Le Honkytonk En Grande Tournée

Samedi soir le 17 ôût 2019

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Danse  1 Équivalence Danse 1 Équivalence
Suggestion Suggestion
1 3,2,1, For Two P Until I See You Again L 31 Drowning Man P
2 Finest Around P 32 Bleeding Hearts P
3 Half A Song For 2 P Half A Cha L 33 Better Off In Love P
4 Desirable L 34 Your Farmer L
5 Nothing But You L Nothing But You (Yeah You) L   35 Who's Up All Night L    
6 Country Bump L       36 Down To The Honkytonk L Down 2 The Honkytonk P
7 She's Lonely P 37 Two Steppin' P
8 Cowboys Are Kings P L 38 Up P
9 Young Forever P 39 Straight To Hell-O P Straight To Hell L
10 Groovy Love L Little Groovy Love L 40 All To Myself L
11 What Makes You Country L       41 Woman Amen L    
12 Boys In The Band P 42 Whatchugot Mister L
13 Texas Time For 2 P Texas Time L 43 Mother P
14 The Valley Runs Low P 44 Summer Fever For 2 P Summer Fever L
15 Black Tequila Sheila L 45 Homesick P Homesick Head L
16 Strong Bounds L 46 Back To The Bar L
17 Bethlehem Child L       47 TH-Guest Ranch L    
18 Exit Simple P Simple L 48 Desperate Man L
19 Honky Tonk Bar P Srait To The Bar L 49 Miss Me More P
20 Don Julios L Pretty Senorita L 50 Senorita Margarita P Margarita Cha L
21 Bound Ta Git Down L 51 Roll On Mississippi P
22 Keep It Simple L 52 On A Roll L Sugar Roll L
23 Brokenhearted For Two P Brokenhearted L 53 Lost In The Middle Of Nowhere L Villa Romance P
24 Get It Right L Hard Not To Love It L 54 Those Were The Nights L
25 Lonely For 2 P Lonely For You Only L 55 If You Were A Wiskey Girl P Dawn Drunk L
26 Wha't Cha Say We Don't P 56 Angel On My Shoulder P
27 Were All Cowboy P We're All Cowboy L 57 Hell & High Water P Hell & High Water L
28 Knockin' 'Boots L Knockin' 2 'Boots P 58 Good Vibes Only L
29 Shake It Shake It L 59 Never Comin' Down L Graffiti Baby L
30 Make It Please L 60 Bad Time In Love L

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