brooks
Cowboy Girl D / I Carole Gosselin & Raymond Sanschagrin Cowboy Girl / Jason Cassidy
  Cowboy Mambo I Özgür Takaç & Handan Kizilirmak Rompin' Stompin' / Scooter Lee
  Cowboy Mambo D / I Barb & Dave Monroe Sure Be Cool If You Did / Blake Shelton
Cowboy Rider D / I Johanne Rutherford & François Cournoyer Shotgun Rider / Tim McGraw     ( version modifiée )
Cowboy Rock'n Roll I Linda Sansoucy Need Your Lovin Tonight / The Deans
Cowboy Story D / I Lyne Provencher & Stéphane Cormier She Comes To Me / James Otto
  Cowboy Stroll D Inconnu How About Them Cowgirls / George Strait
Cowboy Yoddle Song D / I P. Provencher & L.  Bohémier Cowboy Yoddle Song  / Kikki Danielsson
Cowboys Are King D / I Johanne Rutherford & François Cournoyer Where Cowboys Are King / Cody Johnson
Cowgirl's Do   I Manon & Gaston Lévesque In Between Dances / Pam Tillis
Cowgirls I Claude Martin & Germaine Lemieux How About Them Cowgirls / George Strait
  Coyotte Cha-Cha D Shirley McCoy Babcock Neon Moon / Brooks & Dunn 
Crackin’ Cold Ones For 2 D / I Serge Légaré & France Bastien Crackin’ Cold Ones With The Boys / The Cadillac Three
  Crazy Foot Mambo For Partners D / I Linda & Dave Benton If You Wanna Be Happy / Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels
  Crazy For You Two D / I Donna Marie Bilodeau It Must Be Love / Alan Jackson
  Crazy Friends I Julien Balme & Marie Cremona The Mother Load / Jenny Casey
  Crazy Old World I Diane Jackson Crazy Old World / Bellamy Brothers 
  Crazy People D / I Greywolf & Wiya Wambli   People Are Crazy / Billy Currington
  Cripple Creek Shuffle I L. & T. Boezeman Cripple Creek / Jim Rast & K. D. Band
Crowbar I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault 18 Wheels And A Crowbar / BR5-49
  Cruisin' D / I Inconnu I Need More Of You / DJ Ötzi & Bellamy Brothers
Cryin' Eye D / I Gilles Labrecque Cryin'Eye / Two Tons Of Steel
Crying Anymore I L. Siro & C. Roussel She's Not Crying Anymore / B. R. Cyrus
Crying At Night D / I D. Girard & J. Godin  I Do My Crying At Night / Rhonda Vincent
Crying My Heart D Stéfan-Ozz Crying My Heart Out Over You / Ricky Skaggs
Crying Time Again D / I D. Girard & J. Godin  Crying Time Again / Dwight Yoakam
Cry To Me For 2 D / I Germain Lachance I Just Want To Dance With You / George Strait   
  Cuddles I Jack & Mary Jane Hasset Back In Your Arms.. / Lorrie Morgan
  Curley Top Polka I P. Frohn & M. Silva High Tone Woman / George Strait


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