Festival Countryfever Mario & Sylvie

Samedi après-midi le 28 juillet 2018

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Danse  1 Équivalence Danse 1 Équivalence
Suggestion Suggestion
1 Old Dan Tucker P 29 BuckWild Stomp P Do It In Dixie L
2 Bucket Seat P Driving In My Car L 30 Magic In The Moonlight P
3 Dream In My Eyes P 31 Mambo Rock P
4 Tornado P 32 Mile Shy Of Paradise P
5 Tennessee Waltz Surprise L       33 Heyday Tonight L    
6 P3 L       34 Honey Honey L    
7 Definite Possibilities L 35 We Only Live Once L
8 Old Fashioned Song P Hear My Song L 36 Sweet Delights P
9 Road Less L Road Less P 37 Tears I Cry P Reasons For My Tears  L
10 Till I Gain Control Again P 38 Borracho P
11 The River P       39 Singapour P    
12 Mamma Maria L 40 Darling Stand By Me L Ring P
13 Every Star L 41 Doctor Doctor P
14 Lamtara Rhumba L 42 He Ain't Gonna Change L He Ain't Gonna Change L
15 Baby I'm Right L Baby I'm Right For 2 P 43 Blue Rose P
16 Wild Night In Mexico P 44 Oughtta Be Blue P L
17 Big Time P       45 El Rio Amor P El Rio Amor L
18 I Love This Bar P I Love This Bar L 46 Stranger P
19 Danse à Fred P 47 Banque de danse
20 Lay Down And Dance L Baby Lt"s Dance P 48 Dance With Wolves L
21 Blue Ain't Your Color L 49 Good Time Girls L
22 Some Beach Somewhere P Some Beach L Turn It On Cowboy L
23 Darlin' Mambo P Darlin' Mambo L Lambrini For Two P
24 Traveling Gypsy P
25 Get A Drink P
26 Country As Can Be L Country Boy P
27 Nathan Wagon L Rock Me Mama L
28 Lord Help Me L Lord Help Me P

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