J.F. Country Dancers

Samedi le 25 novembre 2017

Les danses présentées en équivalence ne sont que des suggestions qui se font sur la même musique

Danse  1 Équivalence Danse 1 Équivalence
1 D.H. S.S. L 29 Older And Grayer P Old And Grey - B L
2 Ain't That Lonely Yet P 30 All Katchi All Night Long L Katchi L
3 1159 L 31 Days Aren't Long Enough P
4 Just For A Day P 32 Cool Woman L
5 Cake L Billy Dance P   33 Despacito Summer 17 L Despacito L
6 Rosa Del Mar P Rosa Del Mar L 34 Problem P
7 El Camino P 35 Be Mine L Ride The Roller Coaster L
8 A Girl Like You L You Can Dance L 36 Maybe Sometime P
9 Thing I Carry Around P Things L 37 Everything I Got L
10 Start Over For Two P Start Over L 38 Sun Don't Let Me Down P Let Me Down L
11 P3 L       39 Another Ex In Mexico P    
12 Honky Tonk Baby P 40 A Country High L
13 Out Of Sight L 41 On A Mission P Missing L
14 Triple Cross P All Those Summer Nights L 42 Ride With Me P Ride With Me L
15 Until The Dawn L 43 Outta Style L
16 Memory & Drinks P 44 Afterglow P Turn Me Loose L
17 Roadless P A little Less Traveled L   45 Some Beach Somewhere P Some Beach L
18 Dust L 46 Take Me Home P
19 Boom & Drum P Lonely Drum L 47 Cheap Thrills L
20 Borracho P 48 Postpone The Pain ? P
21 Cowboy Girls P Cowboy Girls L 49 Lit L
22 A Woman Like You P A Woman Like You L 50 Wonder L
23 Country P Ain't Country.. No Way L 51 Why Don't You ? P
24 Magic In The Moonlight P 52 Cucarracha L
25 Wrecking Ball P 53 Some Days P
26 Chasing Down A Good Time L Ring On Every Finger P
27 3.2.1. P 3, 2, 1 For Two P Peut être sujet à changement
28 Stong Bounds L Apportez vos consommations

Courtoisie de Robert Martineau, www.countrydansemag.com