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  B.A.M. I Collectif Américain Why Not Tonight / Neal McCoy
B. B. Bubba I Linda Sansoucy Bubba / Bellamy Brothers
  B.C. Cha Cha I Bill Jackson & Carolyn Jones She Wore Red Dresses / Dwight Yoakam
  B Remembered I Bill & Jane Turner Loving You Makes Me A Better Man / Hal Ketchum
  B V D  (The Bob & Vivian Dance) D / I Lyndy Gotta Get To You / George Strait
  B & S Stroll D / I Silvia Scott A Little Bluer than That / Alan Jackson
  Baby Blue Two D / I Angie Leyland You’re In The Shadow Of Mind / Chris Raddings
Baby Boom D / I Diane Leclerc & Claude Martin Kids Of The Baby Boom / Bellamy Brothers
  Baby Cowboy Cha Cha D    Stat. Inconnu Under The Boardwalk / Lynn Anderson
Baby Don't Go I / A M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Baby Don't Go / Dwight Yoakam
Baby I'm Blue D Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve Baby I’m Blue / Hal Ketchum
Baby I'm Gone D / I Gilles Labrecque Baby I'm Gone / Jake Mathews
  Baby I'm Right D / I Chris & Trev Baby I’m Right / Darius Rucker
Baby I'm Right For 2 D / I Johanne & François Cournoyer Baby I’m Right / Darius Rucker
  Baby Let's Dance I Paul & Sharon Hergert  Baby, Let’s Lay Down And Dance / Garth Brooks
Baby Off My Mind I / A Stat. M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Drinkin' My Baby Off My.. / Eddy Rabbitt
  Baby Slow Down D / I Ann Williams Don’t Rush / Kelly Clarkson & Vince Gill
Baby Things Change I Marc Huard Things Change / Dwight Yoakam
Baby Wants To Boogie D / I Jacques Cloutier Baby Wants To Boogie / Bobby Bare
Baby Why ( Partner ) D Stéphane Cormier Why Don't We Just Dance / Josh Turner
Back Burner ! I Charles et Jeanne Desmarais Back Burner /  Roy Torres
  Back Home D / I Karen & Nigel Poll Back Home In Your Arms / Glenn Rogers
Back Home I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Then We Can All.... / Mark Chesnutt
  Back Home Again D / I Chris & Trev Back Home Again / Troy Cassar Daley
  Back In Time D / I Wanda & Charles Ryder Back / Colt Ford & Jake Owen
  Back In Town I Bob Hocking Baby's Back In Town / Jody Jenkins
  Back To Back I Bob Hocking Back To Back / Clint Black
Back To Earth I / A M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Back To Heart / Chris Ward
  Back To Memphis D / I Carol & George Stayte That’s How I Got To Memphis / Roch Voisine
  Back To You I Terry and Caroline French I Hit The Ground Crawling / Tracy Lawrence
  Back Together Again D S. Mason & C.Wake Today I Started Lovin... / Diamond Jack
  Back Two The Country D / I Tony & Lana Harvey Wilson Get Back To The Country / Marty Stuart
Back When D / I S. Dufault & M. Lafrenière Back When / Tim McGraw
  Backwoods Rumba I Diane Jackson Backwoods Barbie / Dolly Parton


M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Your Backyard / Burton Cummings
  Bad Case D / I Garth Bock Bad Case Of Missing You / The Oak Ridge Boys
  Bad Day For The Blues I Terry Hogen Bad Day For The Blues / David Ball
  Bad Guy I Fiona & Ian Smith That Don’t Make Me A Bad Guy / Toby Keith
  Bad Things D / I Bill Goodlad Bad Things / Jace Everett
Bad Things D / I Daniel Bernard et France Beaudry Bad Things / Jace Everett
Badonkadonk For 2 I J. Beaudet & P. Légaré Honky Tonk Badonkadonk / Trace Adkins
  Baggaluichi Bump D Country Bound It Only Hurts When & Idots / Dwight Yoakam
  Balade Country D Inconnu Tryn' To Get To New Orleans / The Tractors
Balla Con La Luna D / I Claude Martin & Germaine Lemieux Balla Con La Luna / Giampiero Vincenzi
  Banana Pancakes I Karen & Nigel Poll Banana Pancakes / Billy Currington
  Bandera D / I d,j,Dan Bandera / Mona McCall 
Bandy The Rodeo Clown D / I Claude Martin & Germaine Lemieux Bandy The Rodeo Clown / Moe Bandy
Bare I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Bare Essentials / Lee Kernaghan
Barefoot And Crazy For Two D / I Stéphane Cormier Barefoot And Crazy / Jack Ingram
Barnyard Party I Bobby Houle Heyday Tonight / Aaron Watson
Barrel Out D / I Sébastien Émond Roll That Barrel Out / Dean Brody
  Basics Of Love I Caroline and Terry French Luckenbach Texas / Waylon Jennings
  Bayou Bay Boogie D Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry Boogie On The Bayou / Bad Ass Boots
Be Gone D / I Kevin Michel & Lisette Joyal Don’t Let Her Be Gone / Gord Bamford
Be Good D / I M. Cloutier & S. Richard If You Can't Be Good, Be Good.. / Neal McCoy
  Be Happy D / I Jan Smith & Malcolm Owen Back In Your Arms Again / Lorrie Morgan
  Be My Girl D / I Jan Smith Oh Megan / Winsor Harmon
Be Your Everything D / I Marc Laliberté Your Everything / Keith Urban
  Beach Party D / I Al & Sandy Ord  Desert Luau / David Ball
Beat Of The Music D / I Hélène Lavoie & Michel Auclair Beat Of The Music / Brett Eldridge
Beautiful Drug I Guy Dubé & Manon Poitras Beautiful Drug /  Zac Brown Band
Beautiful Senorita I Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve She Showed Me A Little Bit More  / Jacob Lyda
  Beautiful Set Of Wings 4-2 D / I M. Bourassa Jr. & B. Frechette Last Dollar (Fly Away) / Tim McGraw
  Been Right I Carina Slijters I Ain't Been Right, Since I've Been Left / D. Watson
  Beer, Bait & Ammo Yeh ! I Diane Jackson Beer, Bait & Ammo / Sammy Kershaw
Beer Can't Fix I Manon Lévesque & Pascal Fournier Beer Can’t Fix / Thomas Rhett
  Beer Drinking I Jim Vivis Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer / Billy Currington
  Beer Goggles For 2 D / I Dottie Cadden  Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On / Neal McCoy
  Beer In Mexico D Dan Albro & Lyndy Beer In Mexico / Kenny Chesney
Beer Necessities I Germaine Lemieux & Claude Martin Beer Necessities / Jake Mathews
Beer Run D Sylvie Ayotte Beer Run  / G. Brooks & G. Jones
  Beggars And Heroes I Chris & Trev ( Lonestar WPDC ) Beggars and Heroes / Bellamy Brothers 
Believe D / I Y. Poissant & J. Desrochers Would You Believe Me If I Lied / Billy Yates
  Believer I Alan Finch Believer / Brooks & Dunn
  Bellamy Blues I Diane Jackson Bellamy Blues / Bellamy Brothers
Belle Star & Jesse James D / I Stéphane Cormier Belle Star / M. Knopfler & Emmylou Harris
Best Friend Waltz D / I Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve You're The Best Friend / Mike Denver
  Best Of Friends D / I Jean Miles  Best Loved Friend / Dean Dillon
  Better After Every Beer D / I Allen Matthias Better Every Beer / Brady Seals
Better Off In Love D / I David Robert Better Off In Love / George Canyon
  Better Than This I Alan & Sonia Cole  It Don’t Get Better Than This / Rodney Crowell
Better Than You D Stéfan-Ozz I'll Never Do Better Than You / George Canyon
Between Right And Wrong I Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve Somewhere Between Right and Wrong / Earl Thomas Conley
Between The Raindrops D / I Marc Laliberté Between The Raidrops / Lifehouse
Between Us D / I Bernard & Michelle Roy So Many Miles / Kieran Kane
  Beyond The Blue I Terry and Caroline French Beyond The Blue / Beth Nielson Chapman
  Biding Time I Jeff & Thelma Mills Waiting Tables / Don Henley
Big Big Love I D. Girard & J. Godin Big Big Love / Tanya Tucker
Big Big Love For 2 D / I Linda Sansoucy Big Big Love / Dereck Ryan
  Big Blue Note Stat. John Sharman Big Blue Note / Toby Keith
Big One D Gilles Labrecque The Big One / George Strait
Big River I P. Bérubé & L. L'Heureux Big River / Trick Pony
Big Time I Marie-Claude Poirier & Michaël Lacasse Small Town Big Time / Blake Shelton
  Bill's Boogie I / A Jan Cohan Hey Bartender / Johnny Lee
  Billy  B. Bad I J. M. Graham & H. B. Wray Billy B. Bad / George Jones
  Billy Boy D Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ Do Dat Diddly Ding Dang / Fat Cowboy
Billy Can't Read D Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve Billy Can’t Read  / Paul Overstreet
Billy Dance I Pierre Mercier San Francisco / Olsen Brothers
Billy Paul D / I Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve Billy Paul / Vince Gill
Billy The Kid D / I D. Gamache & R. Gosselin  Billy The Kid / Chris Ledoux
Bing Bang Boom I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Bing Bang Boom / Highway 101
Bit By Bit I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Bit By Bit / John Landry
  Black & White I Ian & Pauline Forster Livin’ In Black And White / Tracy Lawrence

Black Hat's Rose

I Norma Fuller & Lewis Cain Louisiana Hot Sauce / Sammy Kershaw
  Blackpool Stroll D Doug & Edith Clarke There Goes / Alan Jackson
  Blame The Vain I Robert Hocking Blame The Vain / Dwight Yoakam
  Bleeding Hearts D / I Dan & Kelly Albro Bloodline / Harper Grae
  Blue D Percy Duncan California Blue / Roy Orbison
Blue D / I Linda Sansoucy Blue / Derek Ryan
  Blue Bayou D L. Fortin & P. Cubaynes

Blue Bayou / Texas Lightning 

Blue Boy I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Blue Boy / John Forgerty
  Blue Cha For 2 D / I Vivienne Scott & Fred Buckley Blue Café / Major Dundee
  Blue Chip D Emmit & Gloria Nelson There Goes / Alan Jackson
  Blue Days I Diane Jackson Blue Days / Suzy Bogguss
Blue Eyes I M. Chandonnet &  M. Archambault  Blue Eyes Crying In... / S. Twain & W. Nelson
  Blue Eyes D / I Carol* & George Stayte The Only Thing Bluer Than His Eyes / Joni Harms
  Blue Jean Swing D / I Dan Albro Cowboy, Cowboy / Brooks & Dunn
  Blue Kentucky Shuffle D / I Dave Woollas Blue Kentucky Girl / Emmylou Harris
  Blue Lights D / I Allan & Patricia Mitchell What’s A Guy Gotta Do / Joe Nichols
  Blue Memory Shuffle I Lundy Rhenarde & Paul Cooper Blue Blue Memory / Plain Loco
Blue Mountain D Linda Sansoucy Altitude Adjustment / Midland
  Blue Neon I Angela &Peter Kimber Beyond The Blue Neon / George Strait
  Blue Rodeo I John & Kate Corbett Two Good Reasons / Kenny Rogers
  Blue Rose D Darrel & Doris Aldrich Blue Rose / Pam Tillis
  Blue Shades D / I Karen & Nigel Poll New Shade Of Blue / Southern Pacific
  Blue Sky Shuffle D / I Don Deyne I'll Go On Loving You / Alan Jackson
  Blue Waters D / I Dan Albro Blue Water / George Strait
Boardwalk Angel I / A Francine & Mario Bessette Boardwalk Angel / Billy Joe Royal
Bobby McGee I Stéphane Cormier & Line Provencher Me And Bobby McGee / Guylaine Tanguay
Bob Marley D / I Hélène Lavoie et Michel Auclair Bob Marley/ Dean Brody
  Bob's Friendship D / I Brernda Foxley Friendship / Rawhide
Bombshell (For 2) D / I Micheline Tremblay Bombshell  / Lorri Morgan
Bonnie and Clyde I Marc Labrosse Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde / Travis Tritt
  Boogalooin' D / I Rick & Deborah Bates New Old Songs / Neal McCoy
  Boomerang D / I Greywolf & Wiya Wambli Boomerang / Peter Myles
Boom & Drum D / I Linda Sansoucy Lonely Drum / Aaron Goodwin
Boots & Diamonds D / I Carole Gosselin & Raymond Sanschagrin Boots & Diamonds / Ronnie Dunn
  Bop The Bs D / I M. Bourassa Jr. & B. Frechette Bop To Be / Billy Swan
  Born To Be Blue I Alan & Sonia Cole Born To Be Blue / The Mavericks
Born To Be Blue For 2 D / I Linda Sansoucy Born To Be Blue / The Mavericks
Born To Love You D Linda Fortin & Pierre Cubaynes Born To Love You / Lanco
Born To Love You I Linda Sansoucy Born To Love You / Lanco
Borracho D / I Gilles Labrecque Borracho Grande / Kevin Fowler
  Borracho Grande D Danielle & Émilio Garcia Borracho Grande / Kevin Fowler
  Both Eyes Open I Lois Lightfoot Dreaming With My Eyes Open / Clay Walker
  Bouncin' Back D / I Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry  Bouncin' Back / Janie Frickie 
  Bouquet Of Roses I Anna & Piet Meulendijks  Bouquet Of Roses / Marty Robbins
  Bourbon & Friends D / I Fiona and Ian Smith Jim And Jack And Hank / Alan Jackson
Boy & A Girl Thing D Stéphane Gagnon Boy & A Girl Thing / Mo Pitney
Boy And Girl Cha Cha I Mario Bessette When boy meets girl / Terry Clark
  Boyfriend Of The Year I Allen Matthias Favourite Boyfriend Of The Year / The McClymonts
  Boys & Girls Together D / I Bob Hocking If  I  Were A Boy / Reba McEntire
Boys In The Band D / I Michel et Christiane Poirier Boys In The Band / Jackson Taylor & The Sinners
  Brand New I Karen & Nigel Poll A Shoulder To Cry On / Mark Chesnutt
Brand New Bow D / I Daniel Bernard Brand New Bow / Toby Keith
  Brand New Buzz D / I Dan Albro Brand New Buzz / Big & Rich
Break A Heart D / I Carole Gosselin & Raymond Sanschagrin You Could Break A Heart Like That / Joel Crouse
Break Free Cha ! D / I H. Lacroix & J.C. Breton I Want To Break Free / Queen 
Break On Me D / I Marc Laliberté Break On Me / Keith Urban
  Break Step D / I Kalvin & Patricia Finch Break On Me / Keith Urban
Breathless I Linda Sansoucy Always Wanting More ..../ Lane Turner
  Bright Side Of The Moon I Allen Matthias  Bright Side of the Moon / Billy O’Dwyer
  Bright Sunshine I Ann Williams Sunshine / Charlie Landsborough
  Bring Down The House D / I Joël Pfeifer Bring Down The House / Dean Brody
  Bringing Me Down D / I Terry & Caroline French Who Do You Think You Are / Sam Outlaw
Bring It On I Marc Labrosse Bring It On / The Deans
  Bring It On Over For 2 D / I Rick Hobbs & Gail Eaton Bring It On Over / Billy Currington
Bring It On Over For 2 D / I S. Légaré, F. Bastien, S. Cormier, L. Provencher Bring It On Over / Billy Currington
Broken Heart I / A M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault The Big Bad Broken.../ Regina Regina
  Broken Heart D / I Angela & Peter Kimber Walkin’ A Broken Heart / Don Williams
Brokenhearted For Two I Hélène Lavoie & Michel Auclair Brokenhearted / William-Michael Morgan
  Broken Road I Larry & Terri Boezeman If She Only Knew / Kevin Sharp
  Bruce On The Loose D / I Jeff & Thelma Mills Bruce Is Cuttin' Loose / Darl Enga
  Bubba Hyde Glide I Carolyn Reinhart Bubba Hyde / Diamond Rio
  Buck Wild Stomp D Gail Leach & Harry A. Westervelt That’s How They Do It In Dixie / H. Willians Jr. & Big & Rich & G. Wilson
  Bucket Seats I Dan Albro Somewhere In My Car / Keith Urban
  Buffalo Shuffalo D / I Pip & Carolann No One But You / George Strait
  Bullfrog On A Log For Two D Nathalie Bertizberea Gotta Feeling / Tim Hicks & Blackjack Billy
  Bumper Stickers I Lonnie Brinson Sick & Tired / Boz & Scaggs
  Burnin' Daylight I Jim & Nen Godsall How A Cowgirl Says Goodbye / Tracy Lawrence
  Burning Desire I Ann Williams An Out Of Control Raging Fire / Tracy Byrd
Burn Out D Carole Gosselin & Raymond Sanschagrin Burn Out / Midland
But I Do D Lucie Murphy & Raynald Dumont But I Do / Vince Gill 
  But I Do I Carol* & George Stayte But I Do / Vince Gill & Paul Franklin 
  Butterfly Waltz D / I jg 2 Last Night I Laid Your Memory To Rest / John Anderson
  Butts & Boots D / I Sylvia Priestley Fresh Coat Of Paint / Lee Roy Parnell
  Bye Bye Baby I Ann Williams  There Goes My Baby / Trisha Yearwood 


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