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A-11 D / I Linda Sansoucy A-11 / Daryle Singletary
A Better Man I Claude Martin  &  Germaine Lemieux A Better Man  / Clint Black
  A Box Of Memories D / I Ian & Fiona Smith  The Box / Randy Travis
  A Boy & A Girl Thing D / I Chris & Trev Boy & A Girl Thing / Mo Pitney
  A Bug In My Margarita D / I Fiona & Ian Smith Long Way To Go / Alan Jackson
  A Country High D / I Heather Staddon High On A Country Song / Sam Riggs
  A Couple Of Barstools D Jack & Mary Jane Hassett If Barstools Could.... / P. Davis & Bandit
A Cowboy World Stat. Réjean Dallaire The World Could Use../ Adam Gregory
  A Dollar Short I Carol* & George Stayte Two Weeks Late / Ashley Monroe
A Fast One I Diane Gamache  & Réal Gosselin Katie Wants A Fast One / G. Brooks & S.  Wariner
A Fire I Can't Put Out D / I Michel et Christiane Poirier A Fire I Can’t Put Out / George Strait
  A Good Place For Love D / I Terry* & Caroline French Good Place For Love / Doug Bruce
  A Good Thing D Bob & Marlene Peyry-Ferry Too Much Of A Good../ Alan Jackson
  A Kiss In The Dark D / I Larry & Terri Boezeman Lonely Too Long / Patty Loveless
A Little Bit Of You D / I Fournier & Brousseau A Little Bit Of You  / Lee Roy Parnell
  A Little Boogie Woogie D / I Josie Copley A Little Boogie Woogie / Foster Martin Band
  A Little Rock n Stroll I Diane Jackson More & More & More / Bellamy Brothers
  A Little This, A Little That D / I Dick & Mary Bailey Fill In The Blank / Greg Bates
A Love Song D / I Gay Alson & Normand Godin Let's Make A Love Song / Casey Donahew
A Lot More Action D / I Claude Martin & Germaine Lemieux A Little Less Talk A Lot More Action  /  Toby Keith
  A Love Worth Waiting 4 Partners I Jeanie Keener A Love Worth Waiting For / Bouke 
A Memory Like I `m Gonna Be I L. B. Murphy & R.  Dumont A Memory Like I `m... / Tanya Tucker
  A New Wind D / I Sue Halliday Somebody Like You / Keith Urban
  A Perfect Couple D / I Moses Bourassa & Elie Meermam Picture /  Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow
A Rockin' Good Way I L. B. Murphy & R. Dumont A Rockin' Good Way / Steven & Tyler
  A Strait Swing I Rick & Deborah Bates  Unwound / George Strait
A Woman Like You I / A Huguette & Jean Duguay  A Woman Like You / Johnny Reid
  A Woman Like You I Mick Harris  A Woman Like You / Lee Brice
  A World 4 Couples I Nigel Payne The World / Brad Paisley
  Abilene D / I Dan Albro Abilene On Her Mind / Buddy Jewell
  About The South D / I Robert Hocking About The South / Rodney Atkins
About You & Me D / I Patrick Latendresse I've Loved A Lot More Than... / Montgomery Gentry
  Achy Breaky Heart For Partners D Jette Kousgaard & Kurt Teilmann Achy Breaky Heart / Billy Ray Cyrus
  Acting Like A Fool D / I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller All My Friends Say / Luke Bryan
  Adios I Terry & Caroline French Don’t Say Goodbye /  Louise Morrisey 
  Afraid D / I Hazel Pace Afraid / John McCabe 
  After All D / I S. Scott & D. Jackson After All / Joni Harms
  After The Devil I Greg & Samantha Van Zilen If You’re Going Through Hell / Rodney Atkins
  Afterglow D / I Lois Lightfoot Turn Me Loose / The Young Divas & Savage
  Against The Wind D / I Mark & Jane Caley Against The Wind / Brooks & Dunn
Ahé Tamouré For 2 I Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve Ahé Tamouré ( version originale ) / ( Feat.jojomax ) à la carte
  Ain't Gonna Work That Hard D D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller I Don't Wanna Work... / Blaine Larsen
  Ain't Mary Jane D / I Françoise Guillet & Agnes Gauthier Ain't Mary Jane / Jenny Tolman
  Ain't No Angel D / I Chris & Andy Malpass No Angel / Sarah Gayle Meech
  Ain't That Lonely Yet I Alan & Sonia Cole Ain't That Lonely Yet / Dwight Yoakam
  All Aboard I Lari & Jody Carriger My Baby Thinks... / Dean Brothers
  All About Her I Sébastien Émond & Fabienne et Joel Pfeifer All About Her / Paul Brandt
  All About You D / I Bill & Cindie Curtis You / Chris Young
All Alright D Olivier Taillefer All Alright / Lindsay Ell
  All Change D / I Mick Harris Things Change / Dwight Yoakam
  All I Can Be I Charlie Green  All I Can Be ( Is A Sweet Memory ) / Collin Raye
All I Want I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault All I Want / Darius Rucker
  All Messed Up D / I Rob Hocking Messed Up In Memphis / Darryl Worley
All Of Me D / I Hélène Lavoie & Michel Auclair All Of Me / Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio
All Summer Long D / I Nathalie Pelletier All Summer Long  /  Kid Rock
  All The King's Horses For 2 D / I Karen & Nigel Poll Out Of Sight / Midland
  All Things I Bob Hocking Of All The Things / Eddie Raven
  All We Want I Julie & Brian All I Want / Darius Rucker
  All Wrapped Up I Diane Jackson Would These Arms Be In... / Mark Chesnutt
All You Need Is Love D / I Micheline Morin & Gaétan Tardif All You Really Need Is Love / Brad Paisley
  Alligator Shuffle D Dan Albro Jumpin The Jetty /Coastline Band
Almost Persuaded I / A M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Almost Persuaded / Hank Williams Jr
Alright D / I Jacques Laberge  It’s Alright / Trisha Yearwood
Alright Already 08 I Micheline Tremblay Alright already / Larry Stewart
Alright I'm Wrong I L. B. Murphy & R. Dumont Allright I'm Wrong / Dwight Yoakam
  Almost Paradise D / I Sonny & Linda Klemm & Lindy Wilson  Almost Jamaica / The Bellamy Brothers
  Alone D / I Bill Goodlad You Aint Alone / Toby Keith
  Alone With You I Ron and Pauline Clayton Alone With You / The Derailers
  Always A Winner I Ann Williams Walking Away A Winner / Kathy Mattea
  Always Be With You D / I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller I Will Always Be With You / Paul Bailey
  Always By Me D / I Mark & Jan Caley I Ain't Missing You / Brooks & Dunn
  Always Together I Nancy A. Morgan Without You / Dixie Chicks
  Always With You I David Dabbs I'm Your Radio / Jeff Griffith
  Amame Por Dos D / I Moses Bourassa Jr. & Barbara Frechette Amame / Belle Perez
Amanda D / I Gilles Labrecque Send Me A Letter Amanda / Hallur Joensen
Amarillo D Diane Leclerc & Paul Patenaude Amarillo By Morning / George Strait
Amarillo For Two I Stéphane Cormier & Line Provencher Amarillo by Morning / Ronnie Dunn
  American Kids Partner Cercle D / I Danielle & Emilio Garcia American Kids / Kenny Chesney
  Amsterdam Moon D / I dj Dan & Winnie. Amsterdam Moon / The Mavericks
  An Absolute Dream D Joyce Plaskett & Emilio & Danielle Garcia Land Of Dreams / Rosanne Cash
  An American Girl D / I Chris & Trev Xxx’s And Ooo’s / Trisha Yearwood
  Angels & Alcohol D / I Carol* & George Stayte Angels & Alcohol / Alan Jackson
  Angel Delight D / I Jim & Nen Godsall  You’re My Angel / Brooks & Dunn
  Angeleno For Two D / I Chris & Trev Angeleno / Sam Outlaw
Angel Eyes D / I Suzanne & Denis Lalonde Angel Eyes / Tamara Walker 
  Angel Eyes I Hazel & Jack Parfitt Angel Eyes / Tamara Walker
  Angel On My Shoulder I Karen & Nigel Poll Angel On My Shoulder / Gary Perkins
Another Ex In Mexico D / I Gilles Labrecque Another Ex In Mexico / Marcus Lindsey
  Another Man's Sky I Karen & Nigel Poll Another Man's Sky / Royal Wade Kimes
  Another Night With You D Bill Goodlad Another Night With You / Darius Rucker
Another Saturday Night I Annie Ladouceur Another Saturday Night / Dean Brody
Another Song For 2 D / I Carole Gosselin & Raymond Sanschagrin Another Song I had To Write / Jacob Lyda
Antes De Que Te Vayas I / A Mariette & J. M. Villeneuve Antes De Que Te Vayas / Marco Antonio
Anthem D / I Claude Martin & Germaine Lemieux Anthem / Brett Kissell
Any Better I Lucien Castonguay It Couldn’t Have Been... / J. Duncan &  J. Fricke
  Apple Pie I Jim & Nen Godsall Is Fort Worth Worth It / Terri Clark
  April's Fool I Diane Jackson April's Fool  / Tracy Lawrence
  April Stroll D Hazel Parfitt Shame On Me / Billy Keeble
Are You Ready, Folks ? D / I Y. Poissant & J.  Desrochers Hey You All / Ove Støylen
  Arjazze Swing I Diane Jackson Billy B. Bad / George Jones
Around His Finger D / I Louise Girouard & Nancy Proulx Wrapped Around His Finger / Crystal Sands
  Around The Corner D / I Larry Boezeman Down On The Corner / The Mavericks
As Far As D / I Sylvie Mompain As Far As It Goes / George Strait
As Good As Mine I M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault Your Guess Is A Good As Mine / The Derailers
As Good As You Look For 2 D / I Diane Allard & Andre Savard As Good As You Look / Christina Taylor & Brett Kissel

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I Karen & Nigel Poll All Out Of Love / Brooks & Dunn
  As You Like It I Graham & Chrissie Bryant Learning As You Go / Rick Trevino
Authority D / I Suzanne Laverdière & Marc Laliberté Authority Song / Chancey Williams & The Younger Brothers Band
  Autumn Leaves Cha Cha I Hazel Pace The Whispering Wind / Mandy Barnett
  Autumn Rose I David Dabbs Autumn Rose / Rick Trevino 


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