Festival Countryfever Mario & Sylvie

Vendredi soir le 27 juillet 2018

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Danse  1 Équivalence Danse 1 Équivalence
Suggestion Suggestion
1 Cowboy Slide L 32 Clear Isabelle For Two P Isabel & Jose L
2 Thanks A Lot L Better Man P 33 3, 2, 1 For Ywo P Until I see You Again L
3 Out Of Sigh L All The King Horses P 34 Long Live The Night P
4 Memory & Drinks L Haggard, Hank & Her L 35 I Will Be Yours P Rumba Linda L
5 Happy P Happy People EZ L   36 Desirable L   L
6 Country Looks P Country Looks Good On You L   37 I Won't Back Down L    
7 Today L Back To Front L 38 Strong Bounds L
8 Outside In L Outside Looking In P 39 Ms. Marianne P Ms. Marianne L
9 Chicken Truck L Chicken Truck L 40 Baby Don't Go P Baby Don't Go L
10 Double Down Two Step P Chip In A Chair L 41 Strat Over For Two P Start Over L
11 70 Wishes For 2 P I Need More Of You L   42 Afterglow P Turn Me Loose L
12 Billy Dance P Cake L 43 Whiskey Bridge L The Shooter P
13 Country P Ain't Country...No Way ! L 44 Dust L
14 Cowboy Girl P Cowboy Girl L 45 Electric Rodeo L
15 Girl In A Cowboy Hat L Daisy Duck P 46 The Shadow P
16 Lonely Drum L Dance Real Slow P 47 Polka à Deux P
17 Despacito Summer 17 L Despacito     48 When You Come Around P    
18 Triple n.d. P 49 What'Cha Say We Don't P
19 Charly's Rumba P 50 Until The Dawn L
20 Rosa Del Mar P Rosa Del Mar L 51 Chasing Down A Good Time L Ring On Every Finger P
21 Legends P We Are Legends L 52 Day Of The Dead L
22 What Makes You Country L 53 Head Over Boots P
23 A Country High L A Country High P 54 Our World P
24 Be MIne L Ride Roller Coaster L 55 Fool For Lesser Things P Fool For Lesser Things L
25 Running Around L Runnin Around P 56 Take Me Home P
26 My Girl P That's My Girl L 57 I've Got Mexico L
27 Lights Go Down P 58 I Must Be Dreaming L
28 If You Were A Whiskey Girl P Dawn Drunk L 59 Dance Her home L Dancin' Her Home P
29 Countryholic EZ L Countryholic P 60 Too Many Love Songs
30 A Woman Like You L A Woman Like You P
31 Th-Guest Ranch L

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